Would Love to Hear the Story on UB’s Failure to Obtain UltimateBet.com

I was getting some harassing emails lately about updating my affiliate trackers to UB.com from UltimateBet.com and didn’t think too much about it. UB kept telling me that it was about their “rebranding” which is all good for them and all but does introduce a pain in the butt for affiliates who might have to go in and change dozens of pages that have affiliate links in them.

But then I tried to log into my UltimateBet account via the client and it said it couldn’t reach the server. Okay, maybe they’re down or maybe the Thai government got wise to them and blocked them (many gambling sites are blocked by the Thai government . . . ahem, Full Tilt). But I tried a few days later and I got the same message. And then I went to their website and it came right up (they aren’t blocked).

Then it occurred to me that the client might be trying to access UltimateBet.com rather than UB.com since the outage lined up right around the same timeframe. I went to UltimateBet.com and it redirected me to DepositBonus.com. What?!?! You mean Blanca Games bought the Cereus network and didn’t get UltimateBet.com with the deal?

It appears that’s exactly the case. According to WHOIS UltimateBet.com seems to belong to Game Theory based out of Malta.

So everyone who hasn’t fired up their client for awhile will no longer be able to get to use their old UltimateBet poker software to automatically update to the newest version. They’ll have to go to UB.com and re-download the software again.

I noticed that when I installed the new software it didn’t overwrite the old software because my old client was named UltimateBet and the new one is just UB.

I guess to add insult to injury, the DepositBonus.com website doesn’t even list UB.com. They promote PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Everest Poker, Cake Poker, Party Poker, and PKR. Ouch!

Bill Rini
Bill Rini is currently the Head of Online Poker for WSOP. He has been working in the online poker industry since 2004 and has held management roles at Full Tilt Poker and PartyPoker.