WPBT – Oct / Vegas?

Well, that looks like what the voters want. I had a conversation with the Prof about possible locations but he’s a little tied up covering some other rinky-dink tournament going on in Vegas right now. I’ve also had some conversations with unnamed sources about some cool stuff we might be able to pull off for this one. But for right now, the thinking is the weekend of the 8th and 9th of October. That seemed to be a weekend that had minimal conflict with the bloggers. Now we just have to see if we can get everything else arranged around it.

[UPDATE] I may have jumped the gun. I got a couple-o-emails asking if we could open up the voting again but with a request that people actually put in for when they want to do this. The last voting sort of went “Hey October is good for me” with many of the responses being along the lines of “I can do October” or “Anytime.” So the question is: What month would you prefer? The choices are:


Please try to pick a month. “Whenever” and “Anytime” sort of end up being null votes. So do votes like “November but I could do October or December too.”

Good luck and may the best month win!