Better Know A Congressman: Robert Wexler

Today Rep Robert Wexler from FL is supposed to put forth a bill offering a UIGEA carve out for games of skill such as poker. So who is Robert Wexler?

The only two things I know about the guy are:

a) His interview with Steven Colbert on the Colbert Report. Wexler was running uncontested in his district and Colbert decided it would be fun for him to say some things that would destroy his campaign if he had an opponent. Wexler was coached into saying that doing cocaine enjoying the company of prostitutes is fun. Then with no coaching he added that if you could combined cocaine and prostitutes that it would probably be even more fun.

Unfortunately, Comedy Central has forced YouTube to pull copies of the interview but someone has used parts of the interview to compare it to how Fox News edited the same interview.

b) The can of whop-ass he opened up on US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. You can watch part of the verbal battle here.