PokerBot Pro – Another Online Scam

Pauly emailed me this link the other day and I just can’t help calling the guy on his bullshit. He’s certainly not the first person to make such absurd claims but he happened to be the one I decided to pick on. :-)

First off, let’s just define a bot of any sort. It’s a piece of software that can go out and act on its own. Bots are neither good nor bad. The way Google finds all the pages to index in the Google search engine is to send out bots who go from page to page to page following links and reporting back what they find. Other bots, like perhaps those being used by spammers to harvest email addresses from websites, are evil. All a bot is is a piece of software that does what it was programmed to do. It has no intelligence of its own, per se, though artificial intelligence researchers have been successful in building software that “learns” as it goes along.

So what about poker bots? Well, poker bots are bots that have been programmed to play poker. A poker playing bot normally starts off with some sort of optimal strategy which is hard-coded into the bot and then the bot checks, bets, raises, or folds based on that optimal strategy. I purposely used the phrase “some sort of optimal strategy” because, as we all know, the optimal strategy in one game might not be the optimal strategy in another. As I noted in my post about the soft games at the Hustler, I got creamed in a $2/$4 game but then crushed the $15/$30. Did my overall poker strategy change? No . . . and that was the problem!!! I haven’t played in a game with seven people to the flop in so long that it took me a bit to adjust. Many of the strategies I am successful employing against more sophisticated opponents (which doesn’t necessarily make them good players) don’t work against a guy who will call you down with an under pair to the board.

And that’s the problem with bots. Bots that have a single or small database of well defined strategies don’t work very well against human opponents. Now, you could build a bot with artificial intelligence that would constantly adjust to players, limits, and a million other conditions but the cost of building such a bot would be outweighed by what the writer could make just playing poker (or creating the next Google). Why do you think that most of the artificial intelligence chess and poker bots come out of research facilities like universities or IBM? Someone sufficiently smart enough could build a very sophisticated bot but the vast, vast majority of poker bots are built by mediocre software engineers and thus are of the most simple nature.

That brings us to David Glazen, the person behind PokerBot Pro. Despite his claims at being a professional poker player, the only thing you will pull up doing a Google search on “David Glazen” +poker is a lot of pre-canned stuff. Nearly every site that Google finds has the same re-hashed press releases. Interestingly, the only people who have original thoughts about David Glazen are people who point out that he’s running a scam. According to this site, Mr. Glazen (using several different names) is running a series of scam sites. Two of them sell you the secrets of cheating at poker and the third is Mr. Glazen’s bullshit poker bot site. My favorite part of the scam alert on Mr. Glazen is that one of the “cheats” he recommends is to install remote desktop software either on your opponent’s computers or the computer of poker site! Of course, he doesn’t tell you how to do either because if you knew how to do that you would know more than Mr. Glazen and fully realize how full of crap he is.

Tech guru and poker pro David Glazen reveals

How YOU can EARN $750-$1500 tax free dollars…

Every Day…With Almost Zero Effort…

Yes, believe it or not, this is the opening copy on the website. Considering that most of his “testimonials” are from people living in the US, the fact that he’s advertising gambling winnings as tax free should be the first red flag set off on the bullshit detectors.

Dear Fellow Poker Player,

If you are averaging less then $100 an hour playing online poker and find yourself spending hours in front of the computer while your bankroll barely grows – then this letter just might be the most important thing you ever read!

You must listen to me very carefully and read every single word of this explosive letter. You are about to get the chance to earn a GREAT living from online poker – 100% GAURANTEED!

STOP giving your money away and start taking control of the tables:

* You do not need to endure another losing night at the table, watching in disbelief as you get robbed of another pot by bad beats and inferior players.

* You do not need to struggle in vain anymore – no more worthless books on poker “theory”, no more “unbeatable systems”, not one more unprofitable hour playing online poker.

* You do not need to guess whether your opponent is bluffing or if a check-raise is the right move. Have full confidence that you are always making the right play!

Again, bullshit detectors should be going off when a guy offers an unqualified guarantee on the earning potential of something like poker. Also, the implication that you won’t have a losing session is . . . absurd. No bot, anywhere, has such a record. Hell, even the best poker players in the world don’t have such a record. So, if the pros can’t do it and the world’s leading computer and AI scientists can’t do it, one would have to wonder what this chucklehead knows that they don’t. Hmmmm . . . perhaps how to swindle people out of money?

Then he calls poker theory books worthless. Of course, this bot must be programmed according to some theory of poker so obviously poker theory is not worthless. Poker, like many games, is mathematical. While you can’t always predict the exact outcome of any particular situation, you at least know the odds of various outcomes. That is poker theory. If that is worthless, and he’s basing his program on something other than this supposedly worthless poker theory, the flaws in his system should be glaringly obvious.

This is NOT another Poker Strategy Guide …

I want to be crystal clear about this.

This is not an e-book of so-called “powerful secrets” (read rehashed common knowledge).

This is not an “insider’s guide” to poker (how exactly does one become a poker insider anyway? lol).

This is not more useless “winning strategies” (the only ones to win from these strategies are the shameless authors who sell them!)

“This is a completely unique, totally ingenious, 100% guaranteed, money-making Poker Bot.”

I am offering a fully functional, push and go PokerBot that will go undetected, and take down pot after pot!

For the first time ever YOU can get your hands on what the others only talk about and PRAY do not exist! An online Poker playing computer program that crushes human opponents… Again and Again and Again!

Have you had enough of making silly mistakes that put your money into other people’s hands? Are you tired of wasting your valuable time for miniscule(if any) profits? Do you want to be 100% positive that you always make the right play?

If so then you are ready for the most advanced technological weapon available to ANNIHILATE your enemies at the poker table – The PokerBot Pro!

Okay, so let’s get all of the standard marketing bullshit out of the way. Yes, yes, yes, this is unlike anything else out there. Yes, yes, yes, other books and systems are inferior to your bot. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Here is just some of what you can do with this incredible download:

* Instantly start earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars a night (just pick a table – start your bot – and watch the money pour in!)

* Dramatically improve your poker skills (watch and learn from these brilliant poker playing machines – your friends will be amazed!)

* Spend more time doing what you want to do (stop wasting your life away in front of the computer, technology is here to help us free up our time not consume it!)

* Never play a less then perfect hand again (just sit and watch as your bot takes down pot after pot, and you never have to worry about tilting again!)

* Stop wondering if bots really are playing online (and start learning how to use them to your advantage!)

* Conquer your fears of technology (embrace rather then fear technology and you too can begin to unleash this incredible money making opportunity!)

My favorite line out of all this drivel is:

Never play a less then perfect hand again (just sit and watch as your bot takes down pot after pot, and you never have to worry about tilting again!)

Ok, so poker theory is worthless yet in order to play a hand perfectly . . . doesn’t one need to know what perfect is? That definition of perfect could only be derived from . . . poker theory.

How would you like to finally kick emotion out of your game for good? How would you like to have your own poker pro with the power to process millions of complex mathematical calculations per second playing on your behalf?

The truth is that you are only human and that means that despite your best efforts you WILL at times get impatient, angry, nervous, or cocky at the poker table. Furthermore the human brain is extremely limited in the amount of information it can process.

I’m sure many AI researches would be surprised to find out that the human brain is exremely limited in the amount of information it can process because they’ve yet been able to duplicate it.

Things get even worse at online poker because while we still find emotion guiding our play (who hasn’t tilted after a bad beat?) we are in a worse position to exploit the emotional play of others (because we are denied the crucial physical cues we enjoy in a live game).

So, all this is all about removing the emotional aspect of the game?

It did not take me long to understand the unparalleled advantage a poker playing computer program would have over human opponents. So I set out to prove my theory and enlisted a few techie friends from university to help me build the Ultimate Poker Bot Machine!

Well not only did I build a working Poker Bot but I was thrilled to discover that it was making money every time it played! My account just kept growing and growing!

Anybody who has ever played poker before knows that you can’t always have a winning session. The claim by the author that his bot makes money “every time it played,” is pure and simple bullshit.

Just LOOK AT THE AMAZING RESULTS from just one of my poker accounts. This particular one was funded with about $400 3 months ago. It now holds over $45,000. You do the math!

Because you just can’t fake a screen shot :-) And most importantly, he doesn’t state that this was all winnings at the poker table.

Anyway, he goes on and on about this product and each claim is more absurd than the next. The best I can tell is that it has basic poker theory programmed into it and it gives you the most +EV play. Of course, these type of basic theory bots are astonishingly easy to beat. All you have to do is deny the bot the right odds on certain types of hands. That’s why bots have such a hard time beating anything other than the micro-limit tables and even then they barely squeek out a profit.

Last but not least, according to the author, his program has been so successful he’s going to pull his website down on March 14 (so much for ongoing customer support, I guess). What’s the over under on how long before he brings it back due to overwhelming demand?

Photo borrowed from Flickr user Carrie Taylor


PokerBot Pro – The Saga Continues
PokerBot Pro – The Scam Continues

Bill Rini
Bill Rini is currently the Head of Online Poker for WSOP. He has been working in the online poker industry since 2004 and has held management roles at Full Tilt Poker and PartyPoker.

63 thoughts on “PokerBot Pro – Another Online Scam”

  1. Don’t evn bother wasting your money on crap like this! If you really want to make money at online poker you need to dedicate time for learning the ins and outs of the game.

    There are some great training sites out there like where you can earn through video from some of the best players in the game.

  2. I do agree with Bill and 2tight. Online poker can’t be trusted. They can cheat you easily unlike the real world poker that has very less percentage for cheating.

    By the way Bill, your writing style is great.

  3. Please…anyone who does not realize online poker is a joke is merely lying to themselves. First of all, anytime you cannot actually SEE the cards being dealt, NOBODY can say it’s legit. Online poker is the equivalent of playing poker over the phone. Someone you don’t know, in a place you can’t seem to find with Google Earth, is telling you your hand and what the board is showing. What? You think because you can see the cards by video that it’s real? ROFLMAO. I photoshopped myself into a sex scene with Pam Anderson…(more than once).
    I want to vomit with the endless stream of excuses people make in order to lie to themselves about online poker. Here are the 2 most commonly used:
    1) “You see more hands so it seems like more bad beats”. Here a novel concept from the past…GET a PEN and some PAPER and track every hand you play or watch being played. I did this over one month’s play.
    The all in good wins less than 10% regardless of the drawing odds.
    Runner Runner winner is a less than a 1 in 52 chance of hitting. During my tracking it hit at over 40%
    Over 50% of online hand winners were determined by the river…regardless of drawing odds.
    90% of river cards made the trailing hand the winner.
    2) What does the site benefit by rigging it?
    If you don’t get this one you must never own a business or you have a job in government.
    I have played poker for over 25 years. About 10% of players out there truly possess the skill set needed to be regularly successful in poker. This leaves 90% of all poker players lacking the tools needed to win. If you own a poker site do you want 10% of your customers happy? or 90%? Since there are more bad players than good these poker sites have to manipulate the programs to favor weaker play. If players win according to their skill set most internet players would stop playing. If these sites lose 90% of their players because they can’t win then how do they stay in business?
    Online sites only make money if the bad play wins consistently…period.
    Play online if you like but don’t ever dream it’s fair or reflects your skill…because it’s not.

  4. Internet fraud is all too common, most of the bot sites are there to rort you not you rorting online poker. Anyway i would avoid Full Tilt Poker that place is full of bots.

  5. Craig;
    did you hear anything back from them or get a refund? might want to change you’r credit card # , a low life like him might try to draw some more out on it.

  6. 7-8-10
    I too just got ripped off by this low life piece of crap person, whish I would have read this blog before I ordered, as of yet I have’nt even recieved the program. I’m going to e-mail dtdistributing and demand a refund on there 100% money back gaurntee and tell them if I do not receive it I will contact the atterny general in Ohio and the consummer protection agency as well as Google. It’s flat out internet fraud and I would like to get as many people together as possible and file a class action suite against the three of them and sue. man they really piss me off.

  7. I went on the website I oredered Pokerbot – is it the same thing? I didnt receive anything to my home and i used my credit card to order it do i get my money back by emailing the same thing you guys did? because it says i ordered it through “GREATEST DEALS” it does not say anything about emetrix but do i still email them to get my money back?

  8. the only way to gain on internet poker is not to play ever all sites have a cant lose system ie rake u and i lose u and i put up the cash take our chances win or lose sites gain does not matter the stake 4pence 2pounds 5 dollar 10 cent i say we are all robbed tell me differnt i would take a lot of convincing cant wait for feedback

  9. I’ve never used a poker bot, and don’t know anything about them, but if they’re so easy to beat, why are they banned by poker sites?

  10. He gives you the download to autoit , a free download and then a sample version of some odds calculator that you must create your own scripts for autoit to read off of, the calculator costs 200.00 to buy the version that works on real money tables and you still have to set the INI ( which is im sure at least a couple hundred diff parameters for it to create a profile )and know enough visual basic to be able to create your own script.. everything he is giving you is free on the net

  11. Guys from personal experience Bots still exists in many big gaming rooms mainly Russians they make loads of money out of genuine players ….

  12. I think this has been “re-branded” under SmokePoker, or Smoke Poker Bot. This bot is worthless crap. It is now available as a free download under various aliases.

    Once on real money tables it folds 98% of the time. It even folds QQ pre flop….lol.

    I think smoke poker may be in league with William Hill and other betting sites to bring in customers. The program certainly has no other uses.

  13. As soon as you read his testimonial, it sounds so familiar. Oh wait another infomercial. That should send you a red flag right away. If you any type of research into infomercial claims, 99.9% they are either scams or just dont work anywhere near they claim.

    The funny thing is Bill you wrote this post to warn people which is great. Unfortunately even some of your readers have fallen for it. That just goes to show he only needs a small percentage to make this profitable. Nice post and I hope it prevented some from buying this.

  14. You’re absolutely right.
    I was so stupid in believing that this would actually work. But out of curiousity, I blew my money and bought the program.

    I used it one night.

    The damn program only allows you to go on limit tables.

    I lost $100 US in about an hour.

    It’s the worst purchase i’ve ever made.

    I definitely learnt my lesson with all of these scams.

  15. Also, what I would be most afraid of is, will the bot that you install actually work FOR you, or against you. I dont know too much but couldnt he disguise a bot program that actually sends him ur own hole card information so he could read your cards, then he would have a whole database of players that he could search and find their table and see their cards. maybe i dunno

  16. If you are considering buying this bot all you have to ask yourself is; if I had invented a perfect poker bot that would win every time would I A) sell it and risk poker sites catching on and protecting against ur program or B) Buy 10 laptops and play at 100’s of tables at once and make millions 24/7.


  17. “How the hell are you supposed to install some program on your opponents computer? Sneak into his house? Send him an email virus?”

    You put together a bot and hope gullible people will install it. In the bot software is the Trojan that will help the bot publisher to win.

  18. Isn’t there some sort authority out there that deals with such online scams? I can’t believe they just roam around free ripping people off. There is a sucker born every minute indeed but that doesn’t mean the likes of Glazen (probably a fictitious name) should get rich on their backs.
    Just checked and the site is still online, with the +2 days Java running and all. Wake up people and smell the bullshit. Bill did point out that the whole copy screams ‘scam’, Glazen ain’t going nowhere despite threatening to all the time. If this ain’t a scam, I’ll send dough to Nigeria to aid the son of an ousted patriach to unlock his millions from his swiss bank-account.

  19. How the hell are you supposed to install some program on your opponents computer? Sneak into his house? Send him an email virus? I think the poker bots are worthless.

  20. I have been scammed as well. Have already sent one letter to Emetrix and all they did so far was send a message to “David Glazen” if a refund was suggested. It has been 3 days and another e-mail was sent tonight. Hopefully Emetrix will do the reputable thing and refund my money/cut off ties with this product.

    ****BE WARNED****

    This Poker Bot Pro ONLY works on and ONLY works with limit tables (no NL or sng or MTT)

    The screenshot from Party Poker was also a fake as the bot can only be used by after the sales letter stated you can “log onto your favorite poker site” and start playing. If anyone reads this blog…


  21. if anyone has this bot could u please email me at

    OK when i first got the bot it was makeing me about a dollar a hour maybe 2 to three then i had a disaster i put it in a 25 cent 50 cent game with 40 bucks went to sleep and woke up broke seems the table broke up and my bot must have got about 2 0r three handed and since it folds 92 percent of the hands for reasons i cant figure out i mean people say there makeing money i must have got a defective one i got the real on also not the ebay scam… anyways it must have got 2 or three handed and all they have to do is raise and u fold your small blind and or your big blind unless your holding like kk or qq aa exc its easy to detect your a bot now that i own it i see the pattern all over ultimate bet…. I think im gonna go the refeund route im giveing it one more week to make me some kinda profit then im out..

    I feel it may work as a supervised bot but then again whats the point of haveing a bot if u have to sit there and watch it right? i mean this like if u have to get up eat or do dishes great u wolnt miss your pockett aces and it wolnt lose your money in a ten handed game it played for 6 hours in a 5 cent ten cent game for me just grinding winning a small percentage… The dream of quitting your day job well not so much anyone with info on this or other bots please email me also any questions on this bot email me i will answer i do own the damn thing 200 dollars later :(

  22. full reviiew most of the people who bash these bots never bought one… i recently purchased pokerbot pro why i will tell u it was a disapointment strictly because it plays way to tight, it folds 90 percent of hands folding pocket pair and ten jack suited and such…. the software works really well and all these people telling about the one that u need online holdem inspector or texas calculatem that is not poker pro thats a scam the real one needs no other program to help run it….. I will say the software is nice and easy but i cant figure out why even on the loose play setting it plays extremely tight but all and all its only my second day i put it in a 5 cent ten cent game with ten bucks and woke up and i had 5 bucks 4 hours later not the start i wanted to see…. i looked at the stats and saw it only saw like 11 percent of the flops out of like 700 some odd hands i mean wow you get blinded off before this thing has a hand…. really it only comes in with nut hands jj tt qq kk aa ak ive seen it fold ace queen suited even… and it only wins when it has the nuts~

  23. poker bot pro just ordered it if u need another program for your poker bot to work u didnt get the real poker bot mine works fine makes me about 1.50 a hour but it plays to tight folds 92 percent of hands my advice save your money

  24. Hey everyone, I e-mailed Emetrix about this all and they emailed me and David Glazen asking Glazen if he authorizes a refund for me. He replied with one word . . . “yes”. I was surprised to see this and hopefully I will hear from Emetrix soon telling me that they are refunding me shortly.

  25. I admit I got sucked into this too. Mostly because I was simply interested to see if it worked and thinking it most likely wouldn’t (believing the guarantee). I’m a seasoned poker player and cashed in the EPT Scandinavian Open last year. Anyway, I cam accross this site today and was delighted in seeing Joel’s post. I just modified the email a bit (hope you don’t mind) and sent it to eMatrix already. Hope I get my money back!

  26. Yep, I got sucked in. I usually don’t but this time, I did. It worked OK for me for about a week, but I monitored it while I was doing other tasks. It definitely made some questionable plays. After promoting it’s use on, it doesn’t work there at all. The only site it worked on that I play on is After one week, it stopped working. It kept saying I had downloaded a ‘trial version’ and would only play one hand. I am contacting eMetrix now, and will post the results. Thanks for the info Joel!

  27. I can’t believe I am soooo gullable. I thought “oh my god”, I have 2 days for this get-quick-rich scheme before I lose the opportunity. Thanks Joel for the information about getting a refund back. I hope I can get my money back too.

  28. Hey all!
    The best thing was when my pokerbot folded AA preflop. omg!! I hate David Glazen.
    Ty Joel for this information. I hope i’ll also get my money back.
    Have a nice evening.
    Greets Kevin

  29. This is a response to my previous post.


    Because this is a scam contacting Glazen in not an option. He will not return any e-mail regarding refunds or questioning the authenticity of his producy.

    He uses eMetrix for his 3rd party payments. Contacting the Minnesota (Eden Prarie) office is a waste of time as well. In order to get a prompt refund and contact someone with attority to refund your money, you must turn to the corporate office in Utah. To cantact the Utah office you must direct emails to

    Here are the last 2 e-mails I sent and recieved by eMetrix.

    EMAIL I SENT TO EMETRIX ON OCT.2 2006 @ 12pm


    Whether or not you claim to be responsible for supporting a scam, you are. I have contacted eMetrix a dozen times trough e-mail and phone, and nobody seems to care. By eMetrix not investigating suspicious companies when evidence is presented, it then falls in your lap. You are supporting Internet fraud.

    I want my money back, you can tell me your policies, but I don’t care. Figure out how to get my money back or this will escalate to a much bigger problem. I have filed a complaint with the attorney general. I have been in contact with a lawyer, how I play this situation will depend on your response.
    I would appreciate a timely response to this e-mail (preferably by phone).

    ORDER ID: E093*********
    ORDER DATE: 9/30/2006

    Joel “Erickson”
    1234 Apple Ridge St
    Eden Prarie, MN 55344

    PokerBot Pro is an online scam, I would appreciate if you would look into this and take it into consideration when disputing my account.

    Email between eMetrix and another scammed party (from PokerBot Pro)

    (More) email dialogue between eMetrix and scammed party (from PokerBot Pro)

    SCAM WEB SITE (PokerBot Pro)

    Joel “Erickson”


    Dear Joel,

    Your order was refunded today. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for the
    change to appear on you bank account.

    Thank you.

    Emetrix Customer Support


    I would like to thank Bill, without being able to link to your site it would have made the refund process much harder.


  30. just another bullshit program.
    poker bot´s suck.
    don´t think that a program can play better poker than a human.

  31. POKER BOT PRO IS A SCAM!! Anybody that has “used” this software is lying! I just purchased Poker Bot Pro and It does not work at all. It downloads but does not attach or open anything like it was “promised”.

    They use a third party for billing, this company is eMetrix. I am already in the process of getting a refund and have only had the product on my pc for 30 min.
    LUCKY this eMetrix is located about 20 min from my house! So hopefully I am able to recieve a prompt refund within the next 3-5 days.


  32. He is putting out another scam on how to see another players hold cards. If you purchase this scam you will recieve a PDF file in which he advises you to obtain individual players passwords illegally through piracy or fraud and the use those passwords to redirect the server so that information is sent to you. You can find it at it is complete bullshit. And the information on this page is the same as the advertisement information on the Pokerbot pro 2.0 site. It is crap.

  33. haha, You get the bonus from the casino and you can only claim when you have played a certain number of hands dependndant on how much you deposited. Not pokerbobby itself!

  34. prolly a scam like ken chan, just bought that crap an its brutal WARNING NEONE ELSE DONT BUY THAT JUNK

  35. To those who have bought the PokerBot Pro:

    How is the program built up? Is it Auto-It + Hold’em Inspector ? Or is the real, bought version different?

  36. There is a reason this guy cannot be looked up on google. I read his little “disclaimer” at the bottom of the website and here is what one part says:

    “DISCLOSURE OF USE OF PSEUDONYM The name “David Glazen” is a pseudonym or “pen name” used by the author of the PokerBot Pro. The author has chosen to use this name so that he may remain anonymous. He believes that writing without being known as an author of gambling books gives him greater freedom to explore and develop new opportunities as well as protecting his family’s privacy. “

  37. If the bot is as effective as he claims, he would make atleast 365*$750,- = $273750,- a year running one bot himself. Now why would he sell the bot to others, making it less effective for each one he sells, if he could be a millionaire in a year running a couple.

    Now I’m not saying it won’t make any money, but he is making more selling the bot then running a bunch of them himself. That should give an indication on how effective this bot is.

  38. This program works, I make equal to my previous wages which was only $600/week, I will admit, but I dont work any more. Its not the same one as you get on ebay, i bought it just to see.

    If you dont believe that this works, I couldnt care less, more money for me

  39. Hehehe! you know what, that guy is a genious! Not the kinda genious he says he is, but this shit seems to work for him right?

    Let’s all go out there, and just get rich from scams people! THAT is laying back and getting rich. In the fullest of the meaning…

    I’m gonna start selling one of those “your computer is infected with spyware, click here to protect your computer”. Since everyone has spyware, everyone is scared enough (i personally have had infinite encounters with spyware, and the ONLY BOT THAT KICKS ASS LIKE THIS DAVID SAYS HIS DOES, is Spybot S&D, try it yourselfs! It murders spyware with cold blood!)!

    So he is a good example, this david dude, if you have no problem with completely sacrificing your morals for money (which many people would probably do)…

  40. The best part is that his screenshow shows his massive stack containing $0.87 LOL! Where is his money? And why is he playing at such low limits? $0.1 blinds aint the table to get rich on ;)

    And by the way, A8 off suite?! He doesnt even hit a card on the table :)

  41. Yeah man every software that claims it will make u rich is bullsh*t, but it does make someone rich: THE GUY WHO IS SELLING :)

    The poker bot is the same, who is this David dude anyway??

  42. Watch for the P2P versions of this. Like any P2P, some contain many things that are harmfull to your computer security.
    As for the program. The guy is lying right on the first page by saying it is only available until 00/00/00 date. This changes every day! If it sounds to good to be true….IT IS. Wake up people.
    Just my 2 cents

  43. AH HA HA HA

    But what happens when one pokerbot gets pitted against another poker bot! AH HA HA!

    you can get this program through use of bittorrent! yeah ppl are sharing it p2p

    it’s that hold em inspector program and the modded other program, at least i guess it’s modded, and i forgot what it’s called cuz i’m a little tired right now :)

    so i don’t see why it wouldn’t work. might not work WELL mind you, but i’m sure it could sit there and play poker better than me cuz i’ve never played poker and have no clue how!

  44. Auto-It is freeware,and hold’em inspector is shareware. the guy has included those programs in his “pokerbot pro” package.
    I’m sure this is the same guy as that Chen guy whom was earlier marketing that “legal cheating to win on poker” stuff with the remote connection shit,since they both use a same screenshot off partypoker with “$46000+ winnings” (I’m quite sure the picture is manipulated anyways..)
    Anyways,to make it short..
    It is actually possible to make a scripted bot playing for you,using Auto-It and eg. Hold’em Inspector.
    Just check the link I posted before.
    The way how this guy markets “his” bot is a scam since it involves software done by other persons than him, and you have to buy a valid license for hold’em inspector since the trial version works only on play money tables.
    Just my few cents..

  45. This programme is for sale on Ebay at £1.99, so anyone payed the $199 he was asking has been really taken for a fool.

  46. BTW nice reading and good arguments… so first he claim that it dosent have poker theory in this program and then he says it runs by the poker theory?

  47. Mitch, Check the links on that blog there: they are affiliates links. He’s basically being paid to say that so take it with a grain of salt.

  48. This bot has had a shaky start for me, but seems to eke out a small profit at low limit tables. However, it plays way too tight, often folding QQ and KK in late position in unraised pots! That isn’t profitable play in my book.

    My advice. Don’t bother.

  49. Simon,

    If the product did what he claims it was supposed to do, he wouldn’t need to tell so many half-truths. The product is a scam and anybody who knows even an intsy-tintsy amount about poker can tell you exactly what a line of crap this guy is pushing.


  50. I have not purchased the software as yet. But intend to in the next few days.

    My only questions are to the author of the article, who so poetically dicected the marketing copy with such scepticisim.

    Have you actually purchased or used the pokerbot or did you just deside that you would attack the seller based only on his marketing ability?

    Simon James
    Instant Leads

  51. Sam,

    How long do you have to let this bot run before making any bit of profit?? What online sites have you been using this bot?

    If this bot doesnt work.. or is a scam, are there any bots out there that actually work?

    I enjoy playing poker myself.. but i wouldnt mind letting a bot play while i am an work to earn me some extra $$.

  52. I actually bought the Poker Bot Pro v 2.0 and it has actually done pretty well for me so far. I mean it doesn’t win every hand but I am up quite a bit of money!

  53. The first thing I did (which I totally didn’t expect to find anything) was to look at the HTML sourcecode of the page (because I’m also a computer geek by trade :) And I L’dMAO when I found javascript that simply takes todays date and adds two to it. He takes this date and states that the site is CLOSING on this date. So no matter when you go to it it will always show two days from today (to try to instill a little panic in the impulse buyers and purchase before doing any kind of research first I guess)

    The funniest part is he could have very easily done this with server side code and not javascript (which is client side code) so that it wasn’t so obvious (to people like me anyways) what he is doing…

    I cut and paste the code into a personal email to the guy (if he ever gets it that is) LOL

  54. It makes so much sense to know this “inside” information and then reveal it, ruining this profit windfall he is currently experiencing. Great job poker wizard!

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