Vegas Wrap Up

So I wake up Saturday morning and head down to the spa where I had made an appointment. Courtesy of the Imperial Palace I treated myself to a Swedish massage, a detox wrap (and in Vegas, detoxing every so often is recommended), and a facial massage. All told, it was a 3.5 hour session. I felt completely relaxed.

I met up with April and PokerProf and we had dinner at Boa. The food was wonderful. The conversation was wonderful. It was wonderful.

We call up Henry and crew and they’re at Treasure Island. We head over and watch Wampler take 3rd in one of their daily tournaments. Afterward we head over to Nine Fine Irishmen in New York, New York. Phil Gordon meets up with us and we’re not even two beers in before Phil is Roshamboing Wampler for $100. Then he plays Ryan for $20 and loses that match as well. Next we try to recruit some additional players from some of the adjacent tables for a freeze-out. Everyone chickens out but we play short-handed (no pun intended) and Hanel ends up the winner.

Phil Gordon Getting Smashed in Roshambo

Next we head over to The Bar in Times Square to sing along to piano tunes. There’s a line and Phil walks past it and they take us in and give us a table. More beers, more beers, and a few more beers and Phil announces that it’s time to play some poker.

The Bar in Times Square

The MGM has been pretty accomodating in the past but the shift manager tonight is a bit of a prick. According to April he was formerly the poker manager at Cesear’s but got canned. Figures.

I’m pretty sure Phil was already on tilt but he pushed all-in on me and I made a donkey-call (which wouldn’t be my last) with K9. Of course, I suck out and Phil has nothing to say but “How do you call me there with K9?”

So, totals for the weekend:

+ $400 playing blackjack
– $300 playing poker
+ $300 in spa treatments
+ $450 in hotel (my estimate is $150 per night for the king suite)

Oh, I almost forgot about this from the other night but when we were at the Parasol in the Wynn, I went up to the bar to get a drink because all of the waitresses had left (how a place leaves a section open with no waitress coverage is beyond me but . . . ). There are two women sitting at the bar and as I do the “trying to catch the bartender’s attention” thing one of the women says hello. I say hi back to her and she asks if I’m staying at the hotel. I know where this is going but this is actually the first time I’ve ever been propositioned in a casino bar. Sure, you hear stories but I’ve never had it happen to me. I tell her that I’m not and she asks if I’m here by myself. I respond that I’m not and that my girlfriend is sitting over on the other side of the bar (lie). She asks if I can slip away and then goes for the close; “You looking for some company?” Classic. I told her that I was flattered but I wasn’t interested. Right about then my drink arrived and I wished them good luck and went back to Hanel’s party.