The Next WPBT Event

During the Aladdin Classic several people were talking about doing the next event someplace other than Las Vegas. The conversations tended to assume Atlantic City but I was thinking about that and wondering if LV and AC were the only two choices. What about Tunica? What about Foxwoods? Anyway, how about a little poll to see what others are thinking.

Where would you like to see the next WPBT event held?

Las Vegas

Pros: Uh, it’s Vegas, man! Ladies with missing teeth picking up on Joe Speaker.

Cons: We’ve done two events there already.

Atlantic City

Pros: You could run into Johnny Chan and bluff him out of one hand and think you’re the best poker player in the world. Oh, and it’s on the East coast which would make it somewhat convenient for the right coast folks.

Los Angeles

Pros: Tons of card rooms. The Bike, Commerce, Hollywood Park, Hawaiian Gardens, Hustler, etc.

Cons: There’s not much non-poker stuff to do near any of the card rooms unless you want to jump in the car and drive an hour.


Pros: ?

Cons: ?


Pros: ?

Cons: ?

New Orleans

Pros: Bourbon Street is within walking distance of Harrah’s.

Cons: ?

A cruise ship

Pros: A vacation within a poker vacation.

Cons: Drunken betting on shuffleboard at 3am is –EV.

Paradise Island, The Bahamas

Pros: Airfare is about the same from LA to NJ as it is from LA to Nassau. Plenty of non-poker stuff to do.

Cons: No Plaza-esque $59 a night rooms.

Other places ??

Throw in your own pros/cons and your vote for the next WPBT event.

Disclaimer: Voting results are non-binding. The purpose of this post is entertainment value only. This is an exhibition, not a competition, so no wagering.

[Update] Human Head suggests a Greyhound bus station . . . hmmmm 🙂

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