A Tale of Two Blogs

I don’t normally write posts for the sole reason pimping other blogs but there have been a few exceptions and I’ll make another one to introduce you to two new blogs.

The first is by 2+2 regular JoeTall. He’s written some excellent posts on the forum and he’s a hell of a player. I ran into JoeTall at the WPBT Winter Classic II. He wasn’t there for the blogger event but I ended up seated next to him at a MGM mixed game (damn you, deuce to seven triple draw) late into the evening. Here’s what I said about him in my post about the Winter Classic:

As the bloggers filtered out of the MGM to do the smart thing and get a good night’s rest before the tournament I end up doing the dumb thing and sitting down with Joaquin to play a mixed game. I’ve never even played deuce to seven triple draw but you wouldn’t know it by the way I gave away my chips like a pro. To my right was a guy who goes by the online handle JoeTall on 2+2. He wasn’t with the bloggers but I had read his 2+2 postings and was not at all surprised that he was one of the lucky recipients of my chips.

Go check him out.

The second blog is written by fellow Murder’s Row player, and the ultimate luckbox, Jon Katkin. If you need advice on how to go from a pre-flop 93/7 dog to winner on the turn, Jon is the guy to guide you through the minefields of being a luckbox player. 🙂
The Lucky Ass Horseshoe

Lucky Horseshoe Stuck Up Katkin’s Ass