Chili Poker / Liz Lieu Tweet

I Guess the Cat is Out of the Bag

I guess with Liz Lieu retweeting a quote from this blog that Chili’s CEO, Alexandre Dreyfus, posted on the Chili Poker blog and sent out to affiliates, the cat is sort of out of the bag in terms of who this mysterious poker room is that is coming out with a really innovative new feature. Oh that and PokerNews basically outing me as the “B” quoted in the Chili message 🙂 So I won’t tease you any longer . . . in case you haven’t pieced it together (and you would have to be the world’s worst poker player not to by this point) it was obviously ChiliPoker.

Chili Poker / Liz Lieu Tweet

It appears that it’s launched. I’m in the middle of downloading the update and playing around with it as I type this but I’ve been having problems with iPoker connecting on my virtual machine version of Windows from Thailand (I don’t blame anyone for this . . . it’s a bit much to ask anybody to debug this fiasco of a computer config).

Chili is on the iPoker network so they don’t do US players but I really hope this makes the entire industry wake up and realize that there’s more to social media than spamming. Maybe it’ll push other sites to up the ante. Maybe it’ll inspire other poker rooms to think outside the box.

Here’s the press release: is becoming the first online poker room to ‘Connect Players’

After 4 years of operating in the online poker industry, Chilipoker a member of the leading iPoker Network, has today launched a ground-breaking innovation to its international poker offer. Thanks to its in-house technology platform, has released the first ever integrated toolbar with the poker client to enhance the player experience.

“Chilipoker has always been close to its players through a very strong customer care team and more lately through our successful European live event tour, the Chilipoker DeepStack Open (7 legs). Carefully listening to our players, we understood that online poker players wanted to enjoy the same experience as in land-based events. We decided to add this social experience online alongside a unique real money challenging system. More than ever, our mantra ‘Spice Up Your Game’ is true” announced the founder of the company, Alexandre Dreyfus.

A 5-minute demonstration of Chiliconnect is available : and more informations on

Influential poker blogger Bill Rini said this about the launch: “For all of the billions of dollars online poker companies have made in the last decade this has to be one of the biggest innovations in online poker that I’ve seen.”

Alexandre Dreyfus added “We are not the biggest poker company but we want to be the most innovative in the coming months and become the favourite alternative online poker room for every poker player”.

After the initial release, Chilipoker intends to bring more innovations in the next few weeks and to push its differentiation beyond other poker rooms. More social tools for players and their friends, more challenges, more ways to enjoy the game of poker…

From mid-April, Chilipoker will launch a worldwide TV campaign in several countries based on its new product and new motto “Connect Players”. You can find the TV commercials on.

Press & info: Alexandre Dreyfus – – office: +356 20 60 77 70


  1. @PokerWay, they focus on South America so yeah the name fits and they been in business how many years now? So im more than sure they know what their are doing.

  2. Guys, do you like their name Chili Poker? Sounds like very niche, huh and special as for poker game. Can they go in masses w such name?

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