WTO Whacks The US On Online Gambling

Following up on a previous post, it looks like Antigua and Barbuda have successfully challenged a U.S. ban on Internet gambling at the WTO. Not like I was expecting an in-depth piece but the story seemed a little confusing and not very positive. For instance, the story states:

The United States argued the gambling restrictions were legal under WTO rules that allow countries to make exceptions for laws to protect public morals and public order.

The panel agreed the U.S. prohibitions were designed to achieve those ends, the diplomatic sources said.

But it faulted the United States for not pursuing good faith negotiations with Antigua that might have identified WTO-consistent alternatives to the ban, the sources said.

So, the WTO is only saying the US should go back and talk to Antigua and Barbuda? I’m not sure I can think of a solution where the US can keep out gambling for reasons of public morals and Antigua and Barbuda would be allowed to legally offer gaming in the US.