Proof That Online Poker Is Rigged!

One can hardly read any poker forum without running across individuals claiming that this or that site is rigged. Usually they are humiliated with the forum “experts” rudely telling them that the reason they’re losing is because they aren’t good poker players. I’m sad to say that I used to be one of those “experts.” I was one of the doubters until I actually caught one site cheating.

If you view the image below it looks like a normal hand being played (certain information has been redacted to protect the innocent).

Normal Table

Normal poker hand with no rigging

It looks normal unless you really examine the photo. Using some highly classified vector digital imaging software from the CIA I picked up on eBay for $50, I caught the dealer dealing off the bottom of the deck. I was as shocked as anyone but it all made sense once I thought about it. Notice in the picture above how they put that little box in front of the players sitting to the right and left of the dealer so as to obstruct their view. Players sitting that close would normally catch a dishonest dealer but “conveniently” the software blocks their view. Coincidence? Hardly!

Dealing from the bottom of the deck!

Bottom Dealing - Online poker is rigged

But that wasn’t the only cheating I caught. Notice the player to the right of the dealer in Seat 1. Notice anything out of place? Neither did I at first. But again, I used my imaging software to get a close up and guess what I see?

Cards up the sleeve

Card up the sleeve - online poker is rigged

He’s got a card hidden up his sleeve! I guess it should have been obvious after his fourth pocket aces in a row.

Conclusion:  Online Poker is Rigged!

So now I have proof that online poker is rigged and if anybody tries to tell you differently, they’re in on it!

If you feel you’ve been cheated then you may want to check out a tool developed by Bill’s Poker Blog called the RT Hand History Analyzer for Rigged Poker Games. It can tell you if there are any statistical abnormalities with any of the hands you feed it. Really a great tool to help you gather evidence about online poker being rigged.

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On a more serious note:

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  1. Partypoker is the most obvious fix ive seen so far. I deposited 250,- and turned that into 1300 in about 3 days. Then % changed all of a sudden. 85%+ doesnt seem to be able to win anymore, not once but again and again and again. Dont play at partypoker, its a fix so bad it would make a blind man see.

  2. Hey Bill Rini, explain Russ Hamilton who was caught with a superuser account and has been caught on record admitting to bilking players out of millions. He did it on UB and Absolute. Explain how these sites aren’t cheating after that. You dumb fuck. How much are these sites paying you to peddle this bullshit to the poker world?

  3. I love the dumbass logic here. Yeah they were shut down for a ponzy sceme but not rigging the gameplay. Can you really be that impossibly stupid? That you would trust sites that were clearly stealing money outright from players banks. But they wouldn’t code the software to steal? No reason for it right. Retards.

  4. i agree with those that say the software is rigged many times i have complained at 888, the top hands i get never ever win after winning a few tournaments over at full tilt suddenly everything i did was like i was being set up so i deliberately did not play my ace/k ace q etc only to see that they would of been beat by low pair flopping a prial 3 of a kind every time the flop a/q/3 and so on time and time again i played 40 tournaments lost a load of cash and complained to coral poker ipoker 888 partypoker are the worst sites i have ever experienced the software is rigged somehow somewhere some one is making money from this , at least at fulltilt it only lasts a few days but the other i have mentioned do not go anywhere near them, the same reply when i complain about the software there emails rgn generated bullshot claptrap they spatter believing in there won bullshit like sheep following the shephard , i have stopped playing now only ocasionally i will p[lay at full-tilt ,rigged fuckers they all need stringing up and some peasant clown in eastern europe is living like a king of our money

  5. Bill needs to stfu. poker is absolutely rigged. Think about this, according to my stats, im profitable from stupid hands like K8 and 10 7, etc. BUT im losing money on legitimate hands like AK, AQ, JJ, QQ, KK, AA. how the fuk do you explain this???? online is fuking bullshit. i made 10,000$ in the last 6 months in live casino play in cash and tournaments. but I LOSE my entire BR online every single time. serious wtf???????

  6. why do so many aces always come out in online poker?

    yesterday i counted / saw 25 flops, and there was an ace on 24 of em, beginning to piss me off, i call all ins with kk and an ace always gets me usually on the river.

  7. While there is money, they will be people cheated. Look at soccer games, house racing and many more, as long as there is money on the table, there will be fault!! Even play money site are cheated! Why do one think they continue to win, it is becaue the poker site “choose” a target once one join a ring table, then this person can do no wrong. This is not because h is more lucky or skillful. It is just a way to make this player feel he is pro and suck him clean.

  8. LOL, Most of you guys are either to dumb or blind & dumb, Yes online poker is Fixed. I sent info into the Justice Dept & that start an inquirety. Within 6 months all poker got shut down. I had an e-mail with the winner of a 5000 player freeroll listed. & yes that player won with some unbelivable hand. 3 times he hit a straight flush to beat quads. Once he call a 5 player all in with 2/9 os and board showing 2 K 6 ,two of the players raised preflop all in. He hit running 2’s for quads & beat poc A, poc k, final hands were Quad 2’s, FH K’s over 2’s, FH 6’s over 2’s, FH 2’s over a’s,FH 2’s over 9’s & Flush. I watch his entire play & recorded every hand. 6 hours 18 minutes. The whole tourny he never had a bad beat. So you non believers you need to wise up but most of you are bots taking sides for the rigged sites anyhow.

  9. Online is definitely rigged. I play heads up nl online. and every opponent i play hits tons of hands. I am not even trying to beat the player i am tryng to beat the randomizer so i have to play a low variance game to try to win. Looking over my hand histroy over pair vs under pair it a coin filp thats the rate im winning and this is over 100 k hands. the premium hands there hitting is at a rate that can’t happen in nl holdem. games 100 percent fixed. You watch any poker show on tv play any live game. and sit down and lpay one session on one table the same amount of hands and i guarantee you will see a lot of bigger hands, more bad bets and strange holdings like aa vs kk vs qq. its definitely rake generated to cause big pots. but being bad beat is part of poker. it happens all the time but at the rate it happens online is not realistic. I played milions of hands online and live. Something is going on. the reason they can do this becasue nobody can catch them. The only person to be caught was absolute poker when they had a worker named potripper clean people out also
    neo neo. They worked for the company. They got caught cause they showing off hand history. So the proof is already there poker is rigged. And nobody would of found out if one of the workers didn’t show off he could see the cards. so if they can see cards they can also rig the randomizer to make the cards fall a certain way. Its a program they are creating and you can do whatever you want to a program. And just because you profit some doesn’t mean its not rigged.

  10. I had a 4 of diamonds and 2 of clubs 5 times in a row and when ever i got a double Ace i got shafted every time = some fucked up SHIT!!

  11. Just leaving a comment to say I would probably pay more money everyday just to know if its rigged for peace of mind cause I mean I 100% bevieve it is cause I doubt 99% of the world is brain dead . but im sure they will get caught and I hope they die anyone who says it isn’t rigged Is clearly chinease or cheating themselves. I mean I get what people are saying 8 3 and they flop nuts when u have aces. but then again ive hit trips at casino twice with pocket aces and gone out to straight draw when I read what he had an he intantly calved with a draw after the rebuy when were both 1st and 2nd, funnly enough I was 2nd after a hour and a half with aces 2nd place up againt first
    its an absolute skam and I hope someone gets the electric chair over it. work it out $500 a player on average and not 1 person wins

  12. You are a moron, and so is anyone else who thinks any of the sites are rigged in any way. And do some reading before you talk because POKERSTARS and FULLTILT were shut down because of the alleged Ponzi scheme you retard NOT cheating on tables. They didn’t have enough bank to pay out players. And if there was ANY type of cheating going on it sure as hell would of been uncovered after they were seized.


    HEY GUYS !



  14. There is undeniably no chance that any of the major online poker rooms are rigged. Some people will adamantly believe that poker rooms are rigged, making it incredibly difficult for players to win money. However, these statements are usually either based on a lack of understanding of the online poker world, or come from players that are frustrated that they are unable to win any money from online poker.

  15. I’d say that was how it should be. If you’re going to cry “rigged!” then you damn well ought to have some kind of proof. If it’s impossible for a player to determine that proof from his own HHs then that simply means he CAN’T cry rigged can he? He just “feels” it’s rigged rather than “knows” it’s rigged and that’s where being objective comes in.

  16. You all must check this site out. Maybe, you all will sooner or later will help bring them to court. They are all thieves, with big time plan. But the clock is ticking!!!!!

    Enjoy pokerstars and all other online gambling!

  17. I have been checking out some websites lately and they have software now that you can look at your opponents cards .

  18. This blog is rigged like online poker, I profit win I play live with friends or at casinos, but when I decided to play online at Lock Poker my eyes couldn’t believe the things they were seeing, I started with about 80% ROI, pretty damn good, that is the gimmick to get you excited at first, than all of a sudden you can’t win no matter what you do, I took a day off and still the same thing, can’t win for nothing, bad beat after bad beat, suck out after suck out, I know bad beats happen, but over and over again is just too suspicious, I also played 2 sngs at the same time and I received the same flop at both of the tables at the same exact time AJ2, I ended up with an ugly -ROI very quickly, I keep hearing the same scenario from other players, coincidence, I doubt it, play live and stay away from those rigged sites unless you want to give away money, at least when you play live you know you are playing in a fair game, besides didn’t Full Tilt take off with everyones money, Potripper scandal was just the start of it all, I am most certain all these pros are staying quiet because they know what is going on, that is why none of them are saying anything about what Full Tilt did and Black Friday, to much evidence to ignore the fact unless you are brainwashed, get a real job Bill and quit supporting these crooks, I will play you heads up in a fair game and watch you lose like the donk you are

  19. i dont give a shit online gambling IS rigged, It go’s the same way all the time I have a good day win a few tournies then you can GUARANTEE the next day you will suffer the most unbelievable bad luck like yesterday i raise with 4x blind with kq get called by about 6 players flop comes kq 6 with 2 spades table checks round im last to act i put 2k into a 5k pot next player moves in for 25 k to me table folds i snap call he shows j spades 3 of clubs then it comes spade spade giving him a back door flush wtf is up with that?? It continued all night dominated cards being hit pairs busted by lower pairs every time pokerstars is a joke

  20. You guys are a trip. Its funny that something computer generated can put a card up its sleeve. Next you will tell us that they are having sex at the tables. No, I don’t work for a poker site. I think I would believe something posted on U-tube before I would believe someone’s image.

  21. Bill The Shill LOL, any intelligent poker players knows deep down online poker is rigged. QUIT playing people, play live or don’t play at all period. I quit playing online back in 2005 when after 4 years of playing online I realized that it wasn’t a fair game. Any math genius should realize that when you lose 85% of the time to 1-4 outters a red flag should go up.

    Ohh yea, go fuck yourself Bill The shill, you fat ugly degenerate. I will bet you 10/1 odds Bills wife is as ugly and fat as him.

  22. Errr… I’m not sure if this is real. It’s an online game. How come that the characters can hide a card in their sleeves???

  23. I am so grateful to know how many people will be ready, rallying around demanding online poker sites to be made illegal. I have played online at many sites the past 9 years. Placed 2nd in tourney, winning $1800, when I try to cash out the money, it became a problem for me, had to send copies of my passport, credit card etc. From then on lost as soon as I deposit money. I may have AA, KK, QQ, no matter what, I will lose on the river when all in. Enough is enough. Their time is near.

  24. why when playing pokerstars freeroll no limit holdem you get three chances at the table the same thing happens every time, that you could have 5 ACES and the software would still make you a loser, this happens everytime game after game

  25. actually it isnrt rigged but the algorithms produce patterns and people that can learn them can win all the time i could see the patterns but as thet happen not in advance then someone in software told me what i had already guessed about patterns i have noticed and i have many stories including getting dealt the same hands on several tables at the exact sametime while multitabling but i truly found out when a guy i was playing in atourney at the same table with said he knew the patterns and then told me what my hole cards were yep i had pocket 8’s and he knew so i have no doubt it follows patterns and those that know can win so in a way it is fixed

  26. Hi all, Online poker i do not know whether it is rigged but it does not represent true odds. if your a good poker player you know what i mean by true odds. You can calculate them and the hands in no way reflect this. every time someone gets a pocket pair they hit their 2 outer. this just does not happen in real life. all these 5 to 1 and 6to 1 draws all of a sudden become 2to1 and 3to1 online. Their software is flawed and needs to represent real playing better so that real players who know what their doing aren’t getting bent over by a bunch of idiots who see a pocket pair of 3s and auto push every time because it always trips em.

  27. I have to say when you go AI on turn the guy has 10 outs for a house on the river. so he is actually over 22% at that pt.

    However I do agree about the online fix conspiracy. I have many strings of beyond belief consecutive games available for anyone to see should they wish to be bored or in total disbelief for what i say.

    Live last night. I cant seem to cash whilst reaching more than my share of FTs.
    It seems to me the more relaxed about putting chips in the middle the bigger your rewards by the pokergods.
    Im sick of everyone stealing my BB and so Stevie raises my BB to just 7k requiring another 4k to call. I hit top two pair with Q9 and I check it to stevie who just checks it back. a brick on turn and im left with about 24k and thers about 17k in pot and so i shove and stevie calls. Rightly so. He did no wrong. He had TP TK with his AQ and one card to come he hits his 3 outer.
    I’m all in 93% fave and Im oot once again, at least not on bubble again mbot oot yet again in disappointing fashion.
    I cannt bear turning up again for freeroll sunday only to bubble agin as i did last time after about 7 hours of play.

  28. i am not sure about rigged but I do notice I seem to get the same hands alot in one session and I take some unreal badbeats that the odds are so remote it is hard to believe,ex. I just finished playing for about 4 hrs on the hilife site a cake network site and I cud not win w/ AAs, KKs, QQs a str8, a flush didnt matter here is the last hand I playd. I was in the big blind and had 3 4 of clubs the blind are 1 and 2 hun seat in #1 pos makes it 4 hun to go every 1 folds but me and sb we both smooth call the flop comes A,2,5 I flop a str8 and chk so does sb. guy in 1st pos bets 400 I make it 800 sb folds, #1 calls turn comes an A #1 bets 1200 I push make it 2600 to go he calls and turns over A7 I have the wheel the rivr comes A! runr runr 4 quads WOW!!!!! I am not xactly sure but the odds of runr runr AA has got to b about 2 % w/2 As out. prettY F– kd and really makes me 1der rng?not so sure

  29. I would like to thank the poker gods for letting me know that I fought the good fight to fend off the spread of mental illness by fulltilt poker scandal.
    What a nice birthday suprize it is to realize your not crazy,retarded or delusional after 6months of limbo. I can’t wait for all the details on all the pain and suffering and who did what to manipulate,mindcontrol and program americans to be our own worst enemy by hook or crook.

  30. guccee 07.23.11 at 3:14 pm

    to lie,cheat and steal,is of no matter,till caught.I think malicious software ranks right up there with ponzi and madeoff bunch of cardtards!
    The zen master speaks in reverse; the headlines read FULLTILT MADEOFF w/ PONZI!!!
    I say LAWYER up AMERICA the truth will set you free!

  31. I’ve got go through a handful of the articles on your web site now, and I enjoy your style of writing a blog. I included it to my favorites web page list and will be looking at again soon.

  32. I give this article an A+
    It’s so rare for true creativity to present itself on the internet these days! Bravo Bill… Bravo.
    I freaking hate poker, even when I play it in a proper casino (In real life LOLZ) I always feel like someone is taking me for a ride. I prefer Keno and Bingo, that way at least your losing money SLOWLY hahaha.
    Peace out

  33. images are photoshoped. nicely done actually usually game graphics are that crappy when zoomed. very realistic work. and how dumb can people be to believe this shit. those graphics are all programmed they respond to codes. having cards behind the desk or inside the arse doesn’t mean shit.

  34. to lie,cheat and steal,is of no matter,till caught.I think malicious software ranks right up there with ponzi and madeoff bunch of cardtards!

  35. Hahahahahahaha…so cool 🙂

    Another thing is that there are six players on the waiting list but still there´s a seat reserved – for who………?

    I guess it is for the dealer´s wife.

  36. you make me want to puke,getting well paid for posting this rubbish by the well heeled rigged sites I would say fkn idiot,for every 1 thick cunt like you there are probably 10,000 knowledgeable people that have seen how these sites are operating.
    pure fraud is the only description for how they are dealing,but i would think you will not have the balls to post this comment,people power should prevail here and all of these site should be sued for at least 2 billion dollars for what they have stolen and i emphasise stolen because they are fraudulently stealing our money and hiding their opperations in some remote crooked country to avoid detection.
    I would say to everyone let us join together and take action against these scum and their payed supporters and wipe them out for good.
    their supporters will bullshit about variance and randomness,and the amount of hands dealt,deal 1000 hands off line then deal 1000 hands online there is no comparison statistically the difference is staggering,and the fraud is so obvious it is sickening.
    it is now time to out these criminal bastards for what they are.

  37. Let me know where I can upload a screenshot that proves online poker is rigged. I can show you a hand where I knew with 100% certainty that I had a losing hand the moment I saw my cards. Before acting I predicted that I would be 3bet preflop, that my 4bet would be called. That it would be all in on the flop and that my hand would be best at that point but would not remain so at showdown. My prediction was borne out completely. When you look at how weak my opponent’s starting hand was it seems that he also knew how the hand would play out before he 3bet me. This kind of prediction, that isn’t possible in live poker, is increasingly easy online. My biggest leak online is not folding for all-in bets when I am a huge favourite. If I could fold in those situations, the ones where it’s easy to predict whether or not one’s hand will hold up, I would be a massive winner online as well as live.

  38. Not sure if this is true or not but I’ve read on another site that the Daily Mail (UK newspaper) commissioned independent research that found that making flushes, straights and full houses is 20% more likely on-line than would be predicted by the math. Personally I don’t believe that on-line poker is random as I think it’s beyond the capability of the servers that they use but it might be equally unfair.

    Interestingly… I make my living from live poker but can’t seem to even break even on-line (I rarely win my all-ins even when I’m over a 90% favourite) whilst I have friends that do very well on-line but struggle live. It’s not that it’s a different skill set or anything like that IMO, I believe that they are more accustomed to the way cards fall on-line which is nothing like the way they do in the real world.

  39. im very sorry, ive figured out how to win online.The trick is to put all your money in with the worst hand.Its been working for well for me, looks like all i had to do was switch my game up a bit.

    i am very sorry

  40. in omaha hi/lo i lose to pratically the same hand all the time..what are the chances of players having the same 3 cards nearly every hand ? obviously very high when playing online.

    load of bullshit, we should start bashing the shit out of these gay poker geeks who tell us its not rigged while they are working for the companies who are ripping us off.I hope your children get cancer Bill you piece of shit

  41. Bill, I am new to the ind, have started this blog on party. I see that you have used party poker screen shots. Is that just an example or you have your doubts on Party’s RNG? Thanks for your help.

  42. Quality article, don’t think the main stream poker rooms are rigged, LOL
    But yes players play with the help of poker tracker bots, which could be rigged. Think it from this way – as poker tracker suggests you moves based on history of other players’ game play, they also store your game play. So if someone wants they can outplay you anytime. Theoritically possible, practically too, coz the owners of these poker trackers are not listed companies, so you can’t hold them or litigate anywhere.

  43. the more i play & study the less i believe “rigged”; however, my biggest gripe w rng alleged fairness is not post flop scenarios, but w pre flop. is it just variance that should be expected when in, for example, a s&g when im dealt every single non playable hand available & not sporadically but one after the other and on and on. not only are they not playable but the pattern is strange, too. like 2 9, next hand 2 9, next hand 3 9 then 4 9, then 2 9 again. patterns like that. is this just normal card dead crap?

  44. I honnestly just wonder how anyone who has been playing seriously online can think that any of the major website are offering real poker games…

    ESPECIALLY at the lower limits where most people play so poorly that a simple no brainer and basic nit game would mathematically gives you a tremendeous edge.

    People who make money are obviously going to defend those website no matter what; But I am quite close to wet my pants laughing when i see people sincerely claiming that those site are all legit! Omfg, how is it possible to be THAT stubborn and blind 😀 ?

    In fact, when you to understand things, you really start to hate people.

    I think i am going to be a professional poker player after all.

    And no, definetly online poker is not rigged.

  45. Flaw(s), whether intentional or not, could easily be disguised. It would be quite easy for them to provide a comparatively small sample which, when analyzed, resembled a normal distribution.

  46. it seems something askew if not rigged. on bodog ive noticed if youre playing a s&g the way you should,ie not playing much in early rounds, then start mixing it up a little later; if there is a chip leader with a decent stack, good luck being dealt any playable starting hands,catching ANY flops, making g ANY draws, etc. when you finally do connect, you may as well just fold for that donk chip leader has you beat with his rags, ESPECIALLY if you began with a premium hand.

  47. I have just been scammed by FullTilt Poker. I have money deposited on the site. I was having technical problems and did everything their IT department said to do but, I couldn’t bring up the site again. I asked to close my account and give me my money back. They required a photo ID and a copy of my utility bill. I thought it was strange because no other site has required me to do this to cash out. I complied several times. They keep saying the picture on my drivers license is not clear. There is a Florida Seal that partially blocks my face. I have the same physical address, IP address, bank account and password, nothing has changed. They still refuse to release my funds. It is not alot of money but, when they do this on a massive scale I’m sure it adds up. That is why we need regulation so companies cannot scam you. Do not play FullTilt they are unprofessional and will keep your money. This has been going on for about 3 months and I have spent about 20 hours trying to get back what is due me. My time is not worth it and I’m sure I’m not the only one they have taken advantage of because it is so frustrating that I just gave up.

  48. all I have to say to the ones. who’s only proof that poker sites are not rigged is they would never risk there rep is UTB and ABSOLUTE. play on sucker

  49. Yes,
    Online poker is rigged. Do some baseball players use steroids, do politicians line their own pockets, do larger corporations take advantages of their workers and customers to make extra money, do pirates still plague the open seas, does the mafia exist, does google sell out Chinese citizens to their government just to keep doing business in china? Sorry, but the idea that these poker sites, that just happen do business in countries that have no laws that govern how they conduct their business using software that can easily be rigged, are noble, upright and trustworthy is laughable.

  50. This is great! LOL

    I firmly believe online poker rooms ARE NOT rigged. There have been some cases of outright cheating, but those cases had nothing to do with the randomness of the cards.

  51. Tell me, how do millions of hands compare to 40 billion hands? Flaw(s), whether intentional or not, could easily be disguised. It would be quite easy for them to provide a comparatively small sample which, when analyzed, resembled a normal distribution.

  52. I was dealt AA pocket cards 3 hands in a row and lost every hand to bullshit calls from people who had cards like 3, 8 off suit. Not rigged, my ass. The odds on that happening legitimately would have to be at least in the billions, probably higher.

  53. You can all argue till your balls fall off but none of you will ever change my mind about the FACT that ALL poker sites are 100% definitely rigged,JOKERSTARS and BLUE SQUARE being the worst rip off fucking thieves. ALL online pokersites should be closed down. Live poker is the only way to go.

  54. The Part of the AA I mentioned earlier was meant ironic. I’m sure it’s more than 50% of the time AA hold up, in fact my AA hold up 66,67% of the time (last 10.000 hands), but that’s not the point. Sadly you just ignored the rest of my post.

  55. Hey Koen,

    Send me your PT stats. I don’t believe your results.

    Your accusation proves my point. Because others have taken samples from millions of hands and the one thing everyone seems to agree upon is that starting hands hold up as statistically expected. Now, others might tell tales of action flops and such but the cold hard truth is that starting hands hold up as expected. So your claim is a fabrication or you are talking about a sample size too small to be statistically relevant.

    So offer up your PT stats or we have to conclude your statement isn’t accurate.


  56. Hi,

    Nice one Joe!
    And by the way Bill, the debate IS endless.
    But facts are facts.

    Fact is that poker sites (like so many other things in life) are made for profit. Not for people having fun, not for great poker players to make money with their skills, or wannabepro’s or rookies to get broke on. They only make it to get as many people hooked to the feeling of winning so when they loose they will come back for more…losses… And how to do that best? Keeping things really random and honest how it should, or making the game more intens, so more action will come from any direction of the tables? Seriously, the amount of straights, flushes, full houses etc IS really much higher then in real life games. And it IS NO coincidence.
    It is also no coincidence why broadcasted poker only shows those exciting hands, but almost never the more boring parts. While that is an imported part of the game, patience and aggression. Sure big laydowns and lucky draws too, but that doesn’t happen too frequent.
    I even know some guys who know a few gaps in the system and exploiting them.

    Fact also is that there are no clear laws or independent companies or services who can keep things clean. So if some (probably all) of theses sites are in fact rigged somehow, we will never know for sure!! AND no-one can prove it! And the funniest part (which comes in handy for the online pokersites) no-once can prove the opposite! As I said, the debate is endless…

    Casino’s (not online) are not rigged and will do anything to keep cheaters out. They make enough money with fees and rake, and drinks, slots, roulette, etc etc. But for the online casino’s it is my believe that it is not enough profit. Especially for the small ones. The biggest ones have a reputation to keep up and allready making enough money so they want to keep things just as good as possible.

    Oh, one last thing…
    See, the problem is that nobody of any real significance or trust has asked. You claim that requests for 10 million hands have been denied but who was asking? What was in it for the poker room to spend a man-month of effort to deliver scrubbed (removing personal information) data? Would the requester be able to get national/world headlines with his findings?
    The CAN spend millions of $$ for advertising campaigns but they CAN NOT deliver prove that their software is 100% legit and save??? Putting for once and forever an end at the accusations and discussions whether or not theirs something funny going on… What’s that about??? Can you explain that to me please???

    Then their are those cheaters…Collusion for one, but also guys who have databases recording every player habbits, strengths en weaknesses. Is it cheating? I don’t believe it says so in the policy of the sites, but to me it is.

    Actually, I can go on for a while, unfortunately. But for me it is clear. I still play online though, but only because it’s the only place I can play whenever I want since their are not many games in my area. I’ve made some strict rules for myself for playing online though so I won’t loose too much money. And you know, It’s still nice seeing that your AA stays alive about 50% of the time, online that is…


  57. Joe,

    I do know that a rather popular author and economist asked two different card rooms for several billion hand histories and the two rooms both offered to accommodate his request. But then the first room found out that he had asked the second room and put pressure on him to withdraw his request from the second room.

    I don’t know where that stands. Whether or not they were technically able to scrub the data so as to remove any sort of identifying information and what not. But his hypothesis was that poker is a game of skill and he was going to use the hand histories to demonstrate that.

    Now, that two rooms would fight with each other over who got to give their data to him begs the question of how confident they are that no abnormalities would surface in his research.

    See, the problem is that nobody of any real significance or trust has asked. You claim that requests for 10 million hands have been denied but who was asking? What was in it for the poker room to spend a man-month of effort to deliver scrubbed (removing personal information) data? Would the requester be able to get national/world headlines with his findings?

    Chances are the answer is that nobody of any consequence (based on the above criteria) has ever asked for it. Sure, random rigtards might but no matter how much evidence you provide a rigtard he’s never going to believe that he losses because he’s a bad player. He’ll claim the data was manipulated. Or he’ll claim that they only gave him the hands that weren’t rigged.

    Overall there’s no advantage to address people like that. You have nothing to win and everything to lose.

    And to your point about RNG. I think most rooms started off with software RNG. I know Chris Ferguson had some hand in helping come up with an algorithm at Full Tilt. But once a site begins processing enough hands per hour software simply isn’t efficient enough and it becomes a bottleneck. So then hardware based RNG is used because it is far more efficient. The hardware is purchased from recognizable vendors who make their chips for all sorts of applications of which gaming is only a small slice of their market.

    And unless there was a major flaw in the algorithm it would be very difficult to judge which RNG produced the better return to the poker room (if at all). There are simply too many variables including whether increased revenue today from something like action flops would burn players out more quickly and thus result in long-term lower revenue. On top of that you have constantly changing variables such as certain types of promotions encourage certain player behaviors and an advertising campaign may have hit bringing in a new demographic of players.

    On top of that, in order to measure all of this you would then have to involve an increasing number of people in on the conspiracy which increases the chance of getting caught.

    So, all in all, I really don’t think much of what you’ve said has changed the debate much.


  58. Hi
    Poker sites could very easily post results of 10 million+ hands (just remove all the players names) that would settle the arguments once and for all. Even withstanding requests to do so, none have yet that I know of. I do not wish to be another conspiracy nut but this is somewhat suspicious.

    It seems possible to me that each site has experimented with several different RNGs (random number generators) and settled on the one that was most profitable. I realise that my statement doesn’t make sense because if they were truly random as there would not be any difference but perhaps there are degrees of randomness. Perhaps their systems are close to but not perfectly random. Only an extensive study of hand histories would prove it one way or the other.

    As for the sample hand above, I’ve recently seen 3 pairs (ok not 4 but I’ve seen that too) dealt in the same hand in a live game and all 3 of those pairs made sets on the flop. I do not believe that the live game was rigged just that sooner or later if you play enough hands you’ll see everything.

    Let’s hope that the poker sites end this debate once and for all by publishing a study of millions of hands played at their sites.


  59. Hi
    I wonder if 15,000 hands is enough of a history to review and determine if ‘things out of the ordinary’ are happening. After recording 15,000 hands on FTP I noticed that if I started with pocket kings another player had pocket aces a little over 6% of the time. I believe that the true odds are really less than 1%.

  60. You’re a joke. People don’t even listen to the argument before strawmanning a completly different one. No one is claiming that internet poker favors any one player, jackass. The claim, which has evidence in the form of trial testing, is that most of these sites, like FTP, have been known to produce an inordinate amount of “high” hands to be realistic. In live poker there is not a flush or a straight or a set in every hand. If the dealing were more realistic, the players who play smarter and more realistic would win more, not the players who go all-in every hand and win on a bad beat.

  61. full tilt poker is no different, i caught someone, well someone anounced to me my pre-flop and post flop % ….. which according to the site is illiegal… so i emailed ftp and told them the played id of the person and what did they do, send and email saying that there was nothing that they could do, and they were aware of the problem but couldn;t do anything…. well why in the fuck is it against the fucking rules if you are not going to do anything about it,,,, fuck u http://ftp….. basicly guys ftp dont give a fuck if u cheat or not….. so the message is dont play at ftp unless you are a cheater cause ftp dosent look out for honest players…..

  62. party poker is sooooooooooo rigged. i must have been involved in 10-15 races today, not won one. seriously. we got same pair i got better kicker, i lose on river. worse kicker, i lose. flop full house, i lose. flop straight, i lose. hit flush, i lose. i just cant win for shit. wouldn’t mind if i was a crap player but i haven’t played a live cash game and lost for a long time. i give up on online poker. it’s a fucking rip off. an anyone who tells u they makin a livin online is talkin crap. only one winner an that is the site.

  63. see how fucking rigged it is, 4 people with pocke pairs:

    PokerStars Game #24219455363: Tournament #134680697, $3.00+$0.30 Hold’em No Limit – Level VI (100/200) – 2009/01/24 5:25:32 ET
    Table ‘134680697 64’ 9-max Seat #3 is the button
    Seat 1: zsolt230 (25320 in chips)
    Seat 2: skin41 (10563 in chips)
    Seat 3: Austin168 (7005 in chips)
    Seat 4: theworldisur (8807 in chips)
    Seat 5: viCo255 (8315 in chips)
    Seat 6: HITMYCARDS (8385 in chips)
    Seat 7: MrPloert (2737 in chips)
    Seat 8: Pudvan (14560 in chips)
    Seat 9: Master Stoni (5180 in chips)
    theworldisur: posts small blind 100
    viCo255: posts big blind 200
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to Austin168 [Qd Qh]
    HITMYCARDS: calls 200
    MrPloert: calls 200
    Pudvan: folds
    Master Stoni: calls 200
    zsolt230: folds
    skin41: raises 200 to 400
    Austin168: raises 600 to 1000
    theworldisur: folds
    viCo255: folds
    HITMYCARDS: calls 800
    MrPloert: raises 1737 to 2737 and is all-in
    Master Stoni: folds
    skin41: raises 7826 to 10563 and is all-in
    Austin168: calls 6005 and is all-in
    HITMYCARDS: calls 7385 and is all-in
    Uncalled bet (2178) returned to skin41
    *** FLOP *** [Ah As 2s]
    *** TURN *** [Ah As 2s] [Js]
    *** RIVER *** [Ah As 2s Js] [Th]
    *** SHOW DOWN ***
    HITMYCARDS: shows [9s 9h] (two pair, Aces and Nines)
    skin41: shows [Td Tc] (a full house, Tens full of Aces)
    skin41 collected 2760 from side pot-2
    Austin168: shows [Qd Qh] (two pair, Aces and Queens)
    skin41 collected 12804 from side pot-1
    MrPloert: shows [8h 8c] (two pair, Aces and Eights)
    Austin168 said, “**”
    skin41 collected 11448 from main pot
    CeMiHaIs is connected
    *** SUMMARY ***
    Total pot 27012 Main pot 11448. Side pot-1 12804. Side pot-2 2760. | Rake 0
    Board [Ah As 2s Js Th]
    Seat 1: zsolt230 folded before Flop (didn’t bet)
    Seat 2: skin41 showed [Td Tc] and won (27012) with a full house, Tens full of Aces
    Seat 3: Austin168 (button) showed [Qd Qh] and lost with two pair, Aces and Queens
    Seat 4: theworldisur (small blind) folded before Flop
    Seat 5: viCo255 (big blind) folded before Flop
    Seat 6: HITMYCARDS showed [9s 9h] and lost with two pair, Aces and Nines
    Seat 7: MrPloert showed [8h 8c] and lost with two pair, Aces and Eights
    Seat 8: Pudvan folded before Flop (didn’t bet)
    Seat 9: Master Stoni folded before Flop

    if you say this is not rigged, you are a fucking idiot

  64. To Bill who posted on the 5th. You haven’t read up on the whole TRUE story. Yes some players cheated on UB and Absolute, and thanks to some industrious people, it was exposed, but that story is only the small tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds (maybe more) of others doing similar things on all the sites. BUT what is more troublesome is that long before the expose of UB and Absolute went public, the management of those poker rooms tried to bribe the people who had done the cheating to keep it quiet by offering them big big dollars. If you think that these online poker rooms are not rigged, or even feel some kind of need to be above board – WHEN THE WHOLE INDUSTRY IS ILLEGAL in the US, and every american who plays online is breaking the law – you are incredibly naive. Take care donkeys.


  66. Yes he did. And if you look on this site at the definitive guide to poker cheating you’ll note that what occurred at both UB and Absolute was players cheating players. They poker room itself did not rig the game for its own benefit.

    Personally, I think what happened at UB and Absolute was deplorable. The fact that security was so lax at both of those sites that this kind of cheating could go on for as long as it did is reason enough for the KGC to shut their doors permanently.

  67. Did Bill watch last week’s 60 minutes report on the fraud that occurred at Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet? Did he see how this can and is probably happening elsewhere? Is he still making a joke out of a serious issue?

  68. Consider this….when answering the question is online poker rigged, the answer is clearly yes and no. When you start playing online most people opt for the free cash games and tournaments which I believe are fixed. It is in the best interest of every poker site out there to see to it that newbies feel the rush of winning so they will soon commit their hard cash to playing for real. I’ve been playing online for 5 months now(all freebies) and dispite my knowledge and experience increasing daily my success at the tables has actually gotten worse. Here are two simple examples, the other day I’m playing a cash game(freebie) and in less than 30 hands I got beat by two four of a kinds. The odds of seeing two four of a kinds in a single day at a B&M game are next to nil. The other day I played 10 hours straight at a B&M casino and I didn’t see a single four of a kind. I couldn’t begin to count the number of bad beats I have experienced online and I play daily hoping to make poker something I can do for a living one day. I sincerely believe that it is in the best interest of poker sites to ensure that newbies have immediate success when they play their trash hands and suck out the smart player with a runner-runner. Now real money cash games and tourneys on the other hand I don’t believe are fixed because now you can count your sudden bad luck at the tables to the mere fact that you are playing a higher caliber of player. I’ve watched pros play the freebies and get their a$$es kicked by some newbie that got “lucky” with a suck out. Ask yourself why the pros would even waste thier precious time allowing themselves to be beaten by newbies if not to give them the misguided belief that poker is easy and anybody can win if it’s your lucky day. They call it grinding out a living for a reason because it’s not easy. If you’re a newbie and you think that your success online after a couple of months will translate easily to the real world then boy are you in for a rude awakening. My advise for anyone starting out, invest the time to read the books, learn the game for free as much as possible and don’t take the bad beats personnally. Ask yourself if you played a solid game and if you can answer yes than you’re on the right track. Above all though manage your bankroll and your play at the tables responsibly and with discipline.
    Let the cards fall where they may and God Bless to all the men and women who love this game as much as I do.

  69. Whoever believes it is not rigged is funny.Think of it!!!Is it possible that you could play in front of the PC with decent guys?Are you nuts?How can you believe that?!

  70. Actually, you’re wrong. I am a ranking professional in Atlantic City, New Jersey, who leads the city in single-table sit-n-goes. I have over $650,000 USD in cashes to date. Here’s the proof:

    Anyone who says cheating and rigging doesn’t happen in online play is a pure idiot. For all aspiring players out there…live play is the only way to go.

    Sorry to bust your site out for being false, but it is rigged, and there are a lot of cheaters.

    Take it easy, retard.

  71. I played on this table!! and I can also tell you something else – player 5 had a gun under the table and threatened to shoot player 3 if he won again with Aces and Eights!

  72. I was searching google for examples of real life cheating going on in online poker rooms when I came across this site. Almost had me fooled for a minute, nice work! haha

  73. ROFL. Whats wrong with peoples? Cant anyone tell a good joke and see some effort for it?

    I think this was brilliant plus to think of the fact that in every poker network peoples really say how this and that is rigged.

    Great job, amuses me a lot.

  74. lol.. those screenshots are quite clearly edited.. the color and pixels dont even match, those cards are clearly added afterward.. look at the dealers left and right hand.. you see the right hand was added afterward.. lol.. why would he even do this…

  75. You are a damn idiot. The CIA doesn’t sell any kind of software on ebaY, much less “classified” vector digital imaging software for $50. By the way, do you even know what that means? You would have had to take vector calculus with some advanced computer science courses to even begin to comprehend how that stuff works, and judging from your rambling, I would guess you struggled to graduate high school. Putting this bullshit in your story completely discredits anything you said.

  76. I agree its rigged but everyone just quit playin and go to the casino or get a house game going. we dont need to play on the internet

  77. Look, I played at Party Poker, and had tons of bad beats….I stopped playing there. It seemed way to set-up, it was eerie. A bad beats one thing but to have someone call all-in with 82 off suit up against AA and flop a full house seems way to convenient. WHY THE CALL TO BEGIN WITH?? Was he stupid? OR was it a set-up? We’ll get to that in minute…OK Then I tried Paradise,It was just a joke all together but thats personal preference I guess… Now I play at Poker Stars and I have had my ups and downs and its the same there too, more bad beats. As well as Vegas Poker 24/7, I am 3rd place for the week on the tournament leader board, I came in 6th and won $458 this week in a $50 buy in NL tournament…I seen alot of bad beats that game too! BUT My point is, no matter where you play you will see and experience bad beats, its part of the game. BUT you can decrease your odds by playing a different stradegy! YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR CHIPS…They dont put a gun to your head and force you all-in….I understand AA is very good and if you move you move, but its your choice just the same as the idiot with 57 suited thats going to call “cause its suited”…..
    Remember that. It’s basically a coin flip!! Use all-in moves to your advantage, not just to do it cause the book says to, people online are different!! Be aware of who your playing with, watch them and there moves, try to determine if thats type of player you want to move in front of rather wait a round and see the flop…..I try to never put ALL my chips at risk unless I have VERY good odds I will win. Now i been bad beaten before, but it was still my choice to put it all in! Sometimes I win, Sometimes I lose, sometimes its a good hand, sometimes its bad…thats poker.

  78. Uh, do you mean other than overplaying a small pocket pair?

    I think you played this hand like a complete donkey and the results are quite expected.

    The only pair on the table that you could possibly beat is the deuce. Based on the way this guy played the hand, I would have put him on a hand like KJ or AJ (though poorly plaid). Obviously he’s a bigger donkey than I expected but your play is just as bad, if not worse.

    First off, you’re down to 5 handed. You’re well in good shape to money. The other two players are on the ropes and you’re almost tied for second. Why the hell would you get into a big pot with the only guy at the table who could bust you?

    I won’t even get into how terribly you played this hand but suffice it to say that I disagree with nearly every play you made. Your call of his all-in was, IMHO, completely absurd. I can’t even think of a legitimate hand you should be thinking that you beat. The only hand you beat here is a bluff. You’re willing to bet your entire tournament life on beating an all-in bluff from the chip leader?

  79. After 50 suckouts in a row on pokerstars!!!

    This hand was the last draw for me!!! I quit!!

    PokerStars Game #7805515263: Tournament #39894976,
    Table ‘39894976 3’ 9-max Seat #4 is the button
    Seat 1: Sukie2 (3705 in chips)
    Seat 2: sincystar (12665 in chips)
    Seat 4: kendoggydogg (8090 in chips)
    Seat 6: PatrickMagee (8505 in chips) is sitting out
    Seat 8: helda (2205 in chips)
    Sukie2: posts the ante 25
    sincystar: posts the ante 25
    kendoggydogg: posts the ante 25
    PatrickMagee: posts the ante 25
    helda: posts the ante 25
    PatrickMagee: posts small blind 200
    helda: posts big blind 400
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to kendoggydogg [5s 5h]
    Sukie2: folds
    sincystar: raises 400 to 800
    kendoggydogg: raises 1200 to 2000
    PatrickMagee: folds
    helda: folds
    sincystar: calls 1200
    *** FLOP *** [Jc Ts 2d]
    sincystar: bets 400
    kendoggydogg: raises 800 to 1200
    sincystar: calls 800
    *** TURN *** [Jc Ts 2d] [Js]
    sincystar: bets 9200
    kendoggydogg: calls 4865 and is all-in
    *** RIVER *** [Jc Ts 2d Js] [7d]
    *** SHOW DOWN ***
    sincystar: shows [Kc 7s] (two pair, Jacks and Sevens)
    kendoggydogg: shows [5s 5h] (two pair, Jacks and Fives)
    sincystar collected 16855 from pot
    *** SUMMARY ***
    Total pot 16855 | Rake 0
    Board [Jc Ts 2d Js 7d]
    Seat 1: Sukie2 folded before Flop (didn’t bet)
    Seat 2: sincystar showed [Kc 7s] and won (16855) with two pair, Jacks and Sevens
    Seat 4: kendoggydogg (button) showed [5s 5h] and lost with two pair, Jacks and
    Seat 6: PatrickMagee (small blind) folded before Flop
    Seat 8: helda (big blind) folded before Flop

    Can someone explain to me what I did wrong here???

  80. OK I GOT IT!!!!!!

    This is for real people!!! How do sites make money off you?? Through rakes and Buy ins! If I lost all my money then the site wouldn’t make anymore money off me!!!

    So here’s what happens……. Pokerstars and the others all control your money! They let you win some and make you lose a bunch! You will always end up breaking even! But who really wins??? THE SITE!!! Thats right, they keep you in the game so they can collect Rakes and Buy ins from you!!!

    Makes sense now doesn’t it!

    I started with 50 dollars, got as high as 150, back down to 50, up to 150 again and again!!! Who is really winning???

    You guessed it……

    Think about it!!! This is for real!!

    One more thing to add for online poker sites!!! Play any pocket pair, play A K, throw everything else away!!! If you have A Q, watch out, someone will have A K…… never fails!!!

    This is how Online Poker is rigged!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Full Tilt, where the pros play HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Where you sit on the button with kings, guy tries to steal with ace six, you reraise him, he calls anyways, and he “miraculously” flops trip aces. Then you ask him why he called the reraise, he says my ace six was suited. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Where the pros play. Where the fish play and win like everywhere else. Keep the fish alive we need customers. Without the fish we have no poker room. 80% of our business would leave us. Where the pros play HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  82. Online poker is rigged in a way! I believe certain players or all for that matter have handicaps!

    Remember when you first played Online poker, you couldnt lose! You were a poker god! Thats because they hooked you in! Gave you an advantage of a handicap!

    I don’t believe people can see our cards! Pokerstars is too secure to allow that to happen!

    So all the pros goto Full Tilt eh?

    Too many chasing donkeys on PS!!


  83. WOW!!! I DID THE SAME THING AND ZOOMED IN it looks like that imagine ware can edit to…there was no card in his sleve even if there was it wouldnt be able to be used and it proly would be hidden better…

  84. Hey Bill,
    Do you currently work for every poker site? Can you actually be 100 percent sure? Im not saying it is or not rigged, but just b/c a company has not been caught, doesnt mean they don’t rig it. Just b/c you can’t see why they would do it, doesnt mean its safe. There is greed in this world and people don’t give a fuck about stealing and who they steal from, or even how they do it. I have looked at the facts, and honestly I would not be stunned if they did get caught cheating the system. So on your website, say what you want but you can never be 100 percent sure.

  85. First I’d like to say the first photo is a joke…… but yes online poker is rigged! There are definately people out there that can see our cards, that must be a simple hack for any hacker. And I’m sure they would be smart about it as well, occassionally losing some hands. I’d lose hands on purpose if I knew what your next hand would be…… think about it…..

    Ive copied and pasted some of my Good and bad beats, let me know if you wanna see them!

    I play on pokerstars, but I play on the micro SNG! I’d like to see the pro’s play online and tell me these hands are realistic!

    Its a DoGGy DoGG World!!!

  86. I know what you are saying. I was at Hollywood Poker, a skin of Poker Room. I was talking with another player who just beat my ace queen with king nine after pushing all in with it. Ok thats not so bad. Then, Im dealt pocket aces. The big stack on the table goes all in, and I say to my buddy,and this is EXACTLY what I said, “heres where I go out, watch this, Im going to get raped”. I called his ace ten all in with POCKET ACES, a 90% favorite. Flop comes 2-10-10- just as I predicted and Im out of the tourney. He didnt even need the turn or the river.
    Ive requested the chat from HOLLYWOOD POKER, and the will NOT release it to me. I wonder why?
    I played 200 hands in this tourney, but I picked the EXACT hand where I would go out. Hmmmm, seen it all before, HOLLYWOOD POKER.
    Here is the hand history. Suck on it.

    NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $5+$1 (Real Money), #1,235,214,967
    > TURBO 5+0.5 Multi Table Tournament, 8 Nov 2006 3:40 AM ET
    > Seat 1: GrandyH ($7,540 in chips)
    > Seat 2: marigomess ($16,235 in chips)
    > Seat 3: icewolf61 ($9,905 in chips)
    > Seat 4: BAZ-N.Z ($13,580 in chips)
    > Seat 6: s.moore ($16,090 in chips)
    > Seat 7: Put_em_Up1 ($8,650 in chips)
    > Seat 8: Vanny2121 ($8,090 in chips)
    > Seat 9: Jenstomat ($18,300 in chips)
    > Seat 10: Sucker ($9,710 in chips)
    > GrandyH posts blind ($1,000), marigomess posts blind ($2,000).
    > PRE-FLOP
    > icewolf61 folds, BAZ-N.Z bets $13,580 and is all-in, s.moore folds,
    > Put_em_Up1 folds, Vanny2121 folds, Jenstomat folds, Sucker calls $9,710
    > and is all-in, GrandyH folds, marigomess folds.
    > FLOP [board cards 2S,10H,10C ]
    > TURN [board cards 2S,10H,10C,4S ]
    > RIVER [board cards 2S,10H,10C,4S,2H ]
    > BAZ-N.Z shows [ AS,10D ]
    > Sucker shows [ AD,AH ]
    > BAZ-N.Z wins $3,870, BAZ-N.Z wins $22,420.
    > Dealer: Sucker
    > Pot: $26,290
    > GrandyH, loses $1,000
    > marigomess, loses $2,000
    > icewolf61, loses $0
    > BAZ-N.Z, bets $13,580, collects $26,290, net $12,710
    > s.moore, loses $0
    > Put_em_Up1, loses $0
    > Vanny2121, loses $0
    > Jenstomat, loses $0
    > Sucker, loses $9,710

  87. Pokerstarst and online poker is rigged. I was on the shortstack with 20 chips left, and i hit a full house 3’s full of 9’s. So i fold my suited connector next hand with my $100. The next hand i just smooth call my 34 off suit for 20. The flop comes 384. One guy put me in for my last $100 I predicted he had a pocket pair and the turn would put out another 8 to give him a higher 2 pair. Then when I called sure enough he had 99, and the turn threw out another 8 exactly as I predicted.

    No I’m not pshychic I just have had this exact same scenario happen to me so many times, and it never varies is why I was able to predict this outcome. It’s a damn computer programmed, programmed to due whatever the programmers are paid to make it do. So to say it’s random is completely assanine.

  88. Pokerstarst and online poker is rigged. I was on the shortstack with 20 chips left, and i hit a full house 3’s full of 9’s. So i fold my suited connector next hand with my $100. The next hand i just smooth call my 34 off suit for 20. The flop comes 384. One guy put me in for my last $100 I predicted he had a pocket pair and the turn would put out another 8 to give him a higher 2 pair. Then when I called sure enough he had 99, and the turn threw out another 8 exactly as I predicted.

    No I’m not pshychic I just have had this exact same scenario happen to me so many times, and it never varies is why I was able to predict this outcome. It’s a damn computer programmed, programmed to due whatever the programmers are paid to make it do. So to say it’s random is completely assanine.

  89. I’m not sure which is funnier… the original joke, or the morons that feel how smart they must be for figuring out that the photo’s were edited. For example Randy vine on August 8, 2006. This was originally posted Nov 30, 2004 and he thinks 2 years later he’s educating us all to the fact tat this is a joke… Duh!

    Great post Bill!

  90. lol, remove it then, trust me i don’t need this link to get to top of google. 🙂
    Enjoy your days of ripping people off guys, have fun pulling your hair out,we’ve been doing it long enough, thanks to you. we’re not going ANYWHERE.

  91. I just wrote a long ass fucking message and I guess because I didnt insert the addition it left the page and I lost the entire thing. FUCK THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS FUCKING SITE> FUCK THEM ALL!

  92. Ok, what we have here is the 90% ignorant and the 5% suspect and the last 5% whirlwind cheats.

    You 90% ignorant are those who do not understand technology and dismiss an even slight implication that your so holy poker site would let this happen. Well ignorant 90% it DOES HAPPEN!

    The 5% suspect think it could happen but it could never happen to THEM! Haaa, wrong again. Between source IP spoofing, loopback mirroring, SPAN ports, and all of the other related network architecture that non one except ppl like me understand- we have a fail proof way of lifting ur $$$.

    As to the last 5% cheats, as of reading these posts I have decided to change sides from honest player to balls to the wall cheat, just to take all of you idiots $$$. You’re begging for it.

    And I realize the funny photoshop pic’s of the poker characters were meant to be a spoof…but it should be all the posters on here who dont believe in cheats that should be laughed at! so HAHAHAHAAAA HAAHAH HAHAHAHAAAAAA

  93. Firstly, the initial images that sparked off this debate were added via photoshop for sure. I mean do you really think partypoker are stupid enough to graphically show that they are cheating players out of their money?!! They can just as easily do it without giving hints on the screens as to what they’re upto!

    Secondly, although the screenshots posted are fake, I really do think that the site, along with the majority of other worldwide online poker sites, is rigged in such a way that will create maximum profits for them. After all, they are in the cut-throat world of business and will take up any way of screwing people over to maximize profits…

    It’s just way too much of a coincedence that there are so many bad beats happening on the sites. People may argue that the reason is due to the higher volume of hands being played compared to non-online poker games, but if you look at the statistics of it all you will find that there are WAY too many bad beats occuring.

    So the final word on the subject is:

  94. ok on PARTYPOKER…last year….if the so called hacker isnt as good as you claim they are….and that there are no cheaters on that site you have a another thing coming…….EXPL;
    I WAS SITTING AT A TABLE WHEN MY NORTON STOPPED A BACK DOOR TROJON FROM THE SAME GUY AT MY TABLE DURING A FREE ROLL…i then asked the guy if he knew that i knew what he was doing and he replyed;I DONT GIVE A RATS ASS PUNK…… norton went off again…….and again stopped the backdoor trojon…i asked if he was trying to look at my hand .he said yup and im in your pc now and then laughed again…..they use a software program that bounces off the sites loopholes and backdoors to pull up the same table to see what everyone has…………….simply muting thier chat stops it……its a program that uses the chat option to backdoor trojon your pc…….. on partypoker,collusion and backdoor ghosting accures alot……..its for sale.,,,i was asked to buy it once,i did buy it for $100.00 and it worked…….i turned it in and that program no longer works….
    so if you say cheating does not exsist.then you most likey are as guilty using one and do not want the rest of the un-neglected imbosils to be the wiser

  95. Hey, funny, bad editting…obvious, clean up ur spots lol… There is cheats out there, and somewhat rigged…but still its not like ur playing slots…its strategic. Its about raising.

    Raise w/ bad hand- Loss
    Confident hand raise- Cant lose…(rig wont affect) the 4 aces are a lie, someone else at the table had 1 🙂

  96. All of you may joke about this but it is out there and real… the reason why I know is because I do it. I have a full proof way of making my odds 70% to win every hand. that means the rest of you so called winners only beat me 30% of the time… Of course I cant tell you how I do it but trust me you idiots- there are cheats at your fav poker site… and we’re winning and winning and winning…hahahaha
    So now who’s the fish- you doubters are, thats who…hahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  97. I dont mean to be the party pooper. But if I could just say that this look’s very photoshoped to me. I could of easily done it in 1 minute. Sorry guys but Party Poker isn’t that stupid enough to give away the truth that easily.

  98. wow i just need to say that people that posted on this are the fucking stupidest people i have ever heard. Things such as this isnt real i zoomed in that stuffs not there. NO SHIT. Its a joke. Wow i just needed to post to make the retards feel even more stupid

  99. Wow, nice well thought out reply. Did it take you long to come up with that one? Now if real people with a brain would like to comment and perhaps continue with a real discussion, I would like to hear it.

  100. Now I have a question. As I have mentioned, my most recent site has been Full Tilt. This site occasionally features several of it’s “pros” playing on the tables with us average joes. All of the “poker isn’t rigged” folk consistanly balk that “bad beats happen, get over it”, well then why is it that in the hours i’ve spent watching these tables with the “pros”, they don’t catch any. Not one that i’ve seen. Now it sure as hell doesn’t take even one hour for me to get a bad hit or ten. Stick that one in your pipe and smoke it.

  101. I saw this link posted earlier, so I checked it out and read about my current “problem” site Full Tilt. It lists as a place that holds the “permit” and “server” for Full Tilt, so I checked the other sites that they hold permits for and lo and behold, every site that I have lost money to is there, from poker to casinos. It amazes me that only the sites i’ve lost money on were listed. Not saying that the others are legit, but I feel almost black listed. I lose big and always to a bad beat, like AA to 10 9 os all in pre-flop and him hitting two pair (my most recent) on the poker sites (ie. Paradise, UB, BetUS, Full Tilt, recently). When I saw that they are all governed by the same entity, I litterally felt ill. All of these sites have my basic information (name, add, etc) so it’s not hard to group me in a “fuck this guy” category.

  102. I just played in a Big MTT. AA lost 3 times in 10 hands, twice heads up and once 3 handed.
    The winning hands heads up were J10 who flopped a Jack and hit runner runner flush, calling AA all in. 3 handed a fish with Q2 flopped Q2. Heads up again very next play after Q2 wins. AK raises preflop 500 reraised 2000 by AcAd and AsKs calls. Flop is 7910 with 2 clubs. AA reraises all in, and AK calls, runner runner JQ, and 3 out of 10 hands AA is out of the tourney. Of course it couldn’t possibly be rigged. We all know how honest online poker gaming sites are. Great Post Bill, you nitwit.

  103. I just played in a Big MTT. AA lost 3 times in 10 hands, twice heads up and once 3 handed.
    The winning hands heads up were J10 who flopped a Jack and hit runner runner flush, calling AA all in. 3 handed a fish with Q2 flopped Q2. Heads up again very next play after Q2 wins. AK raises preflop 500 reraised 2000 by AcAd and AsKs calls. Flop is 7910 with 2 clubs. AA reraises all in, and AK calls, runner runner JQ, and 3 out of 10 hands AA is out of the tourney. Of course it couldn’t possibly be rigged. We all know how honest online poker gaming sites are. Great Post Bill, you nitwit.

  104. You are so clever… haha made me laugh… Yeah I mean really.. who would think that online poker is rigged? Just because they are all based off-shore, have no government regulations, have no RANDOM key word RANDOM third party audits, yeah what evidence does he have?
    If you could give yourself a payraise and not get caught, would you? OF COURSE NOT !!! rediculous… keep up the good work.. dryin my eyes from the tears I laughed so hard.

  105. HAHAH Great post! First time viewing your site and this single post got me hooked. hahahahah thanks for the laugh, we need this sometimes in the serious world of poker 😉

  106. This comes from someone who is a realist. I don’t like to think that people are bad – but when it comes to money, they usually are. I have watched bad beats happen on Party Poker for so long that it became an obsession of mine. I personally won only 1 of the last 26 times I had pocket aces. Even when I try to steal the blind with them, some “idiot” with a 3-5 unsuited calls. The flop is A-2-4 giving me trip Aces and all the confidence in the world becaus the only hand that could beat me now without horribly unlucky runing turn and river cards is a straight and that would mean that the idiot called my all in with a 3-5. The turn is a inconsequencial 9 and the river is a king and the game is over! My trip aces lose to this straight. So that makes the idiot a true lucky idiot – or does it. If this happened once or twice I might over look it and justify it as bad luck, but really, who in their right mind call an all in bet having a 3-5 unsuited (or suited for that matter)? Now – this is the best. I’m dealt an Ace-8 suited. Someone raise me – I call. The flop is 8-8-10. I check and my opponent raises me high numbers. I call. The turn card is the 4th 8 and I check again. My opponent goes all in. I follow – I mean wouldn’t you? He shows pocket 10’s and thus he has 3-10’s to my 4-8’s. I don’t think I need to tell you what the river card was but it should suffice to say I lost the hand. This just doesn’t happen in reality games. This is what Party Poker is doing and why they think they can get away with it. Party Poker is not content with the juice money they make in the tournement rooms. So – 20% of the time they stick a DICK in the room. Any name – LOVE2ROCK from Little Rock Arkansas. And while you think you are playing a straight up game, you are playing with someone who can see exactly what the cards are and how to take everyone’s money. Trust me, I know this is true. Sure, you can win every now and again but no matter how good a player you are, when pocket aces lose over 90% of the time, something aint right. Now – people say, “well that wouldn’t be legal.” Right – but what are you going to do? Find the company and trael to that country and sue the CEO for cheating? Chances are you are playing illegally anyway as gambling is probably not legal in your state. So it would be like going to the police to say the hooker you’ve been screwing gave you herpes and you want to sue her for damages.

    Save your money and play with your friends or in Vegas where there is actually something for the people who play in and run the tournements to lose if they are caught cheating. Vegas would be destroyed.

  107. I used to think that online poker sites can not possibly be rigged so as to protect the integrity of the site, until one night when I actually saw something really strange. I was in a tourney and one guy told another to go all in. He did, and as I was thinking about my next move (pokerstars gives you 15 seconds to decide), after 5 seconds my hand was folded for me, and so were all the other player’s hands. The next 4 hands these two guys beat the rest of the players with: straight flush, full house, four of a kind (aces), and four of a kind (kings). Now how can you possibly explain that?

  108. I used to think that online poker sites can not possibly be rigged so as to protect the integrity of the site, until one night when I actually saw something really strange. I was in a tourney and one guy told another to go all in. He did, and as I was thinking about my next move (pokerstars gives you 15 seconds to decide), after 5 seconds my hand was folded for me, and so were all the other player’s hands. The next 4 hands these two guys beat the rest of the players with: straight flush, full house, four of a kind (aces), and four of a kind (kings). Now how can you possibly explain that?

  109. Online poker is about as random as the sun rising in the morning. In real life everyone does not hit big every hand. Esepcially in heads up preflop all ins during tourneys,

    2 pocket pairs the lower pair most of the time catch sets against you if you are a marked player, or 2 over cards beat your pair 99% of the time.

    One guy flops set other hitss runner runner str8 with to over cards, etc.

    Sometimes this can happen yes, but nearly 100% of the time in these situations shorthanded on preflop all ins. Get Real. 4 cards involved in a hand always hit this big is not against the odds???

    You so work for online poker and are a shill Bill

  110. Online poker is about as random as the sun rising in the morning. In real life everyone does not hit big every hand. Esepcially in heads up preflop all ins during tourneys,

    2 pocket pairs the lower pair most of the time catch sets against you if you are a marked player, or 2 over cards beat your pair 99% of the time.

    One guy flops set other hitss runner runner str8 with to over cards, etc.

    Sometimes this can happen yes, but nearly 100% of the time in these situations shorthanded on preflop all ins. Get Real. 4 cards involved in a hand always hit this big is not against the odds???

    You so work for online poker and are a shill Bill

  111. Alright, here is what it is about. If online poker worked correctly, the fish would eventually get wiped out by the good players, and they would quit playing, costing the sites lots and lots of money. Therefore, this explains why my two straight all in pocket aces were called by the exact same hand, 2-4, and lost both times. They need the idiot fish to hit, in order to keep them playing.
    Now, even being dealt pocket aces two straight hands is a rig in itself. Having the same hand call them twice, and wipe them out both times, is completely ridiculous. Online poker is so 100% rigged for action, it is amazing they still operate. Maximum rake, quick tourney turnover is all these crooks want. As well as keeping the idiot fish happy.

  112. Sad to say, but it’s true, Online Gambling is definitely Rigged and all the facts can be found at

    Why is online poker rigged? Greed! It’s as simple as that. Plain old fashioned Greed!

    Some try to say that these sites can’t make it on just the Rake alone, but that’s a bunch of BS! How many Brick and Mortar rooms have you heard about closing down because the Rake wasn’t enough revenue to keep things going? None, Zero, that’s how many!

    Yes, I’m an advocate for PokerConduct and that is why I’m here. The TRUTH needs to be told!

  113. Ever notice how when u first sgn on to a new site it let’s you win?….Then if u play a while, a couple days for example. You end up losing to all these bad beats?… cost me about 5 grand to figure this bullshit out!!!!NEVER EVER EVER FUCKING AGAIN!!!!


  115. Party poker is rigged. ive been a poker player for a long time and ive never gotten so many bad beats in my life.ive also gotten pocket kings and aces 3 times in a row.i dont call that luck i call it a setup.i lost everytime with them. i must say i dont belive the card up the sleeve and all that mubo jumbo. but i do believe their are drones who sit in as real people to clean house. Its rigged bottom line.

  116. As for STUTHEJEW, he says that he has no problem winning real games and at casinos, I believe.. But what he didnt bring up is the fact that at a real table u can see expressions and tells.. But online u dont have that, all u can go by is betting habits of other players and percentages.. He makes no sense.. U cannot expect to do well just because u are better in real life.. Yet another bullshit excuse for losing to much….. As for the same two hands in a row and the same suits, improbable but definately not impossible, and thats a fact, for sure not astronomical.. He is obviously not the pro he thinks he is or he would have seen it before….. Cant wait fr something to back up these rigging rumors for gods sake…All ive seen is sore losers whining!!!!!!!!!

  117. All these comments are so mediocre i cant even tell if yall are joking or being serious.. If these are the best things yall can come up with yall shouldnt even be having this discussion…

  118. I just dont get the card up the sleeve thing. Its not a god dang real player.. Card up the sleeve or not I dont see how it matters, its a computer player. Its not like the guy is actually there able to use the card!!!!!!!!! And the bottom of the deck thing is just a visual glitch… Everyone is blowing the whole thing way out of porportion…. Party poker is perfectly ligit…. I think all the losers need to quit whining because they cant manage to keep there account in the plus… I have never had any problem ruling every table almost and I certainly dont cheat… All of u need to read a few poker books and all of a sudden u will realize that the whole cheating idea is proposturous….. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. There are people who work for the pokerrooms that can see all the cards, they win money and return it to the pokerroom. The only money they receive is a paycheck, with some nice zero’s.

    You think they go through all that programmingtrouble for some rigging, no they just put in some cheaters who can see all the cards. Rake is just cover.

    Manipulating software is as easy as 123.

    But i think this is the best rigging joke i’ve ever seen. Lol, the only rigging joke i’ve ever seen. But to bad he hasn’t put more effort in evening up the resolutions.

  120. The math does not add up, and true players know when somethin is fishy. Im going to stop playing online, It is NOT LEGIT.

  121. I have been a poker player for many years at casinos and real live games. I have always had success at these live cash games. I can say with absolute certainty that there is suscpicious activity in online gaming. I think my first clue to this was when I played in back to back sit and go’s and saw the exact same PP in opposing players hands…..only to be followed by the EXACT same flop! And when I say the same flop I mean the same suites as well. I think the odds of this happening are astronomical. It was on Full Tilt poker and the site was notorious for rediculous beats, much like Poker Stars and Party Poker. And as for some idiot trying to make a joke about it with some silly doctored photos….well that just seems to me like he’s trying to take heat off of the company he works for. I’m sure eventually you will see something on CNN, so until then it’s real simple……STOP PLAYING ONLINE!

  122. to all those that think online poker is rigged, here is an easy solution, either
    a) buy yourself one of those stupid RNG programs so you “know” what cards are going to come on the board (haha load of bs)(just spend some money for nothing)
    b) carry on playing and giving your money to others who play properly

    oh and to the poster who stated that people call with 72o and win, sorry about that, thats one of my favourite hands, boy when the board comes in my favour, you get paid BIG time lol

  123. Just wanted to add something to . You see all these guys calling with draws post flop . they always seem to hit . why is it when i decide to make a play that way i can’t hit jack . Coincidence . Ya pigs fly too. the truth is that if you are marked you are marked .

  124. I don’t know what to make of it . I seem to do not so bad in tournies . But it seems everytime i do a cashout I lose and lose and lose . Yesterday i played for more than an hour and a half on a tourney at pokerstars and i was not able to get a decent starting hand . note: I had cashed out for a tourney i came in 4 th place the night before . today i was doing real well in a re buy tourney i have pocket 8’s . the flop comes 8 J J i’m first to bet so i slow play the full house like i’m supposed to and i get action so i call and the turn is a 4 . he bets and i raise all-in for 25,000. he calls my all-in . Guess what the river was !!! you got it . it was a J and guess what he was holding in his hand . You got it . He had the last J . Co-incidence my ass. Bad beat my ass. another thing . I play a lot after winning big and when i do i used to go to ring games or sitn’go . I could never win . always seem to make 4th but could never crack the money. then i heard that they load the table with 3 or more players and they are all on msn messenger communicating there hands to each other . no wonder i can’t win. one last comment . pokerstars and most all other sites run out of khanawake, Quebec canada . An indian reservation run by the mohawk nation. The same mohawks who murdered a policeman . the same mohawks who smuggled liquor and cigarettes out of new york to sell for profit. the same mohawks who barricaded the mercier bridge and held the city of montreal hostage with .30 caliber browning machine guns . the same mohawks whom their elders(government) supported this . I have the news footage to prove it too.This is the gaming commission that controls these websites. corrupt, murderers, terrorists. why don’t these stories circulate? I don’t care if pokerstars or anybody finds out about what i am saying . I am done playing online . I am getting out now while i still have my shirt on my back .Shame on you chris moneymaker, shame on you greg raymer and shame on anybody else who helps to promote these corrupt sites. Ever wonder why you harldy ever see anyone from montreal, or quebec on these sites . it’s because they know . So Beware all .

  125. i’ve had a feelimg these sites were rigged. i’ve often floped straights and always lost to a flush. i play on 5 sites and it happens to all of them. i have won hands and had my money go to a different player. i’ve seen people go all in with 27os and win the hand. i play free roll on five sites and the only one one i’ll put money on is (hollywoodpoker) i have won my fair share of tourny’s on that site and consider it to be the only site that is not rigged.

  126. hehehe omg asg lol rolf eru vadÃ¥rÃ¥ ffs omg bbq lol pants noob you are elite 1337… omng standing ovasion from the cs scene. and finnaly you are worth one more lol

  127. That’s my cousin dealing and my brotherinlaw to the right. HOWDARE YOU accuse them of cheating. I was there 4 th from the left. We may sue.

  128. Just to let everyone know online cheating goes on at Absolute Poker too. I’ve notice cheating on every free-roll where certain ones know the flop turn and river. If they cheat at free-rolls Are they cheating on the money tables too?? Best thing to do is play at live tables not on the internet.
    cool pics

  129. haha, I was really thinking it was somethging serious till I came to “It looks normal unless you really examine the photo. Using some highly classified vector digital imaging software from the CIA I picked up on eBay for $50”
    Then I nearly fell of my chair,so funny hahaha!

  130. Isn’t it funny how everyone of the so called
    experts on the net claiming online poker to be
    legit are all affiliates of on or more online
    poker sites

  131. I’ve complained to PartyPoker and Coral Poker each time I get my hand dealt it deals them FACE UP SO ALL THE OTHER PLAYERS CAN SEE MY CARDS……

    It does’nt do this with the other players cards…..

    These sites are deliberatly colluding with the nine other players round the table to fleece me of my money…

  132. I’d just like to say that there is in fact poker sites who do actually rig the deck in order to lure ppl to play real poker.

  133. lol. Oh man that was great! I was searching for other poker info, and linked to this page unexpectedly. Now, it’s a bookmark! Love it. Keep it up!

  134. omg, i cant believe that they hav ebeen tricking us like this i will be sure to send them an email showing this hard evidence and then it will be revealed to all the people who are being cheated by party poker… thank you for showing me this.

  135. Good Evening,

    I have been playing live poker games since the age of 18. I have done very well and considered a good poker player against most of the players I have played with. I am very familiar with calculating odds and figuring probabilities. I have had much success with the game away from the computer. I am now 38 years of age and started playing on-line for the first time this year on THIS SITE IS RIGGED. I GUARANTEE THAT THERE IS AN ALGORITHMIC FORMULA WHICH QUICKENS THE PACE OF THE GAME BY ELIMINATING PLAYERS WITH A SMALLER BANK ROLL. This in turn, allows POKERSTARS to get tournaments over quicker. WHY? Because they make there money from entry fees. The quicker the games, the faster they fill new tournaments. Don’t believe me? Check out a tournament table sometime and watch the bad beats that happen on a consistent basis. Not a fairly consistent basis, but a CONSISTANT basis. This happens in a number of ways, and it can be easily witnessed by anyone with poker knowledge. It is especially common in all-in situations where 1 to 3 players go on in. Also, watch how players in all-in situations which only usually involve 4-6 cards( 2 from each players hand)always catch part of the flop. A very, very, very unusual coincidence. If you play poker on a regular basis and understand the game, probabilities and odds, then there is an absolute based on my observation ( and yours once you watch) that POKERSTARS is rigged. It is rigged and that is that. I have heard similar claims for other sites and I have seen this anomaly on them as well. I am more familiar with POKERSTARS so I will reference them. As far as other cheating methods imposed by these sites, I cannot prove them valid. I am sure that it probably exists, but it is impossible to prove. Bill, as far as your claims, here are my comments for you. If you were involved in the development of certain poker software and claim it is not rigged, then you were not as involved in the process as you think you were. Or you are involved with these sites and feel the need to tout them for economic reasons. Whatever the case, for one to give you the “empirical evidence” you are looking for; it would involve a detailed inspection of the software developed and in use by these sites. And since you know that the commenter on this site will never have access to these proprietary software programs, then you feel extremely safe in making and standing behind your contentions. My contentions are made on observations and analysis of thousands of hands that I have been involved in and watched involving on-line poker. Yours are based on nothing more than ” you have no evidence so your observations are wrong”!!! Well that’s not good enough for the thousands of people that claim they are. Sure there are bad beats in poker, we have all experienced them. There are also bad bets in poker as well. We try to limit our bad bets, so lets all start by not betting our hard earned money with on-line poker sites and the biased touts of it’s employees.


  136. Nice sarcasim…but since this site is put on the web by poker stars…or who ever…the sites are rigged…ab…so …loot…lee….got the fox watching the hen house…if you know what I mean….Who is going to monitor…LOL…how do they sleep at night????

  137. MoneeyBagz,

    I’ve seen the ads but based on what I know about RNG and the shuffling methods used by most of today’s card rooms, I think the produce is bs. I’ve yet to see any respected mathematician or poker player validate the results.


  138. there are so called cheats that work on most poker sites, they are mathmatical based by entering in your dealt card and any exposed cards and in what postion these cards were in it only takes about 25 hands before it starts to work. you can see for your self i think you will be amazed.

  139. Oh, by the way, the flops are 100% rigged for action. Every site, not just Party Poker. Its called “Optimized for maximum profit”. And Im a winning player HAHA. Hey Bill, where did all my posts go?

  140. Who is “we” and would you be willing to share that hand history with the public? Because I have several hundred thousands hands on Party and they don’t show any abnormalities.

  141. While that is a funny post, the actual statistic tell a different story. After running a statistical review of Party Poker over 35,000 hands and 8 different players we found the distribution of cards and winning hands to be heavily scewed toward certain outcomes. For one example, an inordinate amount of straights, almost 4 times the random expectation per hands played, appeared in our study. For a poker player attempting to play with the odds, these rel=sults were startling to way the least. While we can not say for certain whether Party Poker has written these irregularities into their program, or if they are even aware of them, it is not advisable to play at a site where the deal is not random as robots and other statistical methods of cheating could be possible. While most internet poker sites have not shown these irregularities, we strongly advise to avoid Party Poker. Too many other poker sites with a better chance of being legite to take a chance on a suspicious site.

  142. with all the corporate scum out there you have to be naive not to realize that online poker is fixed. The sites are loaded with shills and programming to speed up play.

    As an expert player i have seen an inordinate amount of bad beats on many of the sites

  143. The one’s that talk stuff about PartyPoker I bet can’t play the game and they are A POORRRRRRRRRR LOSER and can’t PLAY

  144. vary interesting partypoker always has a way of making certain seats at a poker table win and everyone else once in every 15 hands for 1 win. i will try to see if i can find some totally trueful sites. i also think that might also be rigged. nice work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. I agree with JJ and Rob. I also play multiple sites and found the Partypoker network to be biased toward lesser probability hands, mostly if the idiot playing them raises and reraises.

    I have heard this “reward the raiser” idea can be programed into the algorythm, but have only noticed a bias at partypoker.

    PokerStars and Pokerroom seemed much more realistic when it comes to those miracle hands hitting, but if you insist on playing with the larger crowd at partypoker, then raise, raise, raise.

    Rob also had an excellent analysis of the incentive behind it.

    Its fun to laugh at people when they suggest a site is rigged, but in the case of Partypoker it may not be completely unfounded. I would strongly suggest one of the other sites.

  146. Great spoof. It’s tiresome seeing all the moans about poker being rigged on the forums, so it’s good to see someone taking them as seriously as they deserve. Got any more ‘scam alerts’?

  147. audit all of them. not only is party not the only one i can no longer find one thats honest. Reason: bad player puts 100 in site sits at 36 call every card.
    random cards loses in 20 hands 10 minutes
    players get 80 site gets 20 rake. guy never comes back
    rigged cards site insures he wins half he shouldnt
    it takes 600 hands b4 he loses his money.
    good players get 20 site gets 80 in rake
    he returns cause its so much fun and thinks he just got unlucky lol
    if even 1 site is like this the bad players flock to it. the good ones chase the fish to the rigged site. honest sites either go under or join the club. more players plus larger pct of the deposits go to rake. tough to stay honest and go out of busines.
    we need REAL regulation. not south african division of pwc or indian gaming club you give em heap big wampam we letem u steal from white man.

  148. LOL histerical

    almost as funny as the fools that really think its NOT rigged.

    like the guy that plays pacific and called somebody a moron.

    hey i guess its just one of those things that they deal more full houses than flushes. you might want to start counting. i did. ob but wait i must be a moron. i think thats proof. silly me didnt realize that your supposed to have more full houses than flushes.

  149. That was an amazing feat dude. Your work is something to be proud of. I was not really aware of the cheating the occurs in online gambling sites. Well, now I know how to detect cheating. Thanks to your comprehensive study, no one is going to fool me now.

  150. u guys r so fukin thick its just computer imageg geez y wud party poker make him look liek ehs got a card up hes sleeve.. so ur sayin if u sit next 2 tha dealer have a chance on winning hahaha ur all stupid

  151. Hmmm…look at player#7.Tell me what’s odd about him.That’s right,you got it,he is playing with the dealer button!!!Why is his left hand UNDER it?Is he putting knuckle sweat imprints under it to pass along a secret code to player # 8for the next round?Maybe it’s a double secret code to player # 2 to fix his right cuff.What’s in there?
    Summary > The Dealer and players 1,2,7,8,9,10 are all cheating!!!
    Hmmm… the table is definitely rigged!!!

  152. LOL. Have you ever seen breaking Vegas. the RNG can be tweaked by a code. It is possible to rigg a online poker game. You just need access to the software.

  153. First of all I play on numerous online poker sites. Every poker site pans out to be genuine that I have played, except Party Poker. I am 100% sure that Party Poker is rigged. Aside from my personal expereinces with Party Poker, you can go anywhere on the internet and see thousands of people that say the same thing, but you don’t read anything about the other poker sites. Why does Party Poker continually come up? It’s the only site if you flop two pair it’s usually a good idea to fold or fold pocket aces for that matter.
    When I play online poker I usually play 4 games at once and the tables flops (at Party Poker)coincide from table to table, which sometimes I can figure out whether or not to play my hand based on what happens at the other tables Mostly I avoid Party Poker, but I am sure their is a way to use this rigged site to your advantage in knowing that it is fixed. I just can’t believe that this site gets away with this blantant and obvious card rigging. I am pissed and something needs to be done about it. Party Poker needs to be audited and taken off the internet.

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  157. that’s awesome… i should sit in that seat now and claim i’m cheating just for fun… i love these guys who comment about how pissed they are you’re ruining business because it’s completely obvious that the avatars have nothing to do with the cards coming out

    i really hope that jonnyblaze and perryf and mike were joking when they saw this because they looked pretty pissed… it’s almost like blue collar comedy tour… “here’s your sign”

  158. “Excelent con, if anyone took the time to enlarge the original picture you will see that thos cards have been added in. The first give away is the different resolutions”
    Who the hell is this idiot?
    You mean they were photoshopped?? No way!!!!!

  159. I agree with a statement made above. The dealer IS INDEED dealing off the bottom of the deck, and there is a bar in place to protect the sight of that. However the “card” placed in the players sleeve is a scam in itself. To anyone that doesn’t know what I mean, go ahead and copy the ORIGINAL image, then paste it into Paint and blow it up. You’ll see there is no card up the man’s sleeve, he’s just a greaseball, hate him for that. But don’t call him a cheater. Funny yes, but I left Party Poker because I play a site that atleast has more competitive players, instead of the jackasses that just go all-in every hand on 3 7 offsuit, and I’ll agree some of the hands I’ve seen dealt are a little fishy, and the computer has a serious hard-on for giving the flushes, even if puts all 13 cards of a suit into play, where are the realistic odds?

  160. What a gong show, lamest thing ive seen in a while, why would you even waste your time to to prove that PP cheats?

  161. Shut up dicks – you try operating a profitable betting site. blah blah blah auditted games 98.95% payout, who the fcuk can audit my server??? BOLLOX to you losers – gamble and spunk your wages you worthless dregs and stop complaining.

  162. What a great gag….. Good on you… Made my day LOL I demanded my money back right away… too bad Party won’t survive the “run on the bank” ahahahahahah

  163. hahaha nice one.

    to the people sure about the rooms riggin’ the games….

    sure the idea is to have the dealer win right… i knew it i always lose to the dealer 🙂

  164. WHAT A MORON! Online poker is rigged and you try and make light of it using stupidity? What a baffoon

  165. That’s pretty funny…but don’t doubt that you aren’t being cheated.

    Poker bots are real and I can prove it because I have one!!!

  166. hi i’m muhlamabhad. I am an Iraqi orphan child. I am in a hospital in Baghdad and i like pudding cups.
    I have a pudding cup for every family member that died.

    THANKS UNCLE SAM!!!!!!!!!

  167. I love your article and I installed your hack. Thank you very much for this. I did notice that you have if statements and only if statements. The hack whould not install properly in my header until I added a if statement. Then, all was very cool. I am installing this on every messageboard I control which is a sizable number. Again, thank you.

  168. Excelent con, if anyone took the time to enlarge the original picture you will see that thos cards have been added in. The first give away is the different resolutions. Now whos trying to defraud people. Anyone with slight knowledge of Photoshop could add extra crdas in, and do a better job at that this idiot!!!

  169. The dealer doesn’t have a chair…meaning the reason he deals off of the bottom of the deck is to only retrieve his balance every few hands. The guy with the tie matching his hair does indeed have a card in his sleeve. Only, it’s from an uno deck, therefore he is a moron!

  170. The dealer doesn’t have a chair…meaning the reason he deals off of the bottom of the deck is to only retrieve his balance every few hands. The guy with the tie matching his hair does indeed have a card in his sleeve. Only, it’s from an uno deck, therefore he is a moron!

  171. Funny.

    Thanks for doing it.

    I knew the games were rigged because nobody EVER threw their chips into the pot wild — they were always so nicely stacked.

    And NOBODY can split complicated, multiple all-in pots that fast. Not even the dealers at the MGM.

  172. Too funny!!!!!!!!!! Great work, thanks for a much needed good laugh.I knew something was fishy,and now thanks to you,I’ve got the proof to go to the gaming commission with!!!ROFL

    Keep up the good work!

  173. Thank you for making my day !
    This is getting bookmarked for every person posting a “Rigged” post on RGP….

  174. I like it, well done. Something else you missed was that the dealer bares a close ressemblance to David Blaine.He is infact his older brother Peter and he can miraculously make cards appear & disappear under peoples hands without anyone noticing just like his brother.
    Just one more thing mr Columbo, how did you manage to sneak the eye in the sky tape out of the security room.

  175. I fucking knew it. Thanks for your dedication and confirming I was right all along. I’m never playing online poker again. I’ve always suspected the dealer, but I never even thought about the guy with the ace up his sleave. It’s over for me.

  176. brilliant . was playing on pacific poker and some lad came on serious as u like and said ive got proof online poker is rigged . WHAT A MORON

  177. brilliant . was playing on pacific poker and some lad came on serious as u like and said ive got proof online poker is rigged . what an ASS CLOWN !!!!

  178. Hahahahahahaha…so cool 🙂

    Another thing is that there are six players on the waiting list but still there´s a seat reserved – for who………?

    I guess it is for the dealer´s wife.

  179. More evidence of Party being rigged….

    Just the other day I was playing and noticed that the dealer was holding a red deck and everyone at the table had blue cards. I couldn’t believe it! As soon as I went to another table, everyone had red cards again. I think I caught them “red-handed” so to speak.

  180. That had to be the funniest thing that I’ve seen in a long time. I guess thats why J. Mays always loses and complains so much about the online poker rooms. Doesn’t matter he sucks at cards in real life too.

  181. you missed another!
    zoom in on the hands of the player in seat #10
    Is that a mirrored ring?
    With that, he can see many of the cards flash by
    during the deal.

  182. lmao… I work for an online poker site not saying which one but.. one of the players posted me this link telling me they had proof sites are rigged… I thought OMG here we go an hour going though everything with them. All i can say is thanks to whoever did this.. it made my day very funny indeed.

  183. There is also some serious deicrimiation on this “Party” site.

    Have you noticed some players ALWAYS seem to leave a table with more money than they brought.

    It’s as if some players are always losing, again and again…and others usually win.

    I think the site is biased towards more experienced and skilled poker players. SCAM!

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