Worst Affiliate Manager Award

From time to time I like to give out awards to those people who distinguish themselves for being outstandingly incompetent in their chosen profession – affiliate relations. Past recipients have been the jokers at Noxwin.com who seem to be known industrywide as a bunch of spamming idiots.

This newest award goes to an affiliate manager at EuroPartners, the people who promote Titan Poker and a bunch of other casino, bingo, and other gambling related sites.

What do you have to do to earn this much coveted title? Well, it starts by sending me an email like this one:

Hi ,

My name is [Editor: NAME DELETED], from Euro Partners,

I found your site looking for my product in google .

I can pay you from 50$ for every sale.

Looking forward for your reply.

Best regards,

Affiliate Manager
Email: [xxxxxxx]@europartners.com

We’ll ignore the fact that he uses a highly edited cut-n-pasted form letter which is obvious from all the spacing issues (which I’ve already warned affiliate managers not to do) let’s look at the content.

Hi ,

Now, I don’t expect a lot but how about taking the minimal effort of addressing me by name? Too hard to guess? It’s Bill! As in Bill’s Poker Blog!

I found your site looking for my product in google .

Looking for your product in Google? Is it lost?

Besides, I highly doubt that story. I just typed in both “Titan Poker” and “Euro Partners” and my site doesn’t appear anywhere in the first 100 results for each site. And considering that I can’t recall ever mentioning any of the other casino, bingo, sports betting, brands that Euro Partners represents I’m going to call you out on this one.

I can pay you from 50$ for every sale.

Sale of what? If I didn’t know who Euro Partners was you’ve done absolutely nothing to educate me about what exactly your product is. Is that for all your products? For poker $50 CPA sounds pretty weak. I think PokerStars is $75. Full Tilt Poker offers $100 via their Refer a Friend program.

Seriously, this is just such a poor email. You do more harm sending it. And this isn’t some podunk site nobody has heard of like Noxwin (the spamming bastard that they are). This is Euro Partners. This is the best you guys can do? Spamming people with form letters seems rather desperate.


  1. Sadly, this just scratches the surface how EuroPartners operate. Just wait until you start working “with” them.

    They are rude, abrupt, dishonest, unethical, aggressive, spamming (insert more adjectives here) ‘affiliate managers.

    I’d advise any affiliate to never work with them.

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