Easter in Portugal

Easter weekend I took off with a bunch of friends and we rented a villa in Lagos, Portugal. We drove up via Seville and then back down along the coast to Portugal. It’s about a 4.5 hour drive which is a little longer than the roadtrip from LA to Vegas but without the gambling when you get there.

Lagos is a really enjoyable little town. Though there isn’t a lot to write about in terms of specific things to see or do it’s very relaxing and laid back. I think the most ambitious we got the entire weekend was taking a boat tour the day we were to head back to Gib. We went out on a large boat up the coast and then we all jumped into a small boat and the driver zipped in and out of the little coves.

The villa we rented was 3 stories; first story was the garage, second floor was the main entrance and bedrooms, and the third floor was the kitchen and living room. We had a pool, a view of the ocean, and a 10 – 15 walk into the marina for food and entertainment. Not a bad value for the money. I think we paid about £60 per person for the entire 4 day weekend. Of course it was off-season so I would expect rates to rise in the summer months.

Underwater Tunnel

Underwater passage

Boat Tour

Our boat


Our villa

Steph, Chris, and Rachel

On the boat

Balcony View

View from the balcony

Warren and Chris

Me pouring water on Warren


Natalie working the pole

No Rocket Dogs

Don’t shoot dogs with rockets


View from the restaurant


More views from the restaurant