The Hammer Photo Challenge Winner Is . . .

First off, thanks to everyone who submitted a photo. We had a total of 34 photos submitted, many by myself. However, since employees of Bill’s Poker Blog are ineligible to win, I was unable to select myself as the winner. Eliminating myself made it a tough choice to select the one photo that was head and shoulders above the rest. Some of you submitted online poker screenshots, some went the extra mile and actually used a camera. Perhaps the best way to pick a winner is to just throw a dart but it bounced off my monitor leaving me with the burden of having to select one myself.

I narrowed the choice down to two strong contenders. Joe Speaker’s AJ throwing the Hammer and Double A’s Hammer boobs (I can already sense the freaks who are going to find my site after typing “hammer boobs” into Google).

After pacing back and forth saying “cute kid or boobs, cute kid or boobs, cute kid or boobs” I finally arrived at a winner . . . cute kid!

AJ Throws the Hammer

Something about the demonic look in AJ’s eyes sold me. That’s how you throw down the hammer!! You can’t meekly toss your seven duece out there, you gotta pound the table with it and send fear into your opponents.

I sent Joe Speaker an email informing him of his win and his book selection is “The Psychology of Poker.”