New Full Tilt Poker Mac Release

The latest Full Tilt Poker Mac release went up last night.

Bill Rini
Bill Rini is currently the Head of Online Poker for WSOP. He has been working in the online poker industry since 2004 and has held management roles at Full Tilt Poker and PartyPoker.

47 thoughts on “New Full Tilt Poker Mac Release”

  1. People, just a lot of bad beat stories and rants, mistakes and variance, can we see some real proof? Just because you have a hand history where your 95% favorite got beat is not proof. I want real proof showing the programming and how it’s designed to rob you, I want testimony from programmers or full tilt employees spilling the beans, I want uncontestable proof that can stand up in court. Other than that, the rest is usless rantings of small minds. Some of the posts have total easily proved falsehoods so the rest of their alleged facts are totally not worth the screen space they take up.

  2. Hey guys, Completely 100% rigged , ive been playing here over a year at least 5 hours every day. They love when you deposit, it gives out better hands for sure , when i keep a steady bank roll eventually i just hit bad beat after bad beat , guys theres nothing random about this, one day right after a deposit i got poc kk aa aa aa all in a ROW BACK 2 BACK yeh thats right UNREAL I GOT kings then aces three times in a row , then the next day lost it all playing great, to suck out after suck out, get this i was so pissed i took my last 20 dollars to the holdem table ready to lose it ,lol i get poc Aces some guy reraises, At that moment i thought , wow life is good im going to double up and pretend like these horrible beats never happened all day . all in flop comes 22k , i shiit you not , after this had happened all day long , STATS AND ODDS ARE PHUKD ON HERE , being a 90% favorite to win on the flop holds no value here , They will hit runner runner!!!

  3. a) 4 players are all in on a 9er table… everyone shows high pair… 10/10 won against AA, KK, JJ..
    i’ve seen this several times..
    how often does that happen with random shuffle????

    b) happened to me 2 times… all in with AA —- and a guy with 8/2 offsuit and out of positition calls in the dark an flops 2 pair

    the legendary bad beats on the river… flush, straight.. and so on….

    full tilt ( i call it full rigged) is far away from fair play…
    i avoid this site as i have much better experiences on others

  4. Ive been playing poker for about 4 years and consistently have beaten other sites most recently turning 60$ into nearly $4000 (playing part time over 6 months) which i cashed out, this was playing 10c/20c on another site so i know how to play. I feel so sure that there is something not right with FTP , when i made my first deposit there i was truly shocked at the beats i was recieving in fact the worst beats ive had have all been at FTP. I have stupidly redeposited there several times simply because i like the software, talk about a sucker eh? Ill never forget the beat i took deep in a big money tourny near the bubble id been playing tight so youd expect id get some respect for my raises. KK flop Kxx get called by another big stack all in who has 44 turn 4 river 4 BANG im out lol. sick thing is no matter how it was played i was destined to go broke there. Rigged?? Makes me laugh how people are so adament it cant be rigged i mean wake up. The amount of beats ive had specifically at FTP is unreal. I wont be playing there again after recently depositing 30$ and losing it to more beats i dont recommend it. I wouldnt be suprised if ten years from now a movie is made glamourising how a handful of whizkids made millions setting up a rigged site. They even blatently lie about the signing of Durrr recently everyone knows it was not FTP where he built his roll yet in there video they claim it is. The Chris Fergusson challenge claims dont add up either as he talked about playing 1c/2c in his podcast yet there were no stakes that low on FTP when the challenge was done so he either did it on another site or its made up. either way you look at it its a lie. Can these people be trusted i not sure i do anymore. There is something fishy about that site and its not just the players.

  5. Guys please hear me on this> if anybody plays 10,000+ hands on FT and thinks that there is nothing fishy about that site then they either… A. don’t know poker odds…. B. they work for full tilt and are defending them on various blogs and posts…or C. they regularly make deposits there as the sites rewards people who make consistent deposits. I used to make regular weekly deposits there and i was doin AWESOME! In fact it was too good to be true i was rarely the underdog in all ins but i just constantly hit trips, flushes, pairs, and straights! When i stopped depositing all HELL broke loose!! I have retested this deposit theory many times and if you make frequent deposits your cards will be given supernatural powers but im not playing on this site just out of principle!! What FT is doing to the poker game is just disgusting!! I wish i could get all those software and IT nerds who are rigging this site in a room alone and beat the shit out of those cowards!! I mean if your gonna steal from me do it to my face, not hiding behind your fuckin computer!…Fuck FT that site is rigged to hell!!!!

  6. i played online for 15 years ive seen it all………at first party poker .,then empire poker,then pokerstars now fulltilt…….they have bots..they can see whole cards ..its a program that can be manipulated…they collude at the end of tournies getting 3-4 callers on your all in….can you prove taht phil ivey is really playing on the other side of your computer screen b/s you cant…..they pinch your rakeback if u dont sign up for it as a new user and you can never get it again….all b/s…so u wana screw these turkeys up get 8 friends from a different country each sit at a multi table collude on messenger and rape the cunts fuck em…fuckin low life scumbags

  7. The Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker Scandal “SHOULD” be an eye opener to all the, poker pro wanna-be’s. IT IS CONFIRMED, online poker is RIGGED-AS-HELL! 60 Minutes TV show aired a segment on it… insiders at the online poker sites use what is called a Superuser Account, allowing the insiders to see everyones hole-cards, hence ripping you the “F” off. I STILL see some people trying to defend that online poker isnt rigged, they are either… 1) Shills or 2) have 85 IQ’s and are completely stupid. (Fact) Online poker is more rigged than the recent Iraq Elections!!!

    That being said, I love the game of poker… stud, omaha and holdem. I live in a gambling established community and have been playing poker since the early 90’s. Go play poker in your local cardrooms or casinos that actually support a legit game!

  8. I have been playing real poker in the Casino and tournaments several times a week, and after playing Full Tilt for a few months I absolutely believe that Full Tilt poker hands are fixed, but maybe not in the same way most are thinking. I don’t know if there are robot players that “work” for FTP to take your money, but I am absolutely certain that there is logic that is designed to help end tournaments faster. This is a much better (and less obviously illegal) way of increasing profits. Big hands vs bigger hands happen WAY more often than they ever do in real life, and it is almost always the person sitting right next to you. The quicker tournaments end, the quicker people sign up to play again. All in!

  9. This is all I have to say:

    I call with three players in. I have 89.

    8-9-2 hit the flop. only 2 players in front of me. Two Spades on the board. It gets checked over. I push all in for 4500 in a pot of 400 because I want to push out any possible flush draws. I get a call, the guy holds A4 off with no spades. Hits 3, then 5 for a straight.

    After many like this, that is the last hand I will ever play on fulltilt.

  10. FT is rigged QED…

    Sign Up for a new account watch the pocket pairs fly in for the first 500 hands.
    27 pairs of q’s in 213 hands and I do have proof of this poker tracker doesnt lie.
    Its funny when you compair the data of say 100000 hands between Full tilt and a genuine poker site. Over 100000 hands the differences are very subtle however an implicit anaysis over intervals reveals a far greater degree of ambiguous probabillities. No doubt full tilt have devised much more sophisticated methods over the years….

    My advice….. pokerstars

  11. RNG is not truly random. Not only FT but a savvy player group can exploit the system. they can, perhaps, crack the ceding routine from time to time.
    Check out the recently published book: “Truly Random Automated Poker Playing” As soon as they adapt this system, FAIR PLAY is guaranteed.

  12. i just googled “full tilt poker is rigged” and got 1100 hits. i did the same w/ “bodog poker is rigged” and got 370 hits. But, unlike the sites i found about full tilt, the bodog sites werent even real sites. they were bogus keywords to take people to other random sites. A couple friends of mine play bodog and say they constantly make money. I asked them when i couldnt win on fulltilt. I can beat them in live games, but theyre still making money when im not. like a dumbazz, i kept playing full tilt cuz i like how the site is set up and because it took me FOREVER to collect that sign-up bonus. Now tho, im done. im gonna try bodog next. i’ll let you know how that goes.

  13. I am so glad 2 see i am not alone. I get up a bunch, and then lose it all in the craziest of ways. In 1 session, my q-q or k-k was beat by a-a 6 times. Ive seen guys sit down, never talk if you talk 2 them, call a raise AND reraise w/ j-3, and then flop a boat. i cant count how many times ive had best hand, only to have opponent catch THE ONLY ONE CARD on river that he can win with. part of me wanted 2 believe it was just me, and if i switched my game up i could still win. nope. part of me tho, loves how smooth and easy 2 navigate the site is. I wish the site had random cards, and would love 2 see another site like it but w/ the honest cards.

  14. no doubt in my mind that FTP is rigged. Amazing river suck outs time after time. I am officially boycotting any online poker at full tilt

  15. Full Tilt poker is definitely rigged. I have proof. I used to play there all the time, and i started keeping track of how often i won compared to the percentages on a variety of situations. These of course were all in preflop situations, to rule out the variable of post flop betting. I found that i ran 15-25 percent worse than i should in every single catagory(for example in 50/50 coinflips i ran at 32 percent). This is over the course of hundreds of these situations, so you would think the numbers would even out in the end, but they dont. FULL TILT POKER IS RIGGED AGAINST THE PEOPLE WHO REGULARLY PLAY THERE, FOR THE PURPOSE OF LETTING THE NEWBIE DONKEYS WIN, AND THEREFORE CONTINUE PLAYING AT THEIR SITE. It is more subtle if you dont play there everyday, but there is no longer any doubt in my mind that their software is knowingly rigged.

  16. Adam, I agree, they are shameless and if you do the research, just read forums and search google, you will see players all over the internet claiming the same things. It isn’t a coincidence.

    Bad beats occur but it is only at FTP where you can run into multiple 2 outers in succession in such small hand samples. 2 outers occur, and maybe every 20,000 hands or so you will run into a few in a row. The point is, if you get your money in as a 1/12 favourite on the flop vs someone with two outs, over a large sample you could easily win 30 in a row and it wouldn’t be outside of variance.

    ASK yourself this, have you ever had big favourite hands hold up for more than ten times in a row? It should happen, such big favourites should go on very long winning runs in the longterm just because the odds are so good for your hand. Studying my PT hands where I lost to a two outer, my best winning run all in on the flop vs. a two outer is 7- this in itself is all the evidence you need to know things are not right at this site.

    Play at FTP and multiple 2 outer bad beats and running cards for crazy straights just always seem around the corner- and when they come, they come in bunches, which I believe is a function to make you tilt. Tilting players= more Rake= more $$$ for the people who run the site.

    FTP will be exposed- it is only a matter of time…

  17. It’s not just rigged, it’s almost comically rigged. It’s actually funny. They’re shameless.
    I’ve played poker my whole life. I’m no pro, but am a skilled player, have placed in tournaments, etc. FTP is so rigged, it’s embarrassing. I played for real money a while back (before the online poker ruling) and found it to be obviously rigged. So, I just played with play money for a couple of years. Just recently, I deposited a little back in and played again. The card action is just night and day. YES, I understand the caliber of player is better on the cash side, but it’s just a complete joke. Absolutely NO MATTER WHAT your opponent needs to draw out on you, they will. There is NO limit to this, and it will happen EVERY SINGLE time. The only time it doesn’t happen is towards the beginning… just after you make your deposit. After that, it’s all over. I got to the point where I would just laugh. AK against KJ…. all in on the turn with top pair (KK) …. of course, river is a J. Not just sometimes… ALWAYS. Do yourself a favor and just buy lotto tickets. People DO actually win lotto from time to time. Or, just take your money into the front yard, pour lighter fluid on it and set it on fire. It’s the same thing.

    Again, I’m not bitter. I actually just did the recent test-run to see if it was still as bad.

    It’s worse. Maybe they’re hurting for cash since the ruling… but it’s brutally obvious how bad it’s rigged.

  18. I would have to agree that full-tilt poker is rigged.
    I have been winning consistently now for over 4 years on stars, pokerroom and party. I only play low limit games and usually make about $1000 every 6-8 months. Enough to pay for a holiday in the summer when I usually cash out and start all over again from $50.

    Anyway, I deposited $100 at full tilt for the bonus and I had heard good things about it. I lost it within 3 days. I could not believe what I was witnessing with suck-out after suck-out after suck-out. I can’t be bothered to go into the exact hands. But they go along the lines of what everyone here is saying.

    Anyhow, I deposited another $100 thinking that maybe it was just terrible luck. But no, exactly the same thing happened.
    Now I know about variance and bank roll management. But I also know about mathematics. And what I witnessed there was just not mathematically viable.

    I have no proof and I don’t care what others say. I know it is rigged and I wil never play there again.

    Just my tuppence

  19. I truly believe that Full Tilt is rigged. I have made continual deposits of $50 and watched it sail away to bad beat after bad beat. Just a few examples. I have AK the flop comes out A, 3, 7 rainbow. The guy bets 9, I raise to all in. He calls me immediately without hesitation. His hand pocket 10s. OK of course a 10 hits. Boom, I need to make another deposit. OK then I get pocket Aces. I am all in with 1 guy, there is about $103 in the pot. His hand A,2. OK the flop 2,2,5 WOW, is that even possible. OK here is the next one. I have pocket 4’s. The flop 4,4,5 Amazing I flopped Quads. I go all in and the guy calls with A,5. OK the next 2 cards 5,5. What???? Can that really happen? What amazes me more is that prior to all these bad beats I had cashed out a grand. Ever since then, I can’t win. I remember playing in a 9 man $109 sit-n-go. There was a pro in the room because his name was in red and he had his own icon. Anyway he had 5 consecutive all-in’s when he was the underdog and won all of them. I was laughing as I knew never to challenge him because it would not let you win. He had pocket jacks against pocket kings. A Jack on the river. hmm. He was all in with Q,j against pocket aces. the flop 8,9,10. Amazing. Next he had pocket 8’s. All in against A,k the flop a, 9, 10, 4 ,8, OK wow an 8 on the river. This guy is awesome. . The next was his A,q vs A,K. The flop 7, 9, 3, 2, Q. Of course, I saw it coming before it came out. Finally he was all in K,10 vs pocket 5’s. The flop 5, 9,Q,4, BOOM J!!! NOOOOOOOO it couldn’t be!!! At least they gave the other guy three 5’s. The sad thing is that Full Tilt is a great smooth site. The games are fast and it moves quickly. I just wish it was legit.

  20. Hey, I have played poker online for a couple years. I will say that on other sites I win on a regular basis. However, on full tilt my best hands fall apart. When i am 80 or 90 percent to win hands i lose on a regular basis. I would say maybe I am just on a real unlucky streak…however, these sorta streaks have NEVER happened to me on other sites over YEARS of playing..soooo you decide. This is all true :) So I really do not know what is up with full tilt.

  21. Face it people!!!

    It’s………….not rigged!

    Crazy hands happen live all the time as well! You are seeing 4x the hands online then live. Which is why you are seeing more and more bad beats.

    I vowed that online was rigged before.

    I’ve played over 1000 games on FT and 800 on PS! Started with $150. Play 2 dollar sng. Never more than $230. Never under $80. What a waste of time!

    9/11 was an inside job however!

  22. Full Tilt is rigged! i have been playing poker for 5 years now and am very serious about the game. I have read harrington on holdem vol. 1,2,&3 on tournament play i have also read his 2 volumes on cash which are all sources of excellent material to polish up your game. I used to consistently win on FTP it was beatiful to win $410 here and $410 there and build a bankroll up and then be able to pay your rent and take your significant other out or treat her. I play live now because i always make the final table or cash and i dont have to worry about my opponents consitently catching runner-runner on me. I have proof that FTP is rigged i would be more than happy to share hand history. I also have a friend that has stayed with me over the past 6 months and has observed me constintely winning or making final table that it finally interested him and he became my protege making his first thousand dollars in a 2 week period playing sit and gos he has finally taped out his run on FTP and gave back all his bankroll and $1500 of his hard earned money only to see suck out after suck out. Sucks because now he has lost interest in a beatiful game. I know my odds, pot odds, and implied odds well. If i dont win a tourney I dont eat and i dont get to pay my bills. Full tilt is set up to keep u depositing and after you make $5000+ sit back and prepare to hand that over to some of the worst players and worst moves i have ever seen. Playing on full tilt will get you on tilt and make you question yourself not only as a player but as a individual. Yes some players are horrible and do go on rants and rail FTP and a majority of those players have no clue to what there doing but real players (rounders) that play on full tilt that i play with in B&M’s make money on the site but not what they should be making for the amount of hands they play and the time they put in, It is only due to the runner-runner suck-outs that keep us players that do it for a living in the B&M’s p.s. I made my final deposits last week, i put $600 on the site split up over 3 accounts (LOL i know having multiaccounts are not allowed but catch me if you can, i dont cheat i play straight up. it was for educational purposes) guess what happened? I took 1st in a few tournaments playing the same way i have played on my other account then Whamo! suck-out city and suck-out city never sleeps on FTP, that is why i will share my hand histories. Whenever you get all your money in with the best of it and are already celebrating your amazing play of inducing your opponent into dumping his stack to you, you see the only out that your opponent needed magically appears on the river. You stare at your stack that has now been shuffled over to your opponent with one out to save him and he was holding pocket 6’s out of position and called your all in after you have him dominated of course to only see that you have him dominated and then the unspeakable happens 2 more cards come the turn and then the river and they spit out so fast that before your can even celebrate that you made a beatiful play. The turn and river has brought your opponent the 6 high flush they werent even counting and to top it all off they think that there good players when they take down a pot and say “that’s poker”. Well iam here to say that “No, its not poker to be dominated and then catch runner-runner and suck-out” Good Luck to you at the table I look forward to you ranting and railing me. Thanks for your time.

  23. Hi loser, i dont really think that full tilt would have any kind of profit of being rigged. My Stats are good. I won with pocket AA 81% of the time of 48 times i got aces in last month. AKs won 59% of the time i got 32 times AKs last month. AKos 95 times 67%. KK won 80.77% of the time last month got them 52 times. QQ 48 times 77% …. I doesnt look like rigged to me … Draw odds are also correct. So there is no reason to think that the site is rigged. You should try to correct ur game before putting that kind of comments on any internet site.

  24. LMAO – I told you (three times I think) I did ask the company. They said they were looking into it. When they get around to it and pass the audit – I’ll be back.

    p.s. since this is the wrong site to discuss these issues I won’t anymore – cya and best of luck on whatever it is you are trying to do here

  25. Well, I can’t answer for FTP since I don’t currently work there. Why would you ask me when your question is best addressed by the company?

    So keep raising the same question in the wrong forum and then getting angry when you don’t get the response you need.

    I’ve told you what I know. I play on FTP and don’t have any reason to believe there’s anything dodgy going on there.

    Listen, if you think you have proof it’s rigged then send me over 20,000 hands or so and we can take a look. Better yet, for a completely independent view go to 2+2 or P5’s and ask them to review your hand histories.

    The problem I have with people like you is that you can make any claim you like here. You can tell me how many hands you won or lost and come to any conclusion you like. But when I or anyone asks you for hand histories or something that can be verified . . . nothing.

    You want to argue logic? Give me something more than random stats that you could have just pulled out of your ass. Give me something to work with.


  26. Dude – I was joking about working at FT – or did you miss the :) for christ sakes!

    So you worked for all of them – great – you sound real independent. Ought to trust you. You still never addressed my issue (where is the audit!!!) and I suspect that since this is the third time I raised it you never will. You’re a waste of time (probably six or something anyway) and I am done
    with you – Christ!! Learn to argue in logic. The question is/was and always will be where is the audit. Don;t waste my time with anymore diatribe

  27. BTW, I checked the server logs and your IP address is assigned to:

    That means that even though FTP is based out of Ireland that you’re posting somewhere out of So Cal. I call bullshit.

  28. Well maybe I should pass along your comments to Ray and Howard. I’m sure they would love to know who you are.

    I worked at FTP as well and I can tell you that I don’t in any way, shape, or form believe that they are not 100% honest. I know Dave S and Dean who wrote 99.999% of the client and server code. I wouldn’t trust either check raising the river with a busted draw but I do trust them as far as software developers and I don’t think either one of them would ever write a dodgy piece of code.

    So why don’t you name names if you think you have the cahones?

  29. Okay – Bill – erase,erase cause I really don’t want to offend you (so sorry for the shill comment). I do want to express a point of view which I think you are missing.

    It would not matter if I had 10 hands, 1,000 hands or a 1,000,000 hands cause you don’t know me, maybe the sample size is too small, maybe I am a crackpot, etc. etc. That ain’t the point.

    The point is that Full Tilt has not done an independent audit despite the fact that forums are filled with allegations, that integrity is the potential achilles hell of their site and – ABOVE ALL – it only takes a day to order an audit. It ain’t like building a rocket ship. You call Price Water House or someone else and say we would like an audit and wal-lah – you get one.

    An organization called the APCW has audited Full Tilt and said they had damning results – sure you’ve seen it – but here is the web site:

    Mike Smith writes in his blog at:—Full-Tilt-Security-Cracking-Down-Now&id=836910 – the following:

    “An external audit is now being considered as a Full Tilt company representative stated – “As for a third-party independent audit of our shuffling and dealing processes, we are currently considering our options in that area and hope to have a related announcement soon.” I really hope they follow through with this because an external audit will go a long way in drowning out the bad beat drama found in so many poker forums about full tilt hands that went terribly wrong…..”

    So for the sake of arguement (only) let’s say I stipulate that my numbers are merely the result of a bad streak, that I can’t count or are just the results of a bad player, that the ACPW folks are whacked and that Mr. Smith is a disgruntled player. The point is this – why in the world would Full Tilt not have there data independently audited by now and why would anyone beleive that there data is good when they have yet to be audited? That really is the gist of it.

    So – as much as I love the Full Tilt site (hands down the best software in the biz from my perspective) I will not invest another nickle until they get an audit done. If they do and come out clean – I will be back trying to improve my game – that’s about it.

  30. Sure – I work for Full Tilt :)

    Again – the question – why no audit?? Would you buy stock in a company who did not audit their statements? (I am assuming no). But you are going to beleive these guys cause they say so – okay

  31. Of the 1000 showdowns I referenced I was a favorite (per an automated poker odds calculator in all in showdowns 730 of the 1000 hands. I won 350 = 48%.

    You are just wrong (or perhaps just unaware) on the net profit motive – read one of the thousand posts on this subject and educate yourself.

    You’re a shill

  32. Your stats show nothing. 48% to win when what? You were 51/49 or 99/01?

    And you seem not to have read my other posts on the incentive for cheating because the stuff you talk about would actually net them less profit.

  33. Okay dokay – done with Full Tilt for me. In t he past when I emailed then regarding the randomness of their card server I got the typical we use RNG, etc. etc. – Okay I said – must be me. However, odd crap just kept happening (inexplicable calls of all ins with unbelievable suck outs). So – I kept my own stats. After 1000 all in showdowns (not hands – just pure showdowns)

    * When I am the favorite I only win 48%
    * When I am the dog I lose 73%

    Pocket Aces were the worse of all things – they held up 47% (geesh). So – after playing in a SNG where I had aces cracked twice AND – for the entire table the favorite in all in showdowns lost 13 out of 17 times – the last being my KQ of hearts virus 87 off suit (great call of my all once gain emailed Full Tilt. I wanted to know who audited their site to ensure that results were truly random. Their response:

    “We are evaluating several well-known auditing firms and hope to have our shuffling and dealing
    processes officially audited in the near future.”

    Basically – THEY DON”T HAVE AN INDEPENDENT AUDIT TO CONFIRM THAT THEIR DEALING IS RANDOM! I can see why they wouldn’t – it is only the most important issue facing online players. How could they not??? So basically, everything you hear from this is testimonial in nature and not supported by any review.

    So – I am done listening to the folks who tell me there is no incentive (there is – rake), that there is no cheating (wait for the next Absolute scam to surface) and that it is just me. I am a college grad (math major) and have been playing B&M mortar poker for 20 years. This site is simply not random. I am done with it.

  34. Full Tilt Poker is definitely rigged. I started playing on this site about two years ago for play money, I wanted to get good enough to play for realy money without losing too much and hopefully make some. I started out with 1000 play money chips, playin 5/10 limit hold em, and was up to about 12,000, and had seen definite improvement in my game. I finally decided to make the leap and in two days lost $150.00 at .25/.50 limit holdem. At first I just thought I was just on a real bad streak. I started out playing a bit aggressively as I had been doing in play money, I realized that was a big mistake. I think what it is is that the play money games, are pretty real, but the real money games are rigged. At first I was thinking well maybe it’s probably just better players at the real money tables, but after playing for several hours just trying to recoup even a little bit of what I had lost, and eventually losing all of it, I don’t think that’s the case. I was encountering players or groups of players left and right who would be winning with two pairs, straights, flushes, full hoses, and every thing there is when it was hard for me to even get a pair, even with only a couple other players at the table, they would just keep on beating the pants off of me hand after hand. I t was very hard sometimes to win even one hand even with only one or two other players at the table. I think agreee with PissedOffRounder that they are automatic players or robots. You sit down at a table, and they come to take your money. I have learned my lesson. I will never play at that scam website for real money again.

  35. Oh and one last thing to make sure you know Full Tilt is rigged go sit down at a .25/.50 cent table one that only has one or two players at it and sit down with however much money you want now watch how that table will fill up all with people that have exactly $50 it’s funny there computers set up to come to the table!

  36. I know that Full Tilt Poker is rigged Hell Chris Ferguson is smart and hired computer programmers to build the site a certain way. He’s no idiot and rest assured he is making millions off of idiots that play on it. Look at Party Poker the owners of that cashed out of the business with over a billion dollars how do you think they made a million dollars off the rake? Doubt it! Your not playing other opponents like you for there money your playing robots set up to catch hands and put you in situations were everything you see on TV says your the favorite and call then you get sucked out. I’ve also done a study and I also go to Las Vegas almost monthly and every time I go to Vegas and play poker in live games I do very well never lose and everytime I log on to a poker room online I lose. It’s rigged Period!!!! if you want to talk about your experience!! will be my site and I’m going to make sure its not rigged!

  37. I disagree here guys, play some poker and suck it up. Ive had my share of aces cracked but it happens, its called temporary volatility but in the long run math is always right.

  38. Boy I’m not entirely sure if you guys are correct. I’ve played at Full Tilt Poker for a long time now and I’m a very solid player. I’ve had my share of beats, but nothing out of the ordinary.

    As for Full Tilt Poker for Mac, I am actually the webmaster of a Mac website that deals with that, Read my personal review of FullTilt Poker there.

  39. I am in total agreement. Get these last few hands. pocket 5s against pocket 4s… pulls a 4 on the river. AK against AJ ace on the board… pulls a J on the river. Guy gets 4 spades on the table to beat my flopped straight. And this is all in the past week. It’s totally rigged. I think FT sets up automatic players or bots and their rake is added to the FT account. One way to bolster FT’s earnings. Sickening. And I know that I’m not alone in this.

  40. I have to agree with your assessment, even without the often requested “proof” !!! FTP is NOT random; PERIOD! Odds never hold up there; if you are a 90% favorite expect to lose 90% of the time!

  41. yes, full tilt poker is rigged. I’m not sure if all online poker is rigged, but full tilt is for sure. we used tracking software for the past year on that site and it is astounding. affiliates make good money from poker rooms. but there is a reason why it is illegal in the States. Care to reply to a victim of full tilt poker? and possibly all of online poker?

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