Boycott Daniel Negreanu?

Earlier this month Gambling 911 ran a story titled, “Negreanu Poker Website Needs to be Boycotted.” The reason for the author, Jagajeet Chiba, to call for a boycott was because Daniel Negreanu called Annie Duke a “f*cking c*nt.” The quote was from an interview he gave and he complained about the fact that Annie Duke said that the women’s events in poker should be eliminated because they discriminate based on sex but at the same time she says that she is the “best female poker player in the world.” Okay, fair enough. The guy is entitled to his opinion whether or not you agree with him.

The feud between Annie and Daniel goes back many years and Daniel has been quite vocal in his condemnation of Annie. This is not the first shot fired between the two. Bottom line is that they don’t like each other and that is not nor has it ever been a secret.

And Gambling 911 in their never-ending quest to become the National Enquirer of poker journalism seems to be fanning the flames running several different articles on their website despite the fact that nobody seems to care about this long-running feud between Duke and Negreanu. For instance, they ran this headline a couple of weeks ago:

Poker World In Shock Over Negreanu Attack On Duke: “F***ing C***”

There was one person who claimed to be shocked at Daniel’s comments; Annie Duke. So apparently, Annie Duke is the “poker world.” Because they don’t have a single comment from another poker player or anyone in the poker industry expressing shock. Hell, if you know anything about anything the fact that Daniel thinks Annie is a f*cking c*nt is not even news. He’s been talking about her in a negative light for years.

One of the people doing the most fanning of the flames is a guy named Jagajeet Chiba. He’s the one who started calling for a boycott of Daniel’s website. And just today, with absolutely no new news and apparently nothing new for him to write about, he penned “Daniel Negreanu’s Downward Spiral, Disrespect for Women, Poker Buds” where he utters this classic line:

Negreanu not only disrespected Annie, he disrespected the entire female race with his “f***ing c***” remark. Annie’ brother, Howard Lederer, came to her defense.

Hate to break it to you there Chiba, but female is not a race. The fact that this then goes through an editor who signs off on it being posted on their website boggles the mind.

Back in January of this year I wrote about how their crack team of investigative journalists uncovered a breaking news story that Party Poker was charging account inactivity fees. Of course, they were only 4 years late in reporting about it (the fees went into effect in 2006 or before) but someone mentioned it on 2+2 and someone over at G911 had never heard of the fees and wrote about it like he had just cracked the story of the year.

But going back to this Chiba guy, he writes in his most recent online missive:

While away I was shocked to find that Negreanu had yet to apologize to Annie Duke, and even more flabbergasted to learn that the poker community appeared to condone his behavior.

Wait, didn’t another G911 “journalist” write the following on the G911 website?

So he did apologize and it was reported in your own f*cking publication!!! Also, he’s flabbergasted to learn that the poker community appears to condone Daniel’s behavior yet his own publication said the entire poker community was shocked and outraged. So which is it? One journalist on G911 says the poker community is shocked and another saying he’s flabbergasted at the poker community’s ambivalence.

I mean, come on. If I can remember that you published an article about Daniel’s apology you would think whoever edits G911 could at least remember it and send a note back to Chiba saying “Uh, dude, he did apologize. Please rewrite and send back to me.” Or, “Yo Chiba-man, we’ve been trying to play up the poker community outrage angle on this and your last submission saying that the poker community is not outraged, while 100% accurate, is contrary to our goals of making something out of nothing.”

Maybe we should be boycotting G911.

Bill Rini
Bill Rini is currently the Head of Online Poker for WSOP. He has been working in the online poker industry since 2004 and has held management roles at Full Tilt Poker and PartyPoker.

9 thoughts on “Boycott Daniel Negreanu?”

  1. I think Daniel can sometimes be annoying and self righteous, but this is Annie Duke we are talking about, so as crude and rude as his language was, I forgive him. Mostly because I hate Annie Duke and I wouldn’t trust the self-serving manipulative little something or other past the end of my nose.

  2. What is this? Some kind of Rapper Business? Are they having “beef”?
    Hell, it’s about poker. Who cares about Annie Duke feminist approach towards it!?

  3. Danial….there is nobody named Jagajeet Chiba, Thats just a pen name for the sites owner Chris Costigan. I know the guy well, but his content is always wrong…..often on purpose to create controversy to get traffic. Best to just ignore his site.

  4. G911 is probably the worst poker media outlet, and that’s saying a lot given how crap poker media outlets are.

  5. Your right that no one really cares about this story. Funny that after I read the post I almost wish I hadn’t. Not anything you did Bill but it sucks to have to give Chiba and the hack site he works for any lip service.

  6. I don’t know who the hack is that wrote that article but the reality is that AD is rather c&*nty. I played with her this summer at the WSOP in 2 separate events and was not impressed with her play or her demeanor. Add to that the affiliation with a site that blatantly overlooks security issues at the least and coddles cheaters at its worst. And BTW she is the best female poker player…LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Not by a mile…Harman, Selbst, Obrestad, Rousso, Liebert, Violette….

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