WireCard is teh suck one!1!!1111

I set up a WireCard account and I have to say that this service sucks. Basically it’s a virtual credit/debit card. They give you a number, a CVV2, and everything you need to use a credit card over the phone or internet. They claim that at some point they will issue physical cards but until then there’s no way you could ever go to an ATM and request cash. You basically can only use it to transact business where no physical card in necessary.

Recently I’ve seen messages on 2+2 which indicate that US customers are being advised that WireCard will not process transaction between them and gaming sites which makes the card completely pointless. Unfortunately I have been unable to confirm this as I’m overseas and they obviously use GeoIP checking because they filled in my country of residence without me giving them any information. If you live outside the US and can’t get a debit card then you certainly can’t fund WireCard since the only two funding options are bank transfer (where one would be given a debit card) and credit card.

Also, even if the above turns out to be false, there are restrictions on how much you can receive onto your WireCard. This is different from someone like Neteller. On Neteller I have a deposit limit so they can limit their risk exposure but if someone wires me $1 million, no matter what my deposit limit is, once that money clears I can access the full $1 million. WireCard, however, only allows you to access funds up to your credit limit even if those funds have cleared. You have to beg them for a higher credit limit to access more than that.

Q: What is the maximum amount that I can receive?

A:You can only receive funds up to the current deposit limit of your Wirecard account. You can receive further information to your deposit limit under “What is the maximum amount for deposits?”

If you receive amounts that go beyond your current deposit limit these will be credited to your account but will not be included in your available funds. In order to increase your deposit limit and to be able to access the deposited funds, please contact our Service Team.

This payment solution is a complete bust.

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