The Most Overused Woman in Marketing?

I know this isn’t exactly only poker related but the inspiration for this post hit me in a poker room where they had some sort of promotion going on. I advertisement used a stock photo of a model that I’ve seen in several magazines, web banner ads, and other various places in and out of the online poker world.

Have you seen this woman?

You gotta admit, she’s an attractive woman but I’m scratching my head why she appears in so many different advertising campaigns. I guess I can see how she’s ready-made for certain types of campaigns but you would think that she’s in so many different ads that the designers would pick a different model. I recently saw her in two different ads for different companies in the same magazine.

Now that you know what she looks like you’ll start seeing her everywhere 🙂

If you want to ad her to your own marketing efforts, she can be found here.

4 thoughts on “The Most Overused Woman in Marketing?”

  1. Probably used because she is difficult to pin down ethnically. She kind of looks white, kind of asian, kind of latin american. It’s fairly common to use models like this. Mystery solved

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