Come Join Me, Phil Gordon, and Andy Bloch in Las Vegas

WSOP 2005 - Andy BlochI just decided to head out for the Las Vegas Academy, June 24, with Andy Bloch and Phil Gordon. The Full Tilt / Expert Insighter’s are holding a mini-boot camp on poker and black jack and I thought it would interesting to catch these two in action in their natural environment.

Now, I’m not sure if Andy is going to teach my patented winning black jack strategy but I hear he’s pretty good at the game so I might be able to pick up a few tips:

BILL’S WINNING BLACKJACK TIP: If you play a –EV game while in a –EV mental state (completely ripped) you have a massively positive expectation due to the fact that two negatives equal a positive.

-EV Black Jack * -EV Mental State = +EV

The cost is only $199 for a full day of poker and black jack tips and as anybody who has roshambo’d Phil knows, you can make your entire entry fee back in just a few quick throws. Heck, you might end up ahead for the seminar!

FTP XMAS - Gordon Roshambo 2

The seminar is broken into three parts; poker in the morning with Phil (9 – 11:30), black jack in the afternoon with Andy (1:30 – 4), and a Q&A session at the end for about 45 minutes.

Phil will cover:

* pot odds
* tells and betting patterns
* principles of pre-flop play
* the five qualities of successful players
* common No Limit diseases and their cures
* bluffing
* domination and the gap concept
* and plenty more…

And Andy will be taking on:

* perfect basic strategy
* card counting
* optimal bet spreading
* camouflage plays
* team play, just like they did on the MIT team

Any WPBT’ers who want to meet up and go to this let me know. It should be pretty fun!

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