Sir, What’s That In Your Trunk?

I had to go to LAX today to pick up a ticket and I may have almost given one of the security guys a heart attack. First off, I haven’t flown recently but I have flown several times over the last couple of years and I don’t remember security being this tight. There’s the checkpoint to enter the LAX facility but now they have security at each of the parking lots who inspect the vehicle before you’re allowed to park. Additionally, at least at United, they have guys at the doors of the various ticketing, arrival, and departure terminals asking you what your business is before allowing you inside the building.

Anyway, back to the story . . .

So, I was waved through the initial checkpoint but when I went to go park the security guys asked me to stop and pop the trunk. Well, as I blogged previously, last weekend I was up in Monterey diving and being the lazy SOB that I am I took everything out of the trunk except for my scuba tank (it’s heavy and why do I need it in the house?). Well, the second I popped the trunk I remembered the tank and I can see the guy in my rearview take a step back and call over his supervisor. After some conferring the supervisor walks up along the side of the vehicle (but not all the way to the window) and asks, “Sir, what’s that in your trunk?” I said it was a scuba tank and he walked back and the two of them had a short exchange and the original security guy came up to the window laughing. He said “I had no idea what that was.” I’m sure he’ll be sharing that one with his buddies on his break 🙂