Finally Hit the Big Two Oh, Oh, Oh

I’m always surprised that anybody has any interest in reading what I write but you guys and gals do and the numbers just keep increasing. The latest milestone you folks have helped this site hit is having over 2000 RSS/Email subscribers. That means over 2000 people, in addition to those who just run across the site, want to receive every post I write. Shocking. Humbling.

I’ve actually gone over 2000 in the past but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with Feedburner changing how they count subscribers. It’s not unusual to see the numbers jump or drop by large amounts but the high 1900’s have been regularly showing up and today was the first time they crossed 2000 without being something totally absurd like 7000.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, “thank you” to everyone who has subscribed via RSS or Email and hope that I can continue to live up to your expectations.

5 thoughts on “Finally Hit the Big Two Oh, Oh, Oh”

  1. Hi Sim: No, I’ll be stuck here in cold and dreary Bangkok . . . wait, cold in dreary is London. I’ll be enjoying winter temps that London wishes it had during the summer.

    Just kidding. I would love to but I have some people out this way that I need to meet with.

  2. Hi Bill,
    Firstly congrats for your great blog, I don’t comment a lot but love reading it. Will you be at the London Affiliate Conference ? If yes i would be interested meeting you.

  3. I hope Feedburner counts them since they’re owned by Google 🙂 They seem to have a really difficult time counting RSS subscribers on any web based reader since the service only requests the document once and then serves it up multiple times within their software. That’s why numbers tend to jump around all of the time. If anybody changes how they do something the number either spikes or drops like a rock.

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