Even Farkers Think Banning Online Gambling is teh Stoopid

I love some of the quotes from this Fark thread. Keep in mind that many of the comments against banning online gambling are from people who don’t even play online poker.

I like online poker. I don’t see what the harm in me playing poker online is. It’s not a carcinogen. It’s not increasing the levels of prostitution in America.

Yet another attempt by the government to save us from ourselves. They’re just pissed they can’t collect taxes from these offshore companies.

Fark you government, Fark you.

Sorry Gov’ment. You can’t stop me from transferring to my money to an overseas “bank” (neteller, firepay), which I then use to fund my poker accounts on overseas poker sites. Also can’t stop the same process in reverse to collect all my winnings. $12 billion business don’t just give up when faced with unenforceable legislation.

So, if this passes, I won’t be able to legally declare winnings for tax purposes? Yay, the federal government wants to make a criminal out of me.