Content Thief Mad His Content Is Stolen

This thread at is so rich. A guy goes on there complaining that some Google-Rank whore has stolen content from his website. Then someone reminds him that he had ripped off content from someone else on the message board just a few months ago and got caught. Here’s his well reasoned response:

I just don’t get why people have to bring up the past wtf. I apologized to teamfu and took my content down right away. We all make mistakes but he blatantly brought back that past in an smartass manner, so I replied in an smartass manner. I believe that I should treat others the way they treat me.

And screw that content copier, I just changed mine up a little bit anyways. I’m getting 100 hits a day and I’ve been live for only 3 weeks so who cares anyways… oh by the way I’ll be seeing over 100,000 hits this month from my secret project.

Damn past!

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