Why you need to become a better poker player: Guest Post by Carl “The Dean” Sampson

elky_multitabling_pokerSome years ago I was of the opinion that playing multiple tables was a waste of time simply because no player could play as well whilst playing multiple tables. This opinion lacked in depth knowledge and it was not until several years later that I joined the mass of players that multi-tabled online. In fact the most tables that I have ever played have been twelve. My view changed to one where I believed that volume could and would overcome quality. This worked very well for a while but then everybody started improving their games and the average new player knew more theory.

So this then meant that the old mass multi-tabling days of old were becoming less effective. I remember seeing videos of players playing Texas hold’em who were playing twenty tables or more. The lure of playing more tables seemed too great to pass up. So what has happened to change my mind again? Well actually as anyone who has been in and around the online game will tell you, the game has been in a constant state of evolution which was inevitable considering just how short the online poker environment actually is.

Let us say that a multi-tabling player can make $2.50/hour playing ten tables and makes $25/hour. This sounds great on the surface but how long will it take this player to reach ten tables? Also what if they only play sessions of say 1-2 hours? If it takes them the best part of an hour to reach ten tables and they leave after two hours then they have only spent around 50% of their playing time at their full earning capability. Now compare that to someone at the same level that is only playing five tables but making $5/hour per table.

Suddenly this guy is making the same $25/hour but the crux of the matter is that it will take him far less time to reach five tables than it would to play ten. So how does a player double their win rate per table? The answer is both simple and difficult and it involves becoming a better poker player and understanding the game better. If your method of operation is to blast out volume while not paying close attention to the game and the opponents then there is little doubt that you will make money……if the opponents are weak enough and you can handle the speed.

However when your opponent improve or you try higher stake levels then a smaller bb/100 figure becomes more vulnerable simply because you are closer to a break even figure. So the only way to combat this is to become a better poker player and concentrate on making stronger poker decisions. This not only allows you to maintain your earn rate while playing fewer tables but it also opens up the possibility of being able to move up in levels.

2 thoughts on “Why you need to become a better poker player: Guest Post by Carl “The Dean” Sampson”

  1. Discussions like this about a better poker are a good a way to promote and expand the topic. I think that you were right on with this article. Congratulations again on a good job Bill.

  2. interesting article. i agree everbody started improving their games. nowadays there are so many opportunities learning the game and improving. i think working always on your own skills is most important anyway.

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