World Poker Blogger Tour Winter Classic 2 – Part 5

Sunday morning I awoke torn as to whether or not I should get an early start on the drive home or try and avoid traffic by leaving late. I decided to leave late.

I meet up with Mike and we grab the IP buffet. It’s too late for breakfast so we’re greeted with the choice of various mystery meats floating in various mystery liquids. Yum!

Mike and I head over to the Mandalay Bay sports book where we run into the crowd of degenerate sports gamblers poker bloggers. I watch Al fall down a set of stairs and not spill a drop of either drink he was carrying. Impressive!

At some point I make my way to the restroom and on the way back I pass Mean Gene who’s headed towards the restroom I just left. Back in the sports book he comes over to me and asks if I saw the dead guy in the bathroom. Dead guy? No, I didn’t see any dead guy. And I usually notice a dead guy in the bathroom. I’m kind of known for that.

Anyway, Gene says that there’s some guy in the stall with just his hands hanging down and he’s not responding to the cleaning guy trying to get in there to tidy up. Iggy, Pauly and I grab a camera and race over. Security is already going into the bathroom and Iggy asks if there’s a dead guy in there. The security guy responds, “That’s what we’re about to find out.” Whoa!

Pauly got bored of waiting and went back to the sports book. Several more security guys go into the bathroom and Iggy and I sit perched on the rail outside the restroom waiting. Several minutes later the security guys are escorting an overtly intoxicated guy out of the bathroom and we miss our chance to see a dead guy in the bathroom.

Back to the sports book.

I decide to catch dinner at 3950 with BG and a few others (THG, the Prof, April and Mr. and Mrs. Head). The meal was absolutely fantastic and the company was even better. Plus they had a television in the restroom. Nothing says classy joint like a television in the bathroom.

After dinner we split up as some of us head over to the MGM. It’s officially getting late and I still have to drive back to LA and go to work in the morning but CJ and Joe Speaker are at the final table of a tournament and there’s absolutely no way I’m leaving until the last of my brethren has busted. Joe went first and soon the table was three handed. A chop was offered and the Asian lady declines. Next thing you know we have a three way all-in pot. CJ is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind. AK vs. JJ vs. KQ (CJ). Flop brings a queen and the turn brings her sister. CJ has everyone covered and is the winner!

I say my goodbyes, jump in a cab and check out of my room at the IP. I got a nice little bonus when I used by comp card from playing black jack so the room ended up being free.

As I drove away from the IP into the desert night I couldn’t help but think that I should be staying at least another day or two or three.

Bill Rini
Bill Rini is currently the Head of Online Poker for WSOP. He has been working in the online poker industry since 2004 and has held management roles at Full Tilt Poker and PartyPoker.