Facebook Unfriend Day

National UnFriend Day

Awhile back I wrote a post about the implications of Facebook and noted how Otis had busted my chops because I had been a little harsh on how people use some social media platforms.

Well, I think my line of thinking has caught on and Jimmy Kimmel has announced that November 17 will be National UnFriend Day. It’s the day when you should get rid of all of those people on your Friends list that you don’t really know. As Kimmel puts it, if you post on a Friday night that you need help moving this weekend, the people who respond are your friends. The other hundreds of people on your list that post a constant stream of minute by minute updates about their boring lives are not your friends.

Personally, I currently have 723 Friends on FB. I quick look through the list and I would say I actually do and have personally met most of them. Whether they be former classmates, co-workers, or whatever, I actually know a good chunk of them. I also have let some people slide in as Friends if they are friends of friends. I should probably cut some of those people. I also have a page full of Friend invites that I will probably never respond to. I don’t care if we have 8, 18, or 80 friends in common . . . we’ve never met. And I’m not even sure any of those friends are actually your real friends.

So cut the Friend fat on Nov 17. Get rid of some Friends.