Uhm . . . I’m Scooting For Awhile

The Thai government looks like they’ve finally had enough. After putting forth a reconciliation roadmap which the red shirts conditionally accepted they’ve grown tired of the red shirt stalling tactics. Every time they agree to a red shirt condition the red shirts come up with some minor issue to delay dispersing their rally. The straw that broke the prime minister’s back was when they asked that Deputy PM Suthep surrender himself to the police for the bloody April 10th clashes between protesters and the army. They said once he did that they would all surrender themselves (they all have active arrest warrants) and tell the people to go home.

Well, the Deputy PM called their bluff and presented himself to the police who are still investigating and do not have enough evidence to arrest him at this time.

So the red shirts cried back that what they meant was that he had to turn himself in and enter into the legal process. But since there are no charges against him at this time it could be weeks or months before the police investigative division has completed their job. So, in the meantime, the red shirts want to keep protesting.

Abhisit said, “All right, we’ve had enough of the bullshit. Disperse the protest or I will. You have 24 hours.” Technically, I don’t think he used those words but that was his message.

The red shirts said, “Oh yeah, we’re not afraid of you.” Again, my take on what was said.

So Abhisit said, okay, at midnight we’re cutting off water, power, and laying siege to the Ratchaprasong district. No food, no cars, no people, no nothing will be allowed in. Telephone, internet, and other communication will also be cut off in the district.

So, that means I need to bail. At the moment I’m not sure where I’m going to go. I’ll either find a hotel or a generous friend. Longer-term, as I already mentioned, my lease is up at the end of the month so I’ve been looking for apartments. I put an offer in on one today which I’m hoping they’ll accept.

So if I’m quiet for a few days that’s why.

I do have a poker related post I’m trying to get out before I bail but I’m not sure if that’s going to be possible. I need to pack 🙂

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