6 thoughts on “How To Play The Hammer”

  1. Okay Bill.
    He is a perfect way for shrewd online casino to cheat. Not proven unless you’re on the inside.

    They set-up computerized “house accounts” to play statiscally perfect cards. Folding when appropriate, Raising and calling when pot odds and say its a good time. The money these accounts win (statiscally better than 50%)go back to the casino. No one could ever catch on. They would only play cash games no SNG’s or tourn’s.

    What do you think Bill?

  2. I actually witnessed this one go down. The mouth did go all in preflop and the other guy inst-called with his Aces. Mike said Ooops! and E-Dog said something to the effect of
    Mike, I just fell off my chair, what’s wrong with you!!??’

    Mike left soon after.

  3. I’ve seen TheRip play against a lot of the FT pros, he’s definitely not a fish.

    I think Matusow should get a WPBT t-shirt or something for his effort.

  4. Wow looks like the hammer is on tilt or was really hoping that the player would not call his gigantic bluff. Too bad we don’t know the betting sequence of this match-up. Would have been interesting to see if Matusow went all-in pre flop with the worst hand in poker against the best. Or he tried to bluff mid-way thinking with a flop like that hopefully the other player had nothing.

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