Carnival of Poker

Welcome to the Carnival of Poker, an attempt to showcase the best kept secrets in the world of Poker Blogging. The goal of the Carnival of Poker is similar to that of other blog carnivals – to showcase the best blog postings of a certain genre. In this case, the genre is poker. There is no requirement that the blog be poker-centric but the post being submitted must be.

Probably the best description of how a good carnival should work comes directly from Carnival of the Capitalists, one of the most popular carnivals in existence.

Much of blogging is about being seen; getting links and thus readers. Being in carnivals is a way of getting extra links, and presumably some number of additional readers seeing at least one post. Call it a form of viral self-promotion.

For the readers, it’s the inverse. You have a chance to see posts on blogs you might not otherwise have read. Generally the spirit of carnivals is to enter a particularly good post, so in many cases you are seeing the better work of that author and get an idea whether to add them to your regular reads. A carnival is an easy way to explore and break out of a rut of reading the same blogs all the time. It can also be a way to learn about a topic, or to keep up on what’s currently being said “out there.”

The way it works is like this; you submit your best blog postings during the current period to the coordinator who will gather up all of the submissions and present them in a single blog post on his/her site.

If you’re still unsure of how this works, please take a few moments to check out examples of other carnivals here, here, and here or check out the example below from a Carnival of the Capitalists post.

Carnival of the Capitalists

The Carnival of Poker is updated monthly and anyone may submit content by simply supplying the following information:

Your Name:
URL of Post:
Post Title/Subject:
Name of Your Blog:

That’s it! Email the above using the contact form which can be found here.

List of Current and Past Carnivals:

Inaugural Carnival of Poker – June 20th 2006
July Carnival of Poker
Aug Carnival of Poker (Coming Aug 20th)

This page will always serve as the most up-to-date source of information about the Carnival of Poker.

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