My Mansion $100K a Day Experience

The Mansion $100K a Day series starts at 4am my time. I was up playing some poker anyway so I entered the tournament. Second hand of the tournament and I pick up pocket kings. I’m in EP so I raise it up 4x the BB. I get one caller. Flop comes rainbow rags. I bet pot, he min raises, I think about it a bit and decide:

a) I have the better hand. I don’t think he flopped a set (not on that board) and he doesn’t have Aces.

b) If I push all-in here, this guy just might call. I didn’t have a good read on him (it’s hand 2 of the tournament) but that min raise move is very amateurish and that smells like a donkey to me.

I push all-in, he calls and flips over pocket eights?!?! Rag, rag and I double up on the second hand. Life is good.

Around 5:30am I simply can’t stay awake anymore. I say screw it and go to bed. I wake up in the morning to find out I blinded out in 102nd place (out of about 550).

Lesson: It’s not enough to be awake for the start of the tournament. You need to make sure you can follow through until the end if you’re going to sit down.

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