WPBT Reminder And Updates

Now that the WPBT update page has slipped off the main screen I wanted to remind people that they should keep checking that page for updates about the event. There’s a link to the page in the upper right hand navigation in case you forget.

So where are we at?

We’ve got a few pros coming and several other pros on the pending list.

Phil Gordon and Rafe Furst have made a special offer for people willing to become Expert Insight affiliates.

We’ve got over 80 people registered to play in the tournament.

We’re looking to Storm the Castle on the evening of the 10th after the tournament.

We’re attempting to Storm the ?? on the 9th with a some mixed games action (Razz, Omaha, etc).

A few pros have said they would love to hang with us at an after-party following the tournement.

Last, but certainly not least, I have a major announcement coming in a few days that will certainly spice things up a bit.

That’s it for now. I plan on making the “major announcement” on Nov 1st but I may let it slip before that if everything falls into place.

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