Getting a Cashout From PokerStars

It seems PokerStars has sorted out their policies on cashing out for US players. Perhaps signaling that this is truly the end for US players, you will need to cash out your entire account balance when you place your cashout request. Wire payments will be available for amounts over $50,000. All others will get paid out via a direct bank transfer.

T$ will be converted into cash but FPP’s are a little up in the air at the moment but I would expect that they would be treated fairly standard.

You can login to your PokerStars account and start the process by going to the cashier and requesting a withdrawal.

Follow this twoplustwo thread for up to the microsecond information.

1 thought on “Getting a Cashout From PokerStars”

  1. My only question is now, is the the US government going to attempt to track money being paid back to US Citizens, so they can tax them and/or fine them for the illegal action?

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