Tom Grant Responds . . . Sort of

I sent Tom Grant an email asking for clarification in regards to how this whole mess had been suddenly sorted out. In my previous exchange with him he specifically said that he did not want any money from Phil. He said that his desire was to ruin Phil’s reputation as payback for ordering a hit on him and his wife. So, in theory, no amount of money could satisfy someone who is bent on that type of revenge. Well, that theory appears to be wrong because Tom’s response to me was that he had been compensated and now feels the matter is over.

Bill Phil Laak has compensated me.That is all that needs to be said.

Actually that’s not all that needs to be said. What needs to be said is how this not being about money was suddenly solved by money. In fact, that seems to be a recurring theme with Tom Grant.

So if we are to believe Tom’s story we can assume the following:

a) Tom ripped off Phil for $15K on a heroin deal

b) Tom then split the $15K Phil paid the hitman with the hitman

Hi Bill,
A.I was not sure how to word it.

Was not interested then as the guy who Phil CONTACTED SPLIT THE

The web-site will be re-written and up by Thursday

c) Tom extorted further money from Phil using threats of going public with the story.

The interesting part of this entire saga is that even after Tom admitted to ripping off Phil people were generally on his side. As soon as he took a payoff to keep the story under wraps did the tides change. Ripping off Phil Laak and being involved with heroin smuggling is no problem but if you withold the juicy details from the 2+2 crowd you’re a scum sucking parasite.

Of course, we have to keep in mind that not a single piece of Tom’s story could be substantiated. This could still be some clever hoax played out on the 2+2 community (and here).

Because Tom has yanked the original version of his site, I’ve reproduced it here for historical purposes (thanks to bustedromo for saving a copy and emailing it to me).


I first met Phil Laak in Pattaya,Thailand in the summer of 2000.I have lived in Thailand for the last 10 years along with my Thai wife Malee and our daughter Pennapa. We operate a tour business that caters for people with all forms of disabilities.

Phil was hanging around the beach trying to hustle people at backgammon. He comes across as this street wise person; this is so untrue he is a rich kid trying to be clever on mummy’s credit card.

Phil got stoned one night and crashed his motor bike into two Thai kids .I get a phone call from the hospital from Phil: please can you help me my Mom can pay all the damages I promise. My wife then went to the Police station and as is the custom in Thailand money was paid to the injured parties and everything was sorted out. Conversation I had with Phil’s mother went something like this(Please get my Phil out of this mess, I will increase the limit on his credit card and do what ever is necessary to get him out of trouble.

On being released from hospital Phil inquired if I would be interested in going into an import/export business with him involving Thai antiques being sent to New York.

I agreed against my better judgment and went to New York to take a look at the shop he was going to open. On arrival in New York I rang Phil and met him at the Ace Point a backgammon club in Manhattan. Phil gave me 5,000$ as compensation for getting him out of the mess in Thailand, understand that in most Countries in the world he would have been in jail for quite some time.

Phil and I agree that I will start shipping Thai Buddhist Artifacts to New York. Phil gave me an additional 15,000$ to start the business up.

On arrival back in Thailand I purchase all the items and the find out that because they are of a religious nature a 10,000$ tax is required. I telephone Phil and he starts screaming and shouting (like the spoilt brat he is) that he is being ripped of I put the phone down and do not here any more.

1 month goes by and I get a phone call from an American ex-pat living in Thailand that Phil (Scumbag)Laak has paid 15,000$ to have me and my wife shot and will pay another 15,000$ when he receives the photo’s .

My wife on hearing about this nearly had a nervous break down. She was so scared that she went to the Police on her motorbike to file a complaint on the way there she was hit by a car and now has the use of only one leg. Soon after this she developed M.S and although Phil Laak is not directly responsible for this
I am sure that all the stress did not help her condition in any way.

I telephoned Phil and confront him with this and he immediately starts crying that he is sorry and that he will compensate us for all the trouble he has caused. I never hear from him again.

All the above facts can be verified and sworn affidavits can be produced. It is the intention of this website to expose this fraud for what he really is: A COWARDLY LOWLIFE PIECE OF SHIT

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Phil when confronted by me at this
year’s WSOP. As is his trade mark he ran away like the cowardly
snake he is.


I do not know how many of you have been
cheated by Laak & Efandiari  over the years but the
sum must run in to thousands of $$$$$$$$.

Now these
people do TV shows and promote poker products: What a joke
this must stop.

  antonio   phil  

Phil as you failed to respond it is now this
web-sites full responsibility to expose you for what you
really are. A murdering, cheating, cowardly piece of garbage.

250,000 leaflets are now going to print and will be
circulated at every event you attend. It is our intention to
let the whole poker world know your story.

You may have
run away from me at the World Series but you can not hide.Face
up to what you have done like a man.

Never ever play in a cash game
when these two are at the table, they having been cheating for
years by showing out their hole cards. Laak will stoop to any
level to further his poker ambitions.
Please Contact us :
Tel. +66 81 3714354