Details, Details, Details

Okay, so in my rush to get posts out I’ve left out a few details. Let me correct that error.

The tuxedo shop sucks ass. We all went to get fitted about two weeks ago and they measured everything from my wingspan to my inseam. We’re leaving Thursday and we go for a “final fitting” on Wed. Franklin and Henry are fine. I get my tux and the pants are a 60″ waist. Literally, I’m standing there holding up the pants because they’re so big I could fit an entire family in there. Everyone is entitled to a mistake so had they dealt with it in a responsible manner I would be just fine. Instead the woman looks at me with pants that are 20 or 30 sizes too big in the waist and 20+ inches too long and asks “So, how are the pants?” WTF? Again, handle a bad situation well and I’m a fan but then the same lady tells me that they can take the pants in a little bit. Really? The pants are a gazillion sizes too big and you can take them in? How about you just give me some pants that were fitted for someone who has never been on a Jerry Springer “I’m too f’ing fat to leave my couch” episode?

Update 2:

The Imperial Palace is comping me everything in the hopes of getting part of their $3000 back. I decide that I’m not going to even give them a shot by swearing off black jack. However on my way to meet up with Hanel and Henry I pass the bar and think “Hmmmm. . . I could finish a beer between here and the front door.” I order a beer and the bartender brings me two beers. Apparently, they were having a 2 for 1 special at the bar and now I’m stuck because I can’t finish both beers before the front door. I decide to sit down at a black jack table and drink both beers. When I took my last sip from the second beer I was up over $250 on a $10 table. I have magic dust that prevents these guys from beating me at black jack.

Update 3:

After Hanel’s reception and a marathon drinking session at the Wynn, I go back to the IP and pass the black jack tables. I sit down at a low limit table and proceed to take another $120 off of them before calling it a night.

Update 4:

The hand Hanel lost to Bloch with was typical Hanel. Bloch pushes all-in with K6. Hanel calls with AQ. Bloch flops an open-ended straight draw and hits his straight.

More to follow . . . .

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