Neteller Starting To Piss Me Off

I recently wrote about the process I’ve been going through to get my Neteller account changed to my overseas residence. This is a follow up.

I sent them my bank account statement to prove that I wasn’t somebody trying to pull a fast one on them but I never heard back. I called them this weekend to find out what the status was as I had been previously told that I should have heard back by now. I was put on the phone with some guy named Wai who was clueless. At first he started to tell me that I need to set up a new account. I told him I already did that and then he told me that I needed to send over documents that indicated I lived overseas. When I told him that I’ve already done the previous two steps he said that he saw that noted in my file. Now why the hell would you tell me to do the previous two steps if you already know that I’ve done them?!?

I immediately ask to speak to a supervisor and he puts me on hold. He comes back and tells me that I have to send a request to some special email address at Neteller. I ask why since he already has my request sitting right in front of him. He insists that I send the email. I ask to speak to his supervisor again and he tells me that they’re going to tell me the same thing. Every CSR says that so I insist again. He says that the supervisors don’t wish to speak to me! We go back and forth a bit and then I lay down an ultimatum on him. I tell him to either put me through to a supervisor or hang up on me. He goes silent on the phone. I can hear other activity in the background and I can hear him breathing so I know he’s still on the line. This goes on for about 5 minutes. Literally for five whole minutes there’s nothing on the line but silence. Finally I hear the hold music and a few minutes later he comes back on and thanks me for holding and puts his supervisor on the line.

The supervisor tells me that they’ve changed their process regarding address changes. They have a special group who handles that now which is why they want me to email my request to them. I ask the supervisor why I wasn’t informed of that change considering the fact that I was in mid-process and waiting for them to get back to me. She says that eventually someone would have but they’re very busy. I was polite but reminded her that I don’t give a rat’s ass about their work load level. I’ve been waiting a week to hear back from them and they’ve gone and changed their process and left me completely in the dark. She apologized but doesn’t seem to understand or sympathize with my situation. I ask her where this process is documented on their website and she tells me it’s not because they would rather US customers not know about it?!?

The supervisor then tells me that they plan on blocking US access to their non toll-free number because they’ve been receiving too many requests on it (it’s mainly a number for people who live in countries where Neteller doesn’t have a toll free local number). I told her that she has to understand that her company is holding onto people’s money and that people have a valid reason to want to get through. She blows off that concern and tells me that they have been getting way too many phone calls. Well duh! As a customer with a US account I have yet to receive a single email communication from them explaining what’s going on and what they’re doing about it! Of course people are calling them. They’re not communicating out!

I’m really beginning to feel sorry for anyone who has serious money at Neteller. My account only has a few hundred bucks in there but there are people who have hundreds of thousands if not millions (sports bettors often keep that kind of cash around so they can jump on lines when they see an opportunity) in Neteller.

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  1. I have 150 USD in Neteller account, I want to make a withdraw with credit card, because it’s how I deposited the money. They wouldn’t allow, they want to me to withdraw with cheque so they can charge me a huge amount. What an as.hole service.

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