A Photo Journal of My Ireland Trip

Unfortunately I didn’t get to take many pictures while traveling around outside of Dublin. I was mostly in the car looking out the window at the scenery and photos don’t take so well at 70mph.

Vegas Circus

I just thought this was funny. They also had banners advertising it as an American circus. For all the bad press we get I guess the one thing the world can agree on is that we’re good at doing the circus.

Pembroke Road

I don’t know how true it is but my personal tour guide told me that Gaelic is a mandatory subject in school but nobody actually speaks it with any sort of regularity. In other words, you learn how to speak it but you never actually use it. It’s like Latin I suppose. I just think it’s funny that all road signs and such are in both languages.

Where Am I?

Show me the way to Temple Bar and Grafton Street.

Leprechauns made me drink it

Leprechaun Crossing

Before I went to Ireland a lot of people told me the whole leprechauns thing was just a myth/story. I wasn’t so sure I was buying it though. I mean, just look at the signs.

Leprechauns Exist!

Then, just when I had almost given up hope of spotting a leprechaun, BOOYA! Yeah boy, I body-tackled me a leprechaun and stole his coffee mug of gold. Though the gold turned out to be Euros and things must be tough for leprechauns these days because I only netted about 4 Euro.

St. Stephen's Green

Holy Crap! Hippes have taken over St. Stephens Green.

Hippies and Drums

And if there’s one thing I hate even more than hippies, it’s hippies with drums! Aaaagh!

5:15 and The Sun is at High Noon

So, because Dublin is so far north, it stays light out until like 10:00 or 10:30pm. Check out the clock at 5:15 and notice the position of the sun. It’s nearly at noon high.

Temple Bar

Getting a groove-on at Temple Bar