Vegas Prep

Ok, let’s just get the Vegas stuff out of the way now:

I’m flying in after work on Wed, the 1st. I get in around 8:30pm and I’ll be staying at Party HQ (aka The Plaza). I’m out of there Sunday night around midnight unless I win the WSOP event in which case I’ll be quitting my job and going on a bender. Anyone interested in hooking up Wed night or early Thurs, drop me an email and we’ll swap cell numbers.

I picked up a bounty for anyone who takes me out of the blogger tourney. I’ll leave it as a surprise for the lucky winner though I will give you a hint and say that this year I WILL NOT be kneeing the groin of the person who busts me. Sorry about that last year Al.

Also, I had a rare moment of inspiration recently and wanted to see if there was any interest in moving it forward a notch. Here’s the idea: Cut a 15 or 20 minute film at the WPBT gathering. I was thinking we could come up with some sort of storyline and then just film whatever in Vegas and then try to stitch it together when we get back. For instance, here were some of the storyline ideas I was thinking about:

The Legend of Al Can’t Hang � Mocumentary style film with Al sort of playing the role of a Bigfoot type character that people report seeing but there’s never been any hard proof.

The Hammer, The Most Powerful Hand in Poker � This might require some additional work but the hope would be to interview bloggers and pros and have them tell wild tales of playing the hammer.

Maybe the more creative readers can suggest some better storylines?

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