Phil Laak Killing For Hire Update

I emailed tha man making these claims and I’ve included his responses below.

a) Did you make these comments on back in 2005?

Yes I did post comments in 2005.

b) Are you the Tom Grant on 2+2?

Yes I am Tom Grant on 2+2

c) If you are the Tom Grant on 2+2 Why did you begin by saying that you and Phil were in business for religious art when you guys were really smuggling heroin?

Phil wanted me to send heroin back I just ripped him off because he was such an idiot.

d) What are you hoping to get out of this? Are you seeking any sort of monetary reward? Are you seeking an apology? Are you just hoping to destroy his reputation? Revenge?

You must understand that Phil paid money to have my wife shot and wanted to see Quote:pictures of the bitch.

E.I do not want any money I just want to ruin his reputation.

So we can confirm that the posts on WPTFan back in 2005 are his. We can also confirm that any of the claims he’s making on 2+2 are his version and not somebody winding up 2+2. That means that we can also confirm that his claim is that this was a heroin smuggling operation. By operation of him responding to me we can also conclude that he is also the owner of a business that caters to disabled people in Pattaya and that his decision to offer travel packages to disabled people occured sometime in 2001.

I do have to note that I asked him why he lied about the iniital puspose of his business dealings with Phil Laak but he did not address that in his response.

According to him he’s going to release more facts next week. What I would really like to see is Phil’s response to this. Unfortunately I don’t have Phil’s email address so if anybody wants to forward it to me offline they can always follow the contact link.

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