So What Happened To Bodog?

bodog-red-logoWhen Bodog lost its domains and had to convert over to there was much speculation over how this would impact the company. Well, now we have some answers. To be honest, I was a little surprised.

On Sept 1st, Bodog (or NewBodog . . . depending on how you look at it) slipped to its lowest point following the yanking of its domains. On Sept 1 their peak traffic (as reported by PokerSiteScout) dropped to 1636 peak players. That was down from 2024 a week prior on Aug 25. So, the immediate impact was a massive 19% drop. But if we look at how they’ve weathered the storm since then we see that a week after the Sept 1 whacking they were back up to 1924. Still short of their 2024 number but this was a 5% drop which is within the normal variance of most week over week numbers. Perhaps a more compelling story is that on Sept 11, Bodog posted peak numbers of 2474 which put them at a 22% increase from Sept 1. Of course, these are not like comparisons because we were comparing Sat to Sat numbers and now we’re comparing Sat to Tues numbers. In fact, if we go back to Aug 21st then Bodog had posted a 2535 peak which means overall Tues numbers are down instead of up. All in all though I think it demonstrates that Bodog has shown the ability to bounce back here.

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