Gambling is Dangerous

I ran across this piece of advice on Yahoo Answers. The asker posed the question:

Do you have any advice on playing poker?

I have played a lot of internet poker as well as with the Amateur Poker League but it has never been for real money. Always just chips. Tomorrow night I’m probably going to be playing for real. Any tips?

Here’s one of the answers:

remember casinos use shills , marked cards, trick dealers and will treathen your life if you win to much to often. casinos are very dangeras places ,if your girlfriend is pretty she may be drug-ed and within a week she will be working in a whore house with no knowledge of how it happened.
the people you watch on TV are all friends and make side deals most of the games are just for show
gaming commissions do nothing because the states need the money

advice ,play small, leave early be glad if you survive the mob is very real,

First off, I try to avoid taking advice from people who don’t know how to use capitalization or know the difference between “to” and “too” but you have to admit that is some scary advice. I’ve probably lost 15 or 20 girlfriends in casinos before. I always thought they grew tired of me but now I know they were all drugged and working in a whorehouse.

Better yet, he lists as his source of this information:

25 years of experiance in the casino industry

How much you wanna bet this guy also thinks online poker is rigged?

9 thoughts on “Gambling is Dangerous”

  1. You have to think that this guy is being sarcastic, right? The sad truth is that people ACTUALLY think this way. This is the ridiculous stigma that is attached to the gaming industry. I was brought up in a family that looked down on this industry, believe me. We had no connection to casinos because we lived in New England, all we knew was from TV or stories from other people. This sounds like the guy might be living in 1980’s New England. With the advent of the Indian Gaming industry, which has spread casinos like wildfire, maybe idiots will start seeing the gaming industry for what it is, and that is job creation, recreation, and a positive thing for most communities. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Wow, what a great answer! Now, do you think the guy was just being a smartass, or is he really that stupid and thinks he is giving good advice?

    What’s great is that after after telling the poor guy that he will get ripped off and his girlfriend will be kidnapped and turned into a prostitute, his advice is to play small and leave early and not…well you know…STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THERE in the first place!!!! I guess if he only plays an hour or so his pretty girlfriend won’t have time to be drugged, kidnapped and sent to the whorehouse!

    Great find, Bill!

  3. Another great post, Bill. Started reading your blog a few months ago, when someone tweeted a link to your article ‘How Things Became So Screwed Up At Full Tilt Poker’, and have enjoyed every one since.

    Keep up the good work.

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