Carnival of Poker: 06.20.06

We got some great posts for this inaugural Carnival of Poker. Sorry for not getting this out first thing in the am but I got woken up with an emergency at work and I’ve been scrambling all morning.

Meek submitted, Phil Hellmuth as Cheater McCheaterson, “a collision between a marketing ploy and Phil’s ego.”

Tim at All6sand7s submits Denver Poker Tour a review of various Denver Poker Tour bar poker // tournaments in and around Denver Colorado. This reviews poker night at the the Oriental Theatre.

CJ at Up for Anything submits his favorite hammer story EVER!

Adam LaBare sent in a couple of winners; Semi Rant and Yoda of Poker.

Nick at sends in his list of best poker strategy articles.

Abe from Poker Moments sent me three interesting posts sure to stir up some responses. Is Poker A Guy Thing? Jews and Poker and Pssst….Wanna Buy Some Poker Chips???

Felicia sent everything she’s posted in the last 6 months 🙂 It’s a nice set of posts Felicia has done lately and I’ve posted many of them over at PokerFilter.

Learn to Think Like a Fish
Tournament Etiquette
Psychology: I Realize That Poker is Not Chess
Psychology: I am Emotionally Dead
Psychology: Hyper Awareness
Psychology: Be Yourself
Psychology: Learn to Act Like a Loser

Felicia’s better half (just kidding) also sent in his post, Online Freeroll Strategy

CC from Quest of a Closet Poker Player sent in his 3 part series on relationships and poker as well as a good post on Children and Poker.

Relationships and Poker Part I
Relationships and Poker Part II
Relationships and Poker Part III

Haley sent us Reviews, Apologies and Rants

Sherry from What’re The Odds? sent in Nice Try, Big Guy

Mike from Poker Words sent in a topic near and dear to my heart, Making Online Gambling Illegal

And last but not least, PokerFool sent in his trio of posts at the very, very last moment:

Betting on the River
Is it national donk min-raise week?

If you want to take part in the Carnival of Poker, please see the info page and submit your posts!

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