Shark Diving

Last night I did an interview for the Poker Affiliate Listings radio/podcast show and Jeremy mentioned my list of travels. Well, coincidentally I’ve been going through a bunch of old videos and such and ran across some stuff that I thought I would share for those of you who enjoy some of the non-poker content I post from time to time.

The first two videos are of some shark feeding dives I did in Nassau, Bahamas. The first video is the first dive where we just toured the area and made friends with the sharks. The second video is the shark feeding dive. A lot more action in the second one if you’re short for time and can only watch one.

If I can get the other two videos ripped I’ll post skydiving in California and diving with stingrays in Grand Cayman.

1 thought on “Shark Diving”

  1. OMG! They don’t bite you at all? Those are big sharks! Look at them fight over that piece of meat. And what if they mistook your hand for fish food? Skydiving, I’ll do that one day soon, but this one is just insane. LOL! 😛

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