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Breaking News: PPA State Directors Playing at WSOP

I don’t know why but the PPA felt that with thousands of players stuck with hundreds of millions of dollars on Full Tilt and Ultimate Bet and Barton set to unveil a new online poker bill in Congress that they needed to release the following.

Dear Fellow Poker Player,

PPA State Directors at the WSOP

Some of the PPA volunteer state directors have been in Las Vegas playing at the WSOP and other major casino events and congratulations are in order!

Steve Miller our California State Director cashed in 17th place in event #20, No Limit Hold’em last week. This was the first time he ever played in a WSOP bracelet event.

Corey Carone our Ohio State Director is playing well at the WSOP, but has had the most success outside the Rio. He cashed in several events most notably the Venetian Deep Stack Horse Tournament and Caesars Mega Stack Heads-Up Challenge.

Donna Lawton our Utah State Director cashed in event #32, No Limit Hold’em. Donna also took time out of from playing to do a great interview with Las Vegas Channel 8 New Now (click here).

Not only are PPA State Directors great advocates for the game, they are great poker players too!

The PPA wishes to keep active members like yourself updated on the latest poker advocacy news by periodically sending out select events and headlines. We hope you find it informative and thank you for your continuing support.

I think what makes even more confusing is the last two sentences. This update has nothing to do with poker advocacy. They’ve hijacked the member communications medium to deliver self-serving and completely unrelated news (if you can call it news).

I know it might seem as if I’m being unfair to the PPA but this really borders on spam. I didn’t sign up for their mailing list for this. I mean, there are tons of poker advocacy news items on the PPA website and none of those got mailed to the membership. But slapping themselves on the back and posting sick-brag stories is worthy enough to be sent out to the membership?

I just don’t follow the PPA’s line of thinking.


  1. I am a huge supporter of the PPA and what they are really trying to do. However, Brian Spadaro is really screwing the pooch with his social media incompetence. When your new boss has to defend you publicly twice in two weeks you might start getting the old resume updated.

  2. I agree, Bill. This is totally classless. Who gives a shit what some board member of the limp-dick PPA won in a god damn Venetian Big Stack tournament.

  3. I totally agree. I could see if they happened to win an event, and stumbled their way into speaking with an incredibly influential person either in the poker world, or in our legislative body. But cashing in a WSOP tourney, or even a VenetianTourney, not worthy of our inboxes.

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