How To Downgrade Party Poker’s New Features

With the new upgrade of Party came side bets (betting on the color of the flop = -EV) and blackjack (= -EV). If you want to get rid of those “features” here’s how:

Fire up Explorer and go to C:\Program Files\PartyPoker\Images

Either rename or replace table_bj_button.jpg (the blackjack button)

Either rename or replace SideBetBG.jpg (the sidebet button)

Next time you fire up Party, those buttons will no longer appear (or the graphic you selected will appear).

[UPDATE] Why is the side bet -EV? (26/52)*(25/51)*(24/50) = 11.76% Payout is 12.5% (1 for 8 = 7:1 = 12.5%). That gives the house a 0.74% advantage. Or if you like round numbers, you’re getting 7:1 on a roughly 8:1 shot.

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Bill Rini
Bill Rini is currently the Head of Online Poker for WSOP. He has been working in the online poker industry since 2004 and has held management roles at Full Tilt Poker and PartyPoker.

15 thoughts on “How To Downgrade Party Poker’s New Features”

  1. Thanks for this :D
    I freaking started playing blackjack due to this stupid stupid feature!
    Lost about $500!
    So stupid of me but I also think it is disgusting from Party’s side to offer this on a poker website, this is not good for online poker in some countries (due to the gaming laws).

  2. Div, exactly. Their sidebet should BE a sidebet. I’d like to wager against another player that I had better cards than him, or similar.

  3. for most of the party players, that small -EV is better than the edge they give up playing poker. they’d be well advised to just do the side bets and hope for the best. especially since it isnt raked. lol. also can’t wait to hear people cry that the color of the flop is rigged too.

  4. StudioGlyphic the problem is they are gambling directly with Party, not with you.

    If they lose all their cash on stupid sidebets, they can’t lose it to you at the table.

  5. Re: Drizz

    This kind of change should be welcome, in my opinion. I think it’s always better to play with gamblers, and the more gamble available to them, the better.

  6. Hopefully Grubby never notices the new buttons.

    This is giving me yet another reason not to play at Party though. I don’t need prop bets in my face while playing poker.

    If I’m in a gambling mood I’ll throw some money into casino, but poker sites are for poker only.

  7. I’m not sure what you are all talking about. I spoke to David Sklansky today and he really broke down the numbers. He says you all are stoopid when it comes to numbers and you have them all wrong and that if you were as smart as him you would get as many ladies as he does.

  8. When can you make the color sidebet? Pre-deal or pre-flop?

    If it’s just pre-flop and you can make the bet after you see your hole cards then it can be profitable.

    If you get dealt two black cards, the probability of an all red flop is (26/50)*(25/49)*(24/48) = 0.13265 or better than the 7:1 payout.

  9. I am a little confused on side betting. Is this for poker…. Also why would you want to do this, (something else to bet on while playing?)

  10. “Why is the side bet -EV? (26/52)*(25/51)*(24/50) = 11.76% Payout is 12.5% (1 for 8 = 7:1 = 12.5%). That gives the house a 0.74% advantage. Or if you like round numbers, you’re getting 7:1 on a roughly 8:1 shot.”

    I doubt Party would bother with a 0.74% advantage. The actual house advantage is a more juicy 5.882%. I will let others elaborate.

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