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When I originally watched the video of Michelle Tiffany and Neil Cavuto I was having a lot of problems with the video. I don’t know if that was my internet or something at Fox but I thought I would transcribe the best I could the interview for anyone else who might be having video problems.

I wanted to punch myself in the face after having to listen to every single word that was spoken but I did it for you guys because I love you 🙂

Neil Cavuto: Well be careful pushing a bad hand just because you push it more doesn’t make it any less bad. Take it from a real gambler so we thought tonight we would get you one and indeed we did. With us now is Tiffany Michelle. Tiffany is a professional black jack and poker player. Is that true Tiffany? So you know what you’re doing when it comes to gambling?

Tiffany Michelle: That’s what they tell me.

Neil Cavuto: Well, alright. Good for you. So Tiffany, I’m going to rely on your expertise as a gambler extraordinaire. Taking a look at what the president is doing. A good gambler is someone who bets a lot, understands or thinks that he or she has a good hand. Am I right?

Tiffany Michelle: Yeah, generally you have a good hand where you know if you have a bad hand how to maneuver with that hand and take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses. So sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad and you have to work with the best angle to push that bad hand.

Neil Cavuto: Alright, the president is fairly or not ,Tiffany, is viewed to have a bad hand right now because prior cards he’s dealt have turned out to be, you know, threes and fours. They haven’t really worked out. Yet he continues playing the same hand. What is the strategy behind that? I mean, if I were looking at you, and let’s say you had a couple of bad hands and you continue to play, I’m thinking you must be holding some good cards, right?

Tiffany Michelle: Yeah. LAUGHS Well, not only did Barak Obama in his first year in office decided to tackle one of the toughest issues in US politics. You know, Hillary Clinton tried when she was the first lady. It would be like me approaching Phil Hellmuth on my first day of my poker game and saying “Hey Phil Hellmuth you have eleven bracelets. I want to challenge you heads-up.” So it’s a tough situation to be in. And what tends to happen when you consistently lose hands. I mean, talk about Scott Brown. That was a really bad beat for Barak Obama and the Democrats who really thought they had the chip lead there. They thought they had a lock on this tournament and with that bad beat that tables have turned, the momentum is changing. And what often happens for some players you continue to push the issues. You continue to play the bad hands. You continue to get into sticky situations. And what really needs to happen is you need to step away from the table. You need to clear your head. All the good poker players are going to do that. They’re going to step away after . . .


Neil Cavuto: The only thing I can read into it Tiffany, and you know this part better than I, that’s why I have you here. For your insight. While that maybe he sees something we don’t. Or maybe he senses something that we don’t. Or maybe he’s got other cards up his sleeve or in front of him that we don’t. What do you make of that?

Tiffany Michelle: Maybe that’s a lot of maybes and we all really hope that’s the case but the only situation. If you continue these issues when you are in such a bad situation. When you have lost so much power, you have suffered so many beats is to step away and rethink your plan. I think the problem at this point is there doesn’t appear to be any rethinking. There doesn’t appear to be any reevaluation of the initial strong strategy you had when you came into this tournament shall we say. All you’re doing is continuing to push the issues and essentially losing the respect of your peers around you and the players around you. They’re catching you weak and that’s not looking good on your part. That’s not gonna help you win a tournament. Here we are, let’s say deep in the World Series, close to the bubble, you can taste that final table money and it’s not looking like it’s gonna happen.

Neil Cavuto: Alright but in black jack terms, he’s doubling down, right? I mean, I know there you’re essentially betting against the house. But you’re so convinced that you’ve got a winner that the last card up your sleeve, and I know I’m mixing gambling metaphors here, is bad. And you’re going to run with it, right? So that makes me think or everyone else says kinda what you’re saying, hey, hey, you’ve had a series of bad hands, you’re not looking good, you’re looking kind of ridiculous. Leave the table, you know, go get something to eat or drink, or both, which I normally do, and then maybe come back. And he’s not. So what do you read into that?

Tiffany Michelle: I mean, what do you do? I think it’s really hard in that situation. And even as a good poker player it’s hard in that moment to have the diligence and to have the consistency to sit there and know when it’s time to stop or know when it’s time to let up. I mean, what I think is probably going to end up happening, is like, I said, for a poker term you say doubling down, I say bubbling a tournament, you’re going to get close. Health care reform, this has been going on for close to a year. We’re really deep into this.

Neil Cavuto: Yeah, you’re right.

Tiffany Michelle: But essentially if something is finally passed and if something finally goes through at this point it’s not looking like the American public is going to be happy. And it’s looking like it’s probably going to cost a lot of money. And that’s really not a win-win situation.

Neil Cavuto: You know that is very well expressed. And the difference, I guess, obviously, when you play you play with your own money. This guy is playing with our’s. That’s another difference. Michelle, very interesting. I learned quite a bit. Remind me not to gamble against you. Thank you Tiffany, very much.

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  1. “I wanted to punch myself in the face after having to listen to every single word that was spoken but I did it for you guys because I love you :-)”

    I felt obligated to read the transcript after you went through that. I got halfway, ugh, pure garbage.

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