CAP and Meeting J Todd

Not a whole lot to report from the Casino Affiliate Convention. Lots of poker rooms, lots of affiliates, lots of deals going on. Saw some old Full Tilt Poker folks I know. Saw some Party people. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

One of the more interesting things to happen was meeting J Todd who most poker players know as the guy who does all the APCW videos urging casino and poker webmasters (i.e. affiliates) to fight the UIGEA.

Well, it wasn’t meeting him it was hearing what had just happened to him. J Todd told Hilly and I that Steven Corfman, son of Gambling Portal Webmaster Association head Michael Corfman, had been manhandled out of the event by four security guards. Details were sketchy but it was speculated that CAP co-organizer Lou Fabiano had ordered Steven removed from the premises. That was despite the fact that Steven was not even in the area of the hotel where the conference was being held.

Of course, it might be good to backfill some of the story here. GPWA, APCW and CAP have been in a heated dispute recently. GPWA and APCW have made a seemingly strong case that CAP owners had ownership interest in an online poker room named which forgot to pay many of its affiliates.

GPWA and CAP The fact that anybody from the APCW or GPWA wouldn’t be allowed inside the CAP event was not very surprising. But the Novotel is a public place and there is a bar / dining area well outside of the conference area which should have been freely open to anybody.

Based on Steven getting the boot, that was obviously not the case. A hotel is private property and the hotel can ask anybody leave that they like. Whether they did so with any understanding of what the big picture was is highly unlikely.

Now, the part where it gets interesting is after Steven got forcefully evicted from the Novotel, Fabiano approached J Todd and challenged him to take things outside where they could settle things like men. J Todd eventually declined the physical altercation. Hilly and I ran into him shortly after the incident while he was still pumped up and retelling the story.

So that was my introduction to J Todd.

Here’s J Todd’s version of the story on the GPWA website.

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  1. I heard about this on the forums right after it happened. Funny how people were surprised by this…I was not the least bit surprised after seeing all the drama these guys have had. I was actually expecting something more juvenile, like shaving cream in the underwear or something.

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