A Response to Joy Miller

For those of you who caught my post yesterday about Terrence Chan and his adventures at the Playboy charity event this post is a response to Joy Miller who sent Iggy an email where she addressed some of the issues. I don’t know Joy nor do I have anything against her. My reporting of the incident here was mostly a summary of what Terrence had written and to bring some attention to the matter.

thank you for the advice.

there’s nothing i can do to make a bunch of strangers who have decided to involve themselves in a situation that doesn’t affect them, change their mind about me. i was obviously taking one for the team.

Sorry that’s the nature of the internet. I’m sure you have opinions about things that you aren’t involved in either. The reason you feel so strongly on this is that it involves you and your actions instead of Brad Pitt or some other notable celebrity.

I don’t really understand how you’re taking one for the team. You organized the event. If you organized the event then you need to stand up and take responsibility.

terrence was wrong to involve complete strangers in this situation BEFORE coming to me or anyone else that could have helped him. he chose to discuss it with the internet. he NEVER complained about annie sitting with steve until he got home and put it on his blog. that was wrong of him, and the personal attacks on me have absolutely nothing to do with that.

Actually, he shouldn’t have had to complain to you. A decent TD should have told Annie that she was wrong to be coaching another player. Can you imagine a televised WPT event or a WSOP event where Annie Duke is sitting behind a player and coaching them on their hands? No, of course not, because it’s such an egregious violation of the rules that no organizer would ever let it happen.

And so what if he put it on his blog. It happened! That’s the part I think you are having trouble with and the reason why I have decided to respond to your letter in public. People write about things on their blogs that happen. If you ran a bad event it’s going to be on the internet. If you are rude to someone it’s going to be on the internet. That’s life. Because it works the other way too. If Terrence had written a glowing review of your event and called you the best tournament organizer who ever lived would you be upset that he didn’t go to you first to get your approval?

the trashing doesn’t really affect me, as no one who lives in my life is on there discussing my anatomy or “personal issues”, i truly dont feel i need to defend myself to complete strangers who are trolling the internet reading gossip. i even actually emailed someone a complete lie to see if they’d put it up without checking it and they did! TWO in fact!

i have been trying to conceive a way to get terrence feeling whole, but the more he’s commented and added fuel to the fire, the more it’s forced me to be distracted by having to field phone calls from psychos who are “going to stab me at the WSOP this summer” or emails referring to my parent’s raising a whore. my phone is now tapped for the next 7 days by the LAPD because i was getting so many disgusting and graphic phone calls that i had to have some traced.

Listen, I don’t approve of anyone who has threatened or harassed you in any way. That’s simply not cool. On the other hand, you seem to be under the impression that because people are verbally trashing you on message boards that they are the ones who are out of line. If Terrence is lying then fine, point out what he’s said that’s incorrect and defend yourself. But if what he’s saying is true and you’re simply embarrassed that he’s accurately portrayed your words and actions then the problem is with you and not him. Nowhere in your response have you refuted a single thing he’s said. The only thing I see is you objecting to him putting it out there for public consumption.

i always had the intention of dealing with terrence, one on one, in fact, i’ve had 3 conversations over the phone with him. i don’t blast business or personal issues in to forums where people without complete knowledge of the situation feel compelled to comment. i’m sure he’s updated his “fans” on every new development, so i’ll leave the business of discussing things with the entire world to him.

I find this an odd grouping of sentences. You had the intention of dealing with Terrence one on one but when he quoted you in those conversations you’ve become enraged. Again, unless you’re disputing what he’s quoted you as saying or you’re challenging facts that he’s stated you really don’t do yourself any benefit by saying that you wanted to handle this hush-hush. Like much of what you’ve said in your response it actually makes you appear to be even worse than Terrence has portrayed you.

i’m not important, i never said i was, all i alluded to was i thought terrence was being unfair by LATER telling me his annoyance and then DEMANDING a seat, which anyone would agree was not appropriate. i don’t affect these people and when you sit down to play poker, i don’t have any affect on that either, so i DO wish that those who are speculating on me personally, would re-evaluate if they even want to waste their time discussing me. because frankly, i’m only marginally interesting.

You were the organizer of the event. You impacted everyone. You could have made sure that the final table was dealt properly and the rules weren’t changed at the last moment. You could have hired a competent TD who would have called Annie on her actions and would have penalized Shannon on hers (assuming Terrence was accurate in that she told Steve to fold).

And no, I don’t think “everyone” would agree that Terrence’s demand was inappropriate. I can understand if it’s not within your financial abilities to offer it to him but to claim that everyone thinks his demand is inappropriate is simply wishful thinking on your part.

Listen, we will never know how that final table would have played out without all of the shenanigans. Terrence is an excellent player and IMHO was probably a favorite at the table to win had the table actually played to completion. That was the biggest mistake you made. You changed the rules of the tournament in the middle of the tournament! I can understand your financial plight. I’ve been to parties at the Playboy mansion and I know how it works. Going on longer would have cost you a lot, lot more money. But that doesn’t give you guys the right to unilaterally change the rules of the tournament mid-tournament.

Now, would Steve and Elizabeth ended up in spots 1 and 2 had Annie not coached? Nobody knows. I could see you possibly using that as a defense but you’ve been so outright dismissive of Terrence from the start that I find it hard to believe that the reason that you would stick by your decision is because you have a legitimate belief that the outcome was not greatly impacted by the actions that took place.

i do thank you for the advice, but i’m not willing to bother responding to people that are just plain nasty and gossip-y. thank you for seeing that i am being the scapegoat, it makes it a little easier to take 😉

You are not a scapegoat. You are quoted word for word on Terrence’s blog. You seem to want to absolve yourself of any responsibility for an event you organized.

by the way, if you want to post that i am an avid skydiver who once saved a man whose parachute didn’t open — it might add to my allure — it’s a lie, but then again, most of them are! 😉

You’ve said that you told two other lies and here you are asking Iggy to tell a third. This is all in the space of one email. Wow!

be well!