Gambling Still #1

PHUKET, THAILAND: According to figures released by the Phuket Provincial Police, gambling once again topped the list of criminal offenses in November, with 217 people arrested. Forty-two cases involved the sale of underground lottery tickets.

Eighty four people were arrested for the illegal possession or use of controlled substances, with precisely 2,189½ ya bah (methamphetamine) tablets seized. Fifteen people were arrested for other types of substance abuse, such as sniffing glue.

One murder was recorded and the police reported the case as “solved”. There were six cases of attempted murder and 23 cases of committing bodily harm reported.

There were 68 reports of the theft, with 31 people charged with “snatch and run” crimes.

Five cases of rape were reported, with three cases solved.

Fifteen people were charged with illegal possession of a gun.

Sixty-eight foreigners were charged with working illegally and 22 were arrested for offenses related to prostitution.

Seven motorcycles were stolen, with three people subsequently charged. Four cars were reported stolen, with only one case solved.

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