Carnival of Poker 07.20.06

Well it looks like we got another good batch of posts this month.

Adam LaBare gives some advice on winning online MTT’s.

The Cloud delivers the lowdown on poker avatars.
Poker Moments has the scoop on the age old question “What Does It Mean To be Lucky In Hold ‘Em?
Abe at Poker Moments shares his wife’s views on Quakers and poker.
The Mind of CL Russo brings us a trio of posts:

Last but not least, Mattazuma’s Revenge shares the Best Las Vegas Story Ever

This Carnival of Poker was a little light. I guess folks aren’t interested in a little free love? Maybe we’ll just write it off to Summer Slowdown and the WPBT event this month. Anyway, if you want to take part in the Carnival of Poker, please see the info page and submit your posts!

Remember: The next Carnival of Poker will be Aug 20th. Please submit your posts by Aug 19th.

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