Happy Songkran

If people had been wondering where I was all last week, I was up in Phetchabun for the Songkran festival. Songkran is a religious holiday but over the years it has sort of developed into a three-day nationwide water fight.

I prefer the Phetchabun type of Songkran because it’s civilized. In Bangkok, Pattaya, or any other tourist town it’s almost like people take pride in ruining expensive electronics by soaking you while they can see you have your mobile in your hand. In Phetchabun there’s a main drag and most of the action takes place on this stretch of road. People just go crazy throwing buckets of water at each other and smearing talcum powder on your face.

Some people bring huge blocks of ice and put them in their water source so when you get hit it’s freezing cold. Not fun 🙂