Poker Player Montel Williams Told to Spark One Up by Cop

As many folks know, Montel Williams is a poker player and he’s even been trying to organize a poker tour. I had the pleasure of meeting him out in London during an affiliate conference with my good friend Hilly.

What many people may not be aware of is that Montel suffers from multiple sclerosis. He’s also a big advocate of medical marijuana. He was speaking at a conference on medical marijuana laws in Maine when the pain from his MS became so great he was in tears.

That’s when Sheriff Mark Dion suggested that Montel spark up a joint.

When Williams pain level became so intolerable he was in tears, Cumberland County Sheriff Mark Dion shouted from the audience “why don’t you just take your medicine”, the audience applauded and stood as Montel sat down, pulled out a marijuana cigarette and fired it up, lighting up the approval meter of the attendee’s present.

The medical marijuana debate has many parallels to the controversy over legalized gaming. At the very core of both debates are people’s personal choice and the pro criminalization side saying just about anything they can to demonize it.

Good for Montel!

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  1. The time will come when marijuana is legalized. Until then it’s pretty awful when people who have legit chronic pain get shut out from one avenue of pain relief. Not sure if I’m for Montell lighting J’s in front of large crowds but to each his own I guess.

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